Photo Editing Services FAQ's

What are the kinds of image editing services which you provide?
How to associate with MAPSystems for my photo editing project?

Once you make initial contact we provide you an opportunity to avail our trial photo-editing services so as to assure you about our quality and build your trust. You can contact us for a free trial and if we are able to satisfy you to the fullest you can place further orders with us by uploading the requisite photos with the help of FTP.

Does your Sample/Trial projects involve any cost?

Our trial projects are free of cost. The sample projects are basically meant to provide the client with a quality check and insight of the services provided by us. This association also helps us by bringing into light your specifications and thus leads to ascertainment of best rates for the work henceforth.

What process should be undertaken by me to upload the images for editing?

If you want to avail the trial services at MAPSystems then all you need to do is to email us at the registered id with up-to five images. In order to share your pictures with us for retouching and editing purpose, you can use Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and Hightail.

If you are registered with MAPSystems then you can use the FTP details provided by us for uploading your pictures.

What is the photo limit for a single order?

There is no limit to the number of photos you can upload to us for the purpose of editing and retouching. So you can send as many photos to us as you wish to be worked upon.

What is the photo size specification and the format requirements which we need to abide to when sending photos to MAPSystems?

The photos do not have to be of any particular size to be edited by us. You can send images of any size and resolution as you feel comfortable.

We accept images in almost any format ranging from jpg, GIF, NEF, TIFF, DNG, PSD etc. providing to you a plethora of formats to send the pictures to us for post-processing.

What steps do you take to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your clients?

We take utmost care of project security, safeguard and assure of confidentiality of all processes, and privacies of our clients.We enter into a Non-Disclosure agreement with our clients as soon as they give us work so as to ensure to them that their images and other information are safe with us.

How can I get in touch with you while my order is getting processed?

At MAPSystems you can get updates 24x7 as our project managers are always available. For a quick interaction you can avail instant messaging services of yahoo, skype and google talk or contact us through an e-mail or just call us to get continuous update on your project.

To make communicating all the more convenient for you we have designed our work hours according to the client’s convenience. .

How much time do you take in project completion?

We deliver projects in fast turnaround time and we believe in the fact that time is money. We at MAPSystems deliver to you retouched, processed and edited files normally within 24-36 hours of your uploading the requisite images.

The quantum of order and the specification which need to be adhered to are big considerations which determine the turnaround time.

How do I pay for photo-editing with you?

You can make payments to us using your credit cards, PayPal facility or wire transfers. If you have some queries in this regards you can contact our managers.

Can you give an account of your imaging customers?

We cater to a huge base of national and international clientele. Our customers range from photographers, studios, healthcare, real estate agencies, marketing & advertising companies, modelling and catalogue companies and more

How do you determine costs- are it on image or project basis?

The determination of photo editing costs depends on a variety of factors which involve the degree of complexities and differences in processing techniques. We provide free sample of image editing service to our customers this helps them and us in assessing of effort involved and provision of exact cost quotes.

What are your work timings?

We have fixed timings which range from Monday to Saturday 7am-11pm but for our customer’s convenience and with prior intimation, we can work even on weekends.

How do you maintain the quality of your work?

We at MAPSystems follow strict quality control, every process goes through strict supervision to provide to our clients best in terms of quality.

Which image editing software programs do you use?

We at MAPSystems use the most latest and state of art techniques to retouch and edit your images to perfection. The software which we generally put to use are Lightroom, PTGui Pro and Adobe Photoshop.

Does your editing tamper with the original photo?

We take due care to not to alter the originality of the photo. For this purpose all the editing is undertaken digitally under strict supervision. This helps us to provide to you restored pictures which are in their original state.

Can I give my feedback and get alterations done after editing is done by you?

Customer satisfaction is our prime concern and we at MAPSystems do just everything for it. You can give in your suggestions and our editing team works on the stated points to bring to you a restored and enhanced image of your choice.

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Various Industries We Support

Apart from professional photographers, we also provide support to businesses and individuals working in various domains such as

medical photo editing for healthcare industry


photo editing for publication firms

Publishing Houses

image editing for real estate industry

Real Estate Agencies

photo editing for entertainment industry


photo editing for advertising and marketing industry

Advertising Agencies

image editing for eCommerce firms

E-commerce Firms

image editing for travel agencies


photo editing for portrait studios

Portrait Studios

photo editing for fashion industry