Augmented Reality FAQ's

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology, which allows photos, links, videos, games and other digital information to be displayed on various real-world objects. These can be viewed through a wearable device, smartphone or tablet.

No, it is not the same as virtual reality. When it comes to virtual reality solutions, the real world is replaced by a stimulated one. However, this does not happen in the case of augmented reality. It supplements the ambience of the real world by integrating elements of interactivity into it. In augmented reality, individuals can be present in the world, while the world is closed out in virtual reality.

The answer to this FAQ on augmented reality in simplest of words is that AR has a wide range of uses. With the inception of new technologies, various industries are integrating AR in their marketing and operational mechanisms. Through augmented reality, you can infuse life into all your products, packaging and physical materials. It enhances the communication strategy of companies and provides them with effective channels of communication. Besides, various digital channels are unlocked by AR, which enables a company to increase the interactivity with the customers. Customers are able to visualize concepts and products and make the right purchase decision.

Through digital technology, it overlays images, video, text animations and 2D/3D graphics over printed materials or printed objects. In simpler words, it is a secondary insight into the real world, with augmented features generated by computers. The elements mentioned above are present in augmented reality.

Augmented reality focuses on particular information in a context. It helps to discover data in a presentation and use it in the best possible way. It has certain similarities with technology developed to provide learning ‘just in time’. Devices assisted by AR come with sensors and software. They can detect where the attention of the user is focused. On evaluating this, the system strives to establish a match between digital information from the available resources and the focus of attention. The resources include cloud-based or local databases.

A user may concentrate on any element in the surroundings. In the digital world, they find huge volumes of information about those places and objects. Evidently, AR is largely being used in various businesses.

In the contemporary business infrastructure, various industries are using augmented reality and many new are increasingly embracing the amazing technology. It has been extensively adopted by the real-estate industry and furniture producers. Large companies, as well as small business firms are using AR in their operations.

MAPSystems has been in the industry since long, and has developed a large client base over the years. We are one of the most reputed augmented reality service providers in India.

Firstly, it is necessary to define the target audience of the intended services. Take a note of the number of products, which are to be rendered for the augmented realty service. You can come up to us with your requirements, and we will complete your project based on these inputs.

This is a very common augmented reality faq. In fact, the quality and level of experience required determine the cost of producing AR content. There are several other factors too that are involved. Contact us directly to discuss in detail and get the quote.

AR is extensively used in marketing. It produces an effective 3D display of your products, exhibiting them in a natural environment. The end-customer finds these beneficial in determining the functional value of a product and the company enjoys increased sales potential. Through AR apps, it is possible to display the information through head-mounted displays (HMD), enabling hands-free operation. Hybrid services enablevarious depth-sense uses of camera and indoor navigation.

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