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Whiteboard Animation Services

With technology taking the front seat these days, animation industry has witnessed a drastic change and for good. It has, in fact, welcomed several kinds of innovative techniques and digital tactics whichhave transformed the way animated videos work on the big or small screens or any social platform for that matter. Among them, the whiteboard animation services have received a major boost because of the manner in which the illustrations are captured by the videos so remarkably, as they get created on the whiteboard. There is no other traditional technique which would have been quite effective in presenting stories or ideas like the whiteboard explainer video.

MAP Systems extends an exceptional level of scribe animation production services by taking in consideration every aspect of client’s requirement to put forth productive results that will be inspiring as well as attract call to action. Our animators kick start the entire mechanism of whiteboard animation by developing a story concept that serves as a pillar on which the storyboard stands.

Following this, they thoroughly put together the client’s objective and needs to add important elements to the story. If the client has any suggestions or shares their feedback, it will will help us to conceptualize the story in better way, personalize according to the client’s idea and come up with a perfect product that will be striking and highly engaging. Whether it is a stop motion or time lapse, we will weave in any type of specific technique as per one’s choice within the drawings to infuse life in them.

MAP Systems whiteboard animation creation services

Our whiteboard animation services are step ahead of other players in the market going by the fact that we have well-experienced workforce and world class professional set-up at hand. We are quite adept to comprehend any kind of client’s demands and offer only the best solutions. Here are some of the major services in which our expertise lies:

  • Training and development: As a company grows, its employee base increases simultaneously. With the arrival of fresh workers, it is an important responsibility of the concerned company to mold them, get them trained and make them aware of the objectives and work standards of the organisation. With our qualitative doodle animation, one can ensure to introduce and convey their respective company’s crucial aspects in highly compelling and effective manner. We are backed with experts to offer video animation services to explain about practicality and features of any latest product.

  • Seasonal greetings: In order to retain customer rapport and attract fresh ones, some merchandizing companies insist on sending across seasonal greetings. It is also a popular trend maintained by corporate sectors to make their employees feel special by sending such greetings. With us, you can choose from a variety of creative and attractive visual choices which will be customised according to your preferences and included with any important messages which you would like to convey additional to your valued users, clients or employees.

  • Social media platforms: Animation helps in great deal to generate response and boost the ‘Share’ option. It is quite ideal for business organisations which have updates to share every now and then as well as promotional campaigns occasionally. Once we understand your needs, we will develop befitting animation to suit your campaign which will be compatible for any kind of social media platform.

  • Sales & promotion: With its distinctive and appealing factor, doodle animation is a good idea for boosting up sales and introducing a new service or promoting a new product. It will implement all the vital details about the service or product that you are going to endorse. MAP Systems have extremely talented professionals striving to develop striking animations that serve your purpose in best possible way.

  • Ad Commercials: Be it television or online medium, we develop unique and catchy animations to suit any kind of media. Short and crisp ads can effectively convey big and important issues and influence audience instantly. We also create animated ads which can be loaded at the beginning of any YouTube video.

  • Company Presentation: We can effortlessly do away with the monotonous effect of a company overview with the help of creativity and intellect. A whiteboard animation will breathe life into any kind of boring stuff and make it appealing as well as engaging for a viewer. It can easily outline a particular business and explain its important facets without losing a grip over its concerned audience.

Our whiteboard animated video production services & its benefits

With MAP Systems you can drive away the hassles of recruitment procedures or spending a lump sum on building special infrastructure. We handle custom whiteboard services outsourcing with great fervour and precision in order to lessen your workload, save your money, help you to concentrate more on the major aspects of your business and watch it grow further.

Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy with our whiteboard video production services:

  • Cost effective solutions: We handle multiple ranges of animation services to suit every client’s requirement and budget preferences. MAP Systems undertake both short and long term contract based projects and give a complete assistance for the same.

  • Advanced technology: We use high end technology while developing animations to deal with all types of client projects. Our animated work ride on quality and perfection to suit your requirement.

  • Project safeguard: The safety and security of client project is solely our responsibility. So be assured that your valued project is in safe hands. We follow strict policy to safeguard your crucial information by restricting its use only to those professionals and relevant authorities working on your concerned project.

  • Competent and qualified workforce: At MAP Systems, we have a proficient team comprising of experts and talents with years of industry experience. So far we have been successfully handling volumes of work and dealing with a huge number of clients coming from different industries and across the globe. We get down working on the animation process only once we understand your business objective and requirement.

  • World class setup and advanced software: We strongly strive to extend quality animation services to our clients and so at MAP Systems, the delivery departments are well-equipped with world class settings as well as professional whiteboard animation software.

  • Guarantee on quality: We follow strict procedures pertaining to quality standards to make sure that we offer our best quality whiteboard explainer video creation services of only top notch quality. Thus, it’s our promise that you will receive solutions which are nothing less than the best and which can be completely support for excellence. Adhering to apex quality while keeping the whiteboard animation cost per minute are reasonable and affordable is one of our main features.

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Being among the renowned whiteboard animation company in the industry, MAP Systems over the years have been providing excellent creative solutions to clients spread across the country and abroad. We are expert in handling wide range of animation creations such as 2D animations, flash animations, 3D animations and animatics among others. We simplify complex ideas and translate them onto screens successfully to make target audience understand the message and appreciate the animated concept. We strictly adhere to deadlines since we value our client’s time and money and hence, persistently work to develop qualitative animations within the stipulated time.

Just give it a shot and present your clients the whiteboard animation, tactically crafted by MAP Systems. And you are sure to attract positive results and generate a good response from your target audience for your company.

If you are want to upgrade communication with your clients or address your target audience, then confidently move on to whiteboard animated video production. Do get in touch with us soon!

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