Kindle eBook Conversion Services

We are highly experienced in offering Kindle eBook conversion services at a low cost with innumerable advanced features to improve the quality of eBooks.

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Kindle eBook Conversion Services

With solid experience in formatting a wide range of books from diverse genres, MAP Systems provides an outstanding class of Kindle eBook conversion services in various formats such as AZW, AZW3, Mobi, and KF8 through best-in-class practices. We are a leading eBook conversion company that has been in the industry for more than 20 years and serving global clients while ensuring the highest level of service. The benefits bestowed by our Kindle eBook formatting services are innumerable. Few prominent upsides are given below:

Kindle by Amazon has actually redefined the standards of the digitization industry. The enhanced set of features with relatively low cost has propelled this gadget as a favorite one among the digital bookworms. The benefits bestowed by Kindle eBook formatting services are innumerable. Few prominent upsides are given below.

  • This format is easily compatible with diverse reading platform, including Windows PCs, smartphones, tablets, and others.
  • The multi-touch 7 inch display of Kindle from Amazon is powered by IPS technology and gifts the users a mesmerizing experience.
  • The device also has PDY protocol and cloud-triggered split browser, which opens up a wider scope for fun and excitement.
  • The range offered by KF8 is really large compared to the earlier formats such as MOBI. It even supports design languages such as CSS3 and HTML5.
  • KF8 offers features that encompass CSS selectors such as style, alignment, margin, border, justify, spacing, and fonts.
  • It allows for the incorporation of unlimited graphic elements such as images, diagrams, formula, tables, etc. in the design.
  • Kindle publishing enables wireless downloading and reading of various types of books at the beginning for free.

Types of input formats we can handle

We accept inputs in a wide range of formats and transfer the files for scanning. It is usually carried out with the help of a high-quality scanner. Once it is done, it sent for Optical Character Recognition, after which it can be converted into the desired format. Below is a list of the various input formats that are handled by us:

  • Hard copy
  • Scanned copy
  • HTML
  • XML
  • PDF
  • Word

Advantages of hiring MAP Systems for kindle eBook conversion services

To cope up with the increasing demand of Kindle ePub conversion and continuous flow of queries, we seek the most operative means to provide enticing services to our customers. We have a team of qualified professionals specializing in KF8 conversions who can help you to get exactly what you are looking for. Apart from that, our Kindle conversion and formatting services can generate outstanding results within the stipulated timeline.

Have a glimpse of what we can assure you.

  • Our adept eBook conversion experts can take up any digital conversion projects for Kindle, regardless of its type, size, and deadline.
  • As a premier Amazon kindle formatting company in India, we can handle the most complicated conversions and guarantee flawless outputs.
  • Quality analysis and confirmation are performed for every phase of the transformation project by our skilled team of analysts.
  • We adopt the best practices to guarantee the privacy of all your confidential documents and won’t reveal it to anyone without your permission.
  • We can help you get accurate and flawless conversion of your physical books in .MOBI format in both print-ready and Kindle eBook versions.
  • Cost-effectiveness is yet another benefit of our services. For bulk Amazon conversion needs, we ensure that the pricing is unbelievably flexible.

We offer assistance to various academic institutions, authors, publishers, and enterprises for converting their texts and digital resources or books to the Kindle format. If requested, we can also convert those files into the KF8 format, which is the most suitable format for eBooks. KF8 conversion services are another area where MAP Systems excel. So, regardless of the type of format, our conversion experts are apt at streamlining the production process with professionalism and commitment.

MAP Systems has been in the digital industry for over 20 years and has been offering outstanding Kindle eBook conversion services ever since. The professionals here have experience in all major genres such as STM Publishing, Journals, eBooks, Trade Books, digital Magazines, B2B Publishing, Educational Publishing, etc. It helped us to retain our position as one of the best digital conversion companies in the world. Apart from that, we also generate Kindle Direct Publishing (KDF) formats have the ‘ready to upload’ feature, which means that you don’ t need to encounter any trouble when it comes to uploading it to the eBook stores.

Give your business the competitive edge that it needs through our competent services. Get high quality Kindle conversion and formatting services at unbeatable rates..