Animation Services FAQ's

What are the various animation services you offer?
  • Flash animation
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Video animation
  • Product animation
  • Architectural animation
  • Medical animation and more
What are the other services that you offer?

Apart from still images, 3D animations and 2D animation services, we offer a wide range of other services that include animation storyboarding and illustration, marketing materials, creating interactive training literature and courses and development of software applications for iOS, and a range of Android devices.

Can you tell me what a storyboard is? How is it developed?

In a nutshell, a storyboard is the breakdown of you presentation or animation rendered scene-by-scene. Generally it consists of a range of simple directions and sketches. Storyboards are usually made with the help of the client’s briefings and the discussions we have with them. Storyboards are created to ensure that everyone is on the same page as to the direction of the animation and its content.

What is rendering? How long does it usually take?

The art of processing the files physically is referred to as rendering and it is a process that requires considerable amount of computer power. However, the time required to render animations changes from one animation to another as it depends purely on the size of the animation. Typically, if you consider an animation of five minutes having 7200 frames, each of it, with exceedingly technical content, will take 5 to 7 minutes to render.

How much participation shall I have?

That is all on you; you can contribute as much or as less as you need. There are clients who would like to micromanage everything about the project while there are some who give us full creative freedom. In either case, we are game to satisfy our clients.

Will the completed animation be owned by me?

Of course, it will be. Yes, as one of the best animation outsourcing companies in India we implore you that you give us the freedom to use the works done by us for our promotional and sales presentation purposes. At the end of the project, we will transfer all copies of the animation created to you. However, when you require us to rework or create new ones, we do keep the copies with us. If you require us to transfer all the asset files we have created for your project, we can do that once you send us a physical portable storage device with enough storage. We will transfer all the data to the storage device and post the same over to you.

Is animation affordable for me? How much does animation cost?

Before you consider the cost aspect, you need to realize that it is one the best and most effective marketing means to get the good words out about your services to the audience out there. As one of the best and most affordable animation services, we ensure that all the services we render are able to offer maximum value for your money. As we always create unique animations each and every single time keeping in mind the diverse preferences, styles, affinities and demography of your clients. This takes time and significant efforts. As such, before making the commitment, ensure that everyone understands the project and its importance.

What are the payments options that you provide?

In the typical fashion, we accept 50% of the animation services prices in advance and the rest of the amount half-way through the same. Once the complete amount has been received, we will make available the project for digital download online in full HD format. We are open to accept the payment in such modes as credit cards, PayPal, wire and bank transfers.

What is the format in which the animation will be delivered?

The animation created will be provided to you in full HD format.

What are the software programs that you use? Can I edit the files you deliver later myself?

For most of the project we undertake, Adobe Flash is typically used as it is one of the best animation software programs. However, we also take advantage of other advanced software when required. In projects that require 3D animations, they are modeled in a range of 3D modeling software programs and then edited in Flash.

How do you ensure the security of the data? I am concerned as my project contains confidential and/or sensitive data.

As we have undertaken several animation outsourcing projects India, we understand the importance of data security. As such, we have in place several data security and access control systems to provide maximum confidentiality for the all the data and information shared with us by the clients. In order to render our clients all the more confident, we are also, if required, ready to be abided by a non-disclosure agreement.

What is your policy on editing the animation after it is delivered to us?

As the project is carried out as per your exact requirements, they most of the times will not need any revisions, However, if you need any, we are happy to help you till you are satisfied.

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