Enhanced eBook Conversion Services

Our Enhanced ePub Conversion Service helps generate premium versions of manuscripts that will undoubtedly match your expectations.

Enhanced eBook Conversion Services

At MAPSystems, we offer comprehensive eBook conversion services, and providing enhanced ePub conversion services is one of our core expertise. The concept of eBook has drastically changed in the past few years. Now, it’s not merely a soft copy of the material in print. It holds an important place in the digital world for a variety of purposes that mainly involves attracting potential customers and educating the prospects. The digitized versions are being bestowed with superior features compared to the traditionally printed books or brochures.

As digital readers are slowly outranking the printed copies, the eBook market is at a constant expansion. It has consequently resulted in the inevitability to create enhanced or interactive eBooks. Also, the expectation of new generation readers is sky-high, which is why having the superior version of eBooks has become the basic necessity. Besides, enhanced ePub conversion has a wide plethora of advantages.

Key features of our enhanced epub conversion services include

Fixed layout eBook

If the design and content of your eBook are intertwined to an extent where the changes can lead to misinterpretation, then it is wise to choose the fixed format services for the eBook layouts while adapting to the ePUB3 standards. This particular format enables you to present the content, i.e., images and text in the most appealing way. The features that can be integrated here include external and internal links, footnotes, text or image pop-ups, etc. It is ideal to be used for picture books, textbooks, children's book illustration, cookbooks, coffee table books, and so on.

Reflowable eBook

It is also known as standard or fluid eBooks. This type of format is suitable for a simple page layout that is mostly having texts. In this eBook, you can embed images, bullet lists, fonts, formatted texts, tables, etc. However, the amount of content that will be visible would depend on the eReading device or platform. Another advantage of using this format is that it has varied distribution opportunities, i.e., it is compatible with various online reading platforms. Also, it enables users to control the text display.

Animation and multimedia for eBooks

Particular eReaders provide support to visually-appealing graphics, animations, sound effects, audio, or video, which can be good additions to the eBooks. However, it can be tricky when it comes to creating animated eBooks, considering the 2D cutout type of styles used there. Therefore, in case you are trying to create an eBook for children, and every element has to be laid out as per the viewing device, then choosing an enhanced or interactive eBook layout is ideal for you.

Interactive widgets: eBooks contain certain widgets for games, puzzles, photo gallery, and quiz. It is one of those factors that elevate the features and functionality of the digital books.

3D Animation: We can integrate a 3D image into the eBooks, which people can scroll down and view from multiple angles. The 3D animation adds more depth to the digital books and, making them appear makes it more realistic as and when compared to the traditional 2D animations.

Compatible platforms of our enhanced ebook

  • ePUB 2

    This format is compatible with various devices such as Apple, Kobo, Google Play, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, etc.

  • Fixed-layout ePUB 3

    This fixed-layout file format is compatible with Apple, Kobo, and Google Play, except Barnes & Nobles’ PagePerfect Nook.

  • Mobi

    It is a standard format for Amazon Kindle books and supports audio and video content. To get your improved Mobi files uploaded on Amazon, you will have to gain the right to use a wholesaler account and this is normally restricted to some publishers.

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Various eBook types that we create

Our enhanced eBook creation services enable us to effortlessly convert and create various types of eBooks by including multimedia-rich content along with improved functionalities. Some of these include creating eBook versions for

  • Comic books
  • Animated books
  • Medical & Health training materials
  • Story books
  • eLearning and assessment books
  • Edutainment books
  • Cook books
  • Magazines
  • Technical books

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