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Our ePub conversion services involve the creation, formatting, and conversion of the clients’documents while assuring the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.

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ePub Conversion Services

With the growing popularity of eBooks in the reader-communities, ePub formating has emerged as one of the most widely used standards. Being an open standard it provides reflowable and resizable content. MAP Systems a professional epub conversion services company in India, provides value to the digitization solutions. ePub3 formatting services is of huge demand these days. This format is in fact the upgraded version. Our ePub3 conversion services are lined up with customary technological values and we possess all obligatory expertise it demands for the process.

ePub3 formatting
PDF to ePub conversion

Our ePub conversion services include

  • Word to epub
  • PDF to epub
  • HTML to epub
  • mobi to epub
  • AZW to epub
  • InDesign to epub
  • XML to epub and more

Our prominent features of ePub3 formating

  • As the format supports CSS3, JavaScript and XHTML5, a lot of user friendly functionalities including enhanced options of interactivity as well as eBook formatting are facilitated
  • Upgraded global presentation along with distribution can be availed as there are more than few preferences to add Meta data of publication
  • Synchronization and support is provided for videos, audios and other interactive features
  • There is synchronization of audio with text in case of read aloud fixed layout eBooks
  • SVG files in ePub helps users in selecting needed text and do the needed exploring
  • MathML is supported thus enabling formulas as a part of XHTML markup
  • Improved approachability including adding ALT text to scripts, image descriptions
  • Its great multimedia display aspects
  • CSS features
  • Navigation features
  • Embedded grammar support
  • Global typography
  • Reader friendliness
  • The options in regard of illustration and image proofing as well as formatting
  • Responsive cover page
  • Compatibility to all popular e-readers
  • Blank pages removal options
  • Indexing, tagging and pagination etc.

Making maximum use of the rich features of this format, we ensure comfortable and pleasant experience to the eyes of readers.

Advantages of relying on MAP Systems for ePub creation services

MAP Systems, being an expert digitization epub company has always been a torchbearer to experiment creative ideas in the niche of ePub formatting services; this has always won us customer applauds. There are more than a few reasons why people choose us repeatedly

  • Experience and proficiency

    We are in the domain of eBook conversion for more than past decade and over this tenure, our team has carried out hundreds of ePub conversion projects for varied clients including multinational companies, libraries, universities, publishing houses and corporation etc. With this experience, we have developed high level of expertise in successfully executing any type of conversion project including reflowable as well as fixed layout ePub conversion.

  • Accuracy

    Automation always has its limits and manual intervention is mandatory most of the times. To achieve great level of quality and precision, our ePub conversion experts see to it that the headings, footnotes, graphs and tables etc. are transformed and formatted precisely.

  • Enhanced level of interactivity

    We as one of the best e-publishing service providers make use of internal as well as external linking; our experts make sure that the content is not merely media rich and interactive but also stays in line with the standards for validation that major retailers like iBookstore of Apple have set.

  • Great flexibility

    Our ePub creation service is flexible and completely customized. We are equipped with all needed skills and infrastructure to alter processes and plans to meet you precise requirements.

  • Access to most proficient experts
  • Nearly 99% accuracy
  • Our ebook conversion cost is affordable
  • Swiftest turnaround time
  • Scalable customized ebook conversion processes for each and every project
  • Needed agreement initiation, including NDA and data security for every digital conversion project
  • Proprietary technologies assuring highest level of accuracy and quality and best epub conversion pricing.

Read our interesting and insightful case study on ePub conversion and know how we converted high volume of files with shortest time.

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To help you outsource epub conversion services to the needs and preferences of your target audience, we have a gamut of electronic document conversion services to accurately convert your documents to a variety of formats including mobi, txt, Nook, PDF, DOC, AZW, and Kindle. We can handle conversion projects to create outcomes that would be compatible with SONY, I-PAD, KOBO,KINDLE & KINDLE FIRE, GOOGLE PLAY, and NOOK. We provide end to end ePublishing solutions including ePub eBook creation for publishers, authors, research centers, education institutes, etc across the globe.

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