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An author has more responsibilities than just writing. After writing an entire volume, the author needs to make sure that the work is error-free and serves its purpose without any hitches. Even a minor spelling mistake can ruin all the hard work and reputation in the industry as well as among the readers. Hence, it is essential to seek professional assistance to take care of the entire responsibility of checking the written manuscripts before giving them the green signal for printing. MAPSystems' ebook proofreading services excel at providing perfect solutions that will impress readers and build loyalty.

Being in this field for quite some time now, we have highly experienced and qualified proofreaders who have a keen eye for detail and can find any kind of error, big or small, that would have been missed by the writer himself. Expect a refined version of your eBook that will increase your sales on various ebook selling platforms! We give due respect to an author’s writing style, owing to which our experts keep the essence and soul of the style intact while dealing with spelling, grammar, and punctuation aspects.

Our ebook editing service focuses on

  • Spotting errors pertaining to spelling, grammar, and typos precisely
  • Fixing any linguistic mistake in a digital book
  • Editing language usage and sentence structure
  • Check for any factual errors, misinformation, or incorrect details.

With our exceptional eBook proofreading services, you will be impressed to see how we pick out even the tiniest errors.

The varied facets of our eBook proofreading services

We provide affordable proofreading services for different kinds of documents, including:

Short stories, novels

We have seasoned proofreaders on our team who offer expert proofreading for authors. They refine the writing, eliminate grammar issues, and more, making a short story great!

Science fiction eBooks and non-fictions

Our proofreading professionals ensure the context and the dialogues align well, make readability edits, etc. In short, we enhance your story and manuscript efficiently.

Screenplays, poetry, and plays

Besides fiction/non-fiction stories and novels, we offer stellar proofreading services for movie screenplays, poetry, plays, etc. Try our eBook proofreading services today!

Children’s stories

We ensure all children's storybooks published under your name are flawless. We meticulously check everything and ensure the eBooks give the kids the best reading experience.

Legal documents

We have a team of experts who have adequate knowledge of legal matters. They utilize their expertise and experience to perform flawless proofreading for all legal e-documents.

Historical eBooks and scriptures

Want to publish a historical eBook? Get the manuscript proofread by us. Also, if you are a historian possessing old, worn-out scriptures, we can proofread such documents even.

We have a specialized manuscript editing and proofreading services team to deal with sentence structure, plot, style, word choice, and organization.

We are right here if you are looking for professional help going through your entire electronic book. Be completely assured that your manuscript is in the right hands; we will ensure that your work is perfect for reading as a whole and doesn’t irritate your readers with any kind of inconsistencies. Moreover, we vouch for affordable copyediting services and guarantee your final ebook delivery within a really short time period.

We are backed by a strong team of expert eBook proofreaders who work extensively on different genres and extend support for fiction as well as nonfictional eBooks.

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Benefits of outsourcing eBook proofreading services to us

If you are looking for professional help with your electronic book, we've got you covered. Our specialized manuscript editing and proofreading services team deals with sentence structure, plot, style, word choice, and organization. We ensure your work is perfect for reading without any inconsistencies. Our team of expert eBook proofreaders works extensively on different genres and extends support for fiction/nonfiction eBooks.

Moreover, we vouch for affordable copyediting services and guarantee quick delivery of the final eBook file. Following are a few more reasons why you should collaborate with MAPSystems for all your eBook proofreading requirements


Our stellar eBook proofreading service is highly budget-friendly, making it affordable for all.

100% data security

We transfer all files and client data through a secure FTP, ensuring the highest data security.

Super-fast TAT

We give high value to our clients' time and have a short eBook proofreading project delivery.

Scalable team

Our eBook proofreaders are scalable. They can upsize/downsize their team strength as required.

Robust infrastructure

We have a robust infrastructure with unlimited resources to deliver the best service to our clients.


Being ISO-certified, we maintain international quality standards in proofreading eBook documents.

eBook proofing and editing services FAQ

Yes, we do accept projects that are related to the in-depth editing of novels of diverse genres. We offer proofreading services for authors and publishers and have a highly committed team of ebook proofreaders who handle the proofreading of fiction novels.

Of course. You are representing yourself and your brand business in the process of a free download. You will lose the chance to gain new customers or establish a name if your eBook contains errors or has poor structure. It is safe and good to invest in professional proofreading services.

It depends on the length, subject, and complexity. Your editing preferences matter. A cookbook editing task will take more time than a kids' story ebook editing task. Editing scientific journals will demand more time. We cannot compromise on quality during editing; we assure short timelines.

Well, that would depend on the number of words that we would need to proofread or edit. We may also charge you on a per-page basis. Some ebook proofreading service providers may charge you on an hourly basis, while others may suggest a fixed bid payment.

Are you done with the review of your eBook but still have doubts about editing? Then, just get in touch with MAPSystems, as we are pioneers among professional proofreading companies. You can simply focus on getting your eBook published online while we take care of all the proofing services and ebook editing work.

Looking for professional proofreaders who can refine your eBook? Let us take it to the next level by fixing errors, contradictions, or inconsistencies!

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What do our customers say

As it was my first book to get published, it made me a bit paranoid. I was really in need of some expert advice to carry out all the copyediting and proofreading of my manuscript. Then, I decided to take assistance from MAP Systems and availed of their services. Now, my work looks great and is of rich quality. Thanks, team! Keep it up!



Being one of the leading eBook development agencies, we are drowned with numerous projects. However, we didn't have enough proofreaders to keep up with the growing pressure. Also, our budget didn't allow us to hire more full-time proofreaders. That's why we thought of outsourcing our eBook proofreading requirements and, thus, hired MAPSystems. We were simply amazed by their competency and attention to detail.


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