Delivered Top-Class Sales Video Editing Support to a
US-based Insurance Firm

About the client

The client owned a reputed insurance company in West Virginia and his company specialized in dealing with the real estate sector by delivering comprehensive support in the areas of professional settlement support and title insurance protection. His company served the needs of homebuyers and sellers, real estate developers, legal entities, mortgage lenders, and real estate agents. He and his team helped his clients to close deals and secure their investments. His firm also delivers knowledge relating to mortgage and real estate.

The project

The client wanted to boost its customer engagement level with an aim to improve its sales and create a strong brand presence. The client’s team captured videos of their sales pitches by using tablets and smartphones. They wanted their sales videos to be professionally edited. After having searched the internet thoroughly and after having tried some of the services, the client finally found us. They were not happy with the sales video editing services that they received from other service providers and so they wanted to test our services before signing up with us. They sent us a couple of raw footages and wanted us to convert them into fine-tuned videos that can be showcased to their target audiences so as to create a positive impact on them. We were asked to provide a free trial so that they could check the quality of our services. The client was thoroughly impressed with the samples that we provided and signed up with us for a large-scale project. They gave us 200 raw sales pitch footages to edit and convert into 2-minute videos and allowed us a timeline of just 30 days to complete the task.

sales video editing

The challenges

The deadline to process 200 footages seemed to be too challenging. Most of the footages were of poor quality; they were shaky and they had lighting issues. We had to fix these issues first before proceeding with high-end video editing. So this demanded time and effort, making the deadline issue more severe. On top of that, the client paid a premium pricing, which meant that they demanded extremely high-quality videos that were not just flawless, but aesthetically-appealing and impactful as well.


We created a project team including the most experienced video editors who had the expertise to handle sophisticated software. They had handled several projects in the past and they were perfectly positioned to deliver exceptional support. This ensured that we kept up the pace of the project while keeping the client updated at regular intervals. We had to remove unwanted clips as well. Timely feedback from the client allowed us to make the necessary revisions and send them back to the client for review. The client was highly impressed with the speed of progress; all our video editors even stretched beyond their usual duty hours to ensure that they met the project deadline. After fixing the shaky videos, they added sounds, background music, text captions, special effects, and animations so as to add a professional touch to the videos.


The client was very happy with the videos. He could use them across multiple social media channels including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and the videos earned a lot of attention. The client was able to boost his company’s sales by 40 percent within a span of 3 months. Today, the client is one of our regular clients; he has engaged us on a yearly package and sends us video editing requirements in batches on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

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