Children’s Book Layout Design Services

Improve the value of your children’s books by adding interesting artworks and illustrations developed by the industry-best illustrators at MAP Systems.

children book illustration design

Remember reading your favourite childhood book? Remember having that feeling of living in a different world for a while? As an author, if that’s what you want to generate in the minds of your readers with your next children’s book, then we have got your back. Children’s book design services are essential for your success, especially if you are an indie author who focuses on images.

At MAP Systems, we help you enhance the book’s themes with high-quality images that can produce great reading experiences.

Our children's book layout design services

Our children's book formatting service helps turn your story and illustrations into a creatively designed book. To ensure that your project goals are met, we will be happy to provide you with the necessary help and suggestions.

Why Do You Need it?

We know that you are already busy in creating the best story for children. To make things easier, we help you put it all together to create a picture-perfect book that appeals to young minds. We have the knowledge and expertise to do it right for you.

World-Class Design

We always come up with innovative and beautiful ways to highlight the book without sacrificing the story’s theme. We assure you that our work creates an exemplary children's book layout designs.


The children's book formatting service cost depends on how lengthy your books and illustrations are and effort involved. Don’t worry, our prices are reasonable as we review your files before finalizing the quotation.

Types of children's book design service that we offer

Children’s Book Cover Design

Eye-catchy and unique children’s book cover design will grab the readers’ attention and boost your book sales. Children's book layout design developed by us will ensure that the cover leaves an imprint on your reader. Our entire cover designing process is quite simple. No matter which device you need the cover for, we can create your book cover quickly with personalized text and graphics in place.


Our experienced designers can efficiently typeset the books to instill an engaging look and feel in every book. Many authors already leverage our extensive knowledge in book layout services and get the files ready for printing. Check our typesetting price list if you are interested.

Copyediting & Proofreading

We make sure that your documents are error-free and have the right language and formatting in place. You might have noticed how often misspelled words or typos make it into print! Our copy editors and proof-readers eliminate these common errors so that readers don't see them. We proofread and edit your manuscript according to its type, whether it is fiction or nonfiction. In addition to correcting the grammatical errors, we also refine those sentences that children find hard to interpret.

Book Illustration

MAP Systems is a leading company that offers children's book layout design that speak for themselves. We have years of experience in the book illustration service domain and make your book ready for printing and to be converted into digital eBooks. Our talented artists are experts in this field and they have relevant and are committed to delivering high-quality book illustrations according to your requirements.

eBook Conversion

Over the years, MAP Systems has raised the bar for eBook conversion services with a versatile client base. If your next book needs conversion from printed books to eBooks, we can do it for you.

What can you expect from our children’s book design service?

MAP Systems is a customer-centric organization, which means that we would do our best to justify your investments and to make sure that you get what you want. You can trust us completely as we would work sincerely at the backend to help you accomplish your goals.

  • We make your book’s characters come to life with new concepts and images.
  • We handle artwork and images and do resizing or cropping, if necessary.
  • We design books in multiple formats with our book formatting services.
  • We include digital features, such as interactivity and audio, to make your book a delight.
  • We provide assistance in selecting the best fonts of your theme.
  • We create book designs for both digital and print distribution.

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