Professional typesetting services rendered to a London-based publishing house


A prominent publishing house based in London that had great publishing plans ahead and unending requirements in queue.

typesetting for technical genere books


We were approached to typeset nearly 50 books from technical genre while keeping everything confidential.


The task was a cumbersome one as it demanded swiftness and perfection to the core. Moreover, technical genres take a lot of time. Time given was short and obviously no compromise in quality could be tolerated. Budget constraint was also a challenge.

Our solutions

The very first thing for us was to sort out the best people in different groups to form a new team to carry out this project on priority basis. At the same time, we had to assure that no previous projects get delayed. So, right people were shifted to those.

We then initiated a project oriented specific training which took our one complete day but we never escape this mandatory thing. With this training, the team understood project specifications and they got an idea regarding how to approach the task. Latest tips, tricks and techniques to make the most out of different book typesetting software were communicated.

Our tacticians worked out an operative strategy to guide the team. Different milestones were set and their feasibility was assured. Template designing and pagination were carried out wisely under strict supervision of team leaders. After completion of work, the entire project was scrutinized very carefully to assure that quality is upheld and guidelines are abided by.

Finally work was delivered to the client for approval.

Results/business advantages

The output met client’s expectations and he was very happy with what we delivered. Budgetary constraints were taken into consideration and cost effectiveness was maintained. The client successfully got the task accomplished within the timeframe demanded. He referred our prepress services for other businesses and his association with us is still continuing with complete grace.

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