3D modeling support offered to a UAE-based engineering company


3D Modeling of aluminum cast products for a UAE-based Engineering company

The client

Having over 24 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing of overhead communications and utility solutions for customers, the client was looking to expand his business operations. The company’s products were designed on fiberglass, apitong wood, and aluminum. The client’s customers included a wide range of companies offering communications and electric utility solutions in diverse parts of the UAE and Canada.

The client was looking for a company that can

  • Create befitting and accurate three dimensional models to facilitate the process of redesigning some their creations
  • Execute the entire project in 40 days.
  • Adhere to a stringent budget policy and requirement to meet their financial goals.
3D Product Modeling

The challenges of the project

The very nature of the project and the stringent requirements of the client subjected the team handling the 3D modeling for products to the following challenges:

At the beginning, the original product being designed was an aluminum product and the team did not have the exact specification to begin the project. As the specifications of the models were extremely important for any kind of three dimensional modeling projects, not having these details did slow down the project-progress at the initial stages.

The team was also unaware of the product’s internal grooves, which made the process of product scanning all the more strenuous and time-consuming.

The deadline of the project seemed to be affected as the specifications of the product were lacking in terms of details. Adding to the issue were the product’s internal grooves.

How MAPSystems pulled the project off

In order to effectively address these challenges and complete the project as per the client’s specifications, we created a solution, which is described below:

  • We agreed to provide a paid trial for the client as per the requirements of the clients. This helped us in displaying our three dimensional modeling capabilities to the client so that they could assess the same and share the necessary feedback.
  • After the trial was completed and the feedbacks were figured out, MAPSystems assigned a team to work exclusively on the project.
  • The client shared with us six diverse samples of the products providing exact information of the product with all the specifications needed to create the 3D model.
  • In order to collect the point cloud data, we used an effective 3D scanner. After that, we carried out the surface modeling of the project.
  • We also extensively used the support of a Quality Assessment Team to ensure that the modeling we carried out met all the internal quality standards of the company. We also ensured that the quality of the project was assessed at different stages to meet the quality specifications and needs of the client.

The inference

At the end of the project, MAPSystems was able to add one more successful project onto its credit. We offered the modeling of the projects at an impressive accuracy of 98%, meeting the deadline and quality specifications of the clients.

Impressed with our high quality 3D product modeling services that we delivered at affordable 3D modeling rates, the client continued to associate with us in the future as well.

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