Why Every Publisher Should Hire Copyediting Service Providers?

Expressing with words is a not a skill that everyone masters. However, no matter how much expert you are in playing with words, the chances of errors to creep in are not to be overlooked. Dealing with this issue demands assistance from specialized professionals offering copyediting and indexing services in India. There are a lot of publishers who have a team of copyeditors as their in-house staff.

copy editing service providers

Compelling reasons for hiring a copy editor

Irrespective of the industry vertical you operate in, you can always consider hiring editors for added advantage. If the manuscript submitted by you to the publisher contains many errors, the prospects of the same getting approved are low. Further, if you have been self-publishing books that have many flaws, your renown as an author would suffer which would take its toll on future sales.

Grammatical errors may seem trivial initially, but they can severely compromise the way readers perceive your text. If punctuation marks are not placed properly, the overall theme of the content would be lost and the reader would fail to relate to your ideas. The importance of copyediting lies here as a proficient editor can help you from committing such errors

Save Time and money by hiring a copy editor

The concept of becoming a copy editor has changed radically from the time when you had to physically submit your manuscript to publishers for getting printed. Usually, copyeditors in those days used to strain their eyes by going through each line for identifying the errors. Any writing had to be channelized through publishing house to audiences

The very first thing to be understood is that those who write, are incapable of inspecting their own work objectively. Being familiar with one’s own work makes the eyes skip over the errors and typos quite easily. This is where the need to outsource arrives

Most of the prepress service providers also offer document indexing services. It’s obvious that the readers want some means to access each part of the book with ease and professionals providing document scanning services do it properly and with perfection.

When it comes to storytelling, even if the author is immensely skilled, any issues with book style, formatting or punctuation etc. can ruin the whole effort. Book editing companies digital prepress services in India clean up the write-ups and eliminate such mishaps.

Beyond the grammatical and spelling mistakes, the professionals ensure to maintain text consistency and strictly adhere to the apt style guidelines.

In present times, the task of copy editing is being increasingly outsourced by leading publishers and magazines. Authors who fail to convince publishing houses about the potential of their manuscripts choose to self-publish. Such authors go for freelancing copyeditors to take care of pre-publishing checking. More and more copyeditors are now working from home and rendering their services to publishers, both independent and corporate, in the capacity of freelancers

Now when it comes to hiring a prepress company, the publishers should first understand author’s needs. They should inquire to the authors whether any proofreading or copyediting was done earlier. There are numerous styles and levels of editing; basic and in-depth are the prominent options to choose from.

The contribution of a copy editor

Copyeditors go meticulously through each sentence of your manuscript to revise the textual matter as per requirement. The major tasks done by them can be enlisted as below.

  • Punctuation marks are checked to ensure that idea is properly presented
  • Proper flow of ideas is ensured by eliminating points which bring abruptness
  • Accuracy and clarity of text is assured
  • Errors related to grammar, language, spelling and style are set right
  • Use of correct English is ensured
  • The manuscript is rendered print ready
  • Transition among paragraphs is made smooth
  • The consistency of idea presentation is ensured
  • Sentence structures are made proper
  • The tone of the text is kept authoritative
  • Rough work is reshaped and trimmed to render it ready for publication
  • Complement the efforts of the author in other areas also

Copyeditors usually possess creative writing certifications or hold a degree in Literature. The reason for their success lies in their affinity for reading and scripting

Copy editing in other industry verticals

Copyediting is not exclusive to the publishing industry only. Other verticals too require copyediting services. For ensuring that the undertone of the communication with clients and potential customers is clear and consistent, business houses employ the services of copy editors

On numerous occasions, even powerful advertisements have fallen flat due to inherent solecism or spelling errors. The original message thus failed to be delivered to prospects. If a copyeditor’s services are hired to rectify the spelling and grammatical errors, the customers would be delighted as they can perceive the business’s desire to pay attention to minute details

Copyeditors services are also used by scholars and universities prior to publishing new research topics or before arriving at conclusions in a specific domain of academic investigation

Universities and academics use professional copy editors before they publishing their new research in a specific field of study. The content’s validity can take a blow if there are errors in the textual matter. Accuracy has to be accorded top priority before publishing research papers


All prominent authors know the importance of reading and revising the content once the rough draft has been done with. However, certain mistakes may escape their attention. This is because the author would read from their own creative perspective and as such the content related errors may fail to get noticed. The copy editor would objectively go through the content without any emotional bonding and weed out errors that may seem to break the flow of the text

MAPSystems facilitate you to avail of the professional benefits of hiring copy editor at cost competitive rates. Our editors would assiduously go through each line, word, and paragraph without any pre-formed notion to ensure that matter is ready for publication. Errors, flaws, goof-ups and other issues that may have escaped your attention would be set right by our experienced copy editors within short turnaround time. The text would flow naturally and concisely in its own unique style.

Discuss in detail with the authors to finalize what style and type of document indexing and copyediting services should you prefer.