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Medical Animation Services

Recent decades have witnessed a prominent surge inthe use of animation in the medical and healthcare industries. Technological breakthroughs have penetrated the animation industry quite some time ago, and scientific animations have leveraged the healthcare industry. We, at MAP Systems, are an established group of animation specialists and programmers, catering to all the related evolving needs.

As an interactive media company having closely associated with healthcare and medical domain for countless projects, we identify ourselves with an innate understanding of medical science, biology and anatomy. We have been a part of the industry for long, and over all these years, have spearheaded medical animation services to what our clients experience today.

Our team consists of highly trained 3D animators, who understand biological processes and incorporate their technical knowhow in the context of healthcare. Evidently, we strive to come up with contributions that enable medical practitioners to treat the patients with a greater understanding and accuracy. The right blend of advanced 3D animation and knowledge in the medical industry scripts our success.

Our wide range of medical animation services include

  • Surgery animation

    Through advanced 3D surgery animation, it is possible to interpret the mechanisms of surgery. As a result of this detailed comprehension, medical schools are able to deliver much better concepts to their students regarding these processes. They carry details that are finer than videos.

    For instance, patients undergoing elective plastic surgeries are able to view the procedures that are demonstrated through these animations. This enables them to grow a better concept about what they are going to experience. Ultimately, medical 3D computer animation fosters a better decision-making procedure. An informed patient is much more comfortable in making their decision. The surgeons, too, are able to shape the expectations of the patients in the right way.

  • Science animation

    It is possible to interpret complicated scientific processes visually through scientific animation. For instance, it is difficult to explain details related to microcellular biology and Mechanism of Action (MOA) verbally. In these cases, scientific animations enable the experts to explain these concepts to the audience lucidly. Evidently, it is necessary to collaborate with an established company specializing in scientific animation. This will allow you to represent your services or products to the target group accurately.

    Besides, 3D science animations can be developed in a customized way, keeping the priorities at the forefront. This flexibility enables companies design their marketing strategies accordingly. The shape, size and structure of the visual elements can be developed according to individual requirements of the companies.

  • 2D medical animation

    Our 2D medical animation services come effective in illustrating detailed treatment processes, anatomy and other aspects related to health. Detailed and clear imagery produced through animation conveys these concepts easily to the audience. You may consider outsourcing 2D animation your project requirements to MAP Systems for a professional backing at the other end.

  • 3D medical animation

    In healthcare institutions, the experts deploy 3D medical animation to explain a medical process, or to illustrate the same. We have developed several 3D medical animations for our clients, focusing on their priorities. We believe that each firm has its own way to success, and therefore, complement each of them in a way that suits them the best. The experience that our animators carry defines the success of our clients. By creating the desired illusion of depth, they help to comprehend complicated concepts. We can help you define complex relationships by the use of realistic subjects in the animations. Well, certain concepts are impossible to demonstrate through camera-work. We specialize in explaining these aspects, with the help of simplified graphics.

  • Medical illustration services

    Medical illustrations substantially simplify the documentation processes. Our dedicated team of animators heading this segment produces accurate and detailed medical illustrations for our clients. Besides health, certain other industries also benefit from medical illustration services. These illustrations include scientific models, charts, graphs, complex diagrams and designs of various models and so on.

Our expertise as a medical animation studio

We have been continually striving to refine the quality of 3D medical animation, through the integration of advanced technology and knowhow. Our creative experts are proactive in keeping themselves updated with the latest technical knowledge and software skills. We organize workshops from time to time, leveraging their skills and sharpening their abilities. At the same time, our in-depth understanding of the scientific and biological principals enables us to develop authentic computer graphics. You may want to explain the benefits of certain equipment to patients and successfully treat them, or introduce a new device to your audience. 3D medical animation has proven to be highly effective in interpreting these concepts. At the same time, you can approach potential investors, getting across with your ideas to them through these animations.

Our specialization lies in:

  • Designing customized solutions for medical graphics
  • Extensive experience in the arena
  • A pool of skilled and experienced animators
  • Adherence to the stipulated timeframe
  • Integration of the most advanced software
  • Knowledge of the latest technology
  • Ability to deliver quality services at cost-effective rates
  • Staying abreast with the latest developments in the field of medicine.

Seek highly effective medicine animation services from MAP Systems

Competition in the industry has shown an intense escalation, with new techniques coming into the game each day. The top players have braced themselves up for the challenge, collaborating with reputed 3D companies. We have been developing 3D medical animations for firms producing medical devices, biotech companies, medical education institutions, advertising firms and museums. This cumulative experience, developing over time has enabled us to understand the business profile of each client and deliver the services accordingly.

Feel free to approach us with your requirements, and we would deliver the needful. Developing advanced 3D animation calls for the right mix of concepts and technology. You can benefit from our cost-effective animation services, keeping the quality of these animations at the apex position.

Have a consultation with our professional medical animation company regarding your specific requirements and get customized solutions.

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