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Portraits clicked by experienced and talented photographers often contain some flaws. Hence they need to be retouched by the experts. Let no defect interfere with the success of your photography business. Get your photos edited by professionals. If you are an eCommerce marketer, make your product listings enhanced by the experts. Also, if you want to embellish your portrait, team up with a professional portrait retouching agency. They can ensure the best quality outcomes.

MAPSystems is a provider of high-quality portrait retouching services for professional photographers. We use the best retouching techniques to make portraits appear vibrant and flawless. Here, expert photo editors identify and rectify the photos' flaws through advanced software. The skilled photo retouchers in our team are well-versed in using the latest editing technologies. And thus, they deliver only top-quality image versions.

Our portrait photo retouching techniques include

Portrait retouching specialists working in our photo editing company follow a set process. First, they try to understand the client's requirements and then brainstorm. Finally, they devise a custom solution to bring life to the pictures. Our skilled editing artists can adapt different approaches as required.

Different projects need different approaches, and we know how to deal with each need.

We use a wide variety of image editing methods for professional portrait photo retouching. These ensure the portraits look professional, flawless, and beautiful. We even carry out experiments to achieve results that may initially seem unattainable. The main services we offer in our professional portrait retouching portfolio are:

Color correction

We adjust the white balance and enhance neutral highlights in portrait pictures. This method brings out the perfect color and contrast. This includes:

  • Ghosting effect fixing
  • White balance correction
  • Exposure fixing
  • Adding color variants
  • Color balancing

- and more

professional portrait retouching
glamour retouching

Image sharpening

Some details need less sharpening, while others need more. With proper sharpening, we highlight the best facial features of the subject. This includes:

  • Contouring
  • Nose shape fixing
  • Blur adjustment
  • Noise reduction

- and so on.

Brightness and contrast correction

Our portrait editing also involves adjusting the two most important elements to make a portrait look beautiful, the brightness and contrast. We do the following:

  • Adjusting image luminosity
  • White/black balancing
  • Over-exposure/under-exposure adjustment
  • Saturation fixing

- etc.

expert photo editing
flawless skin retouching

Image clipping

With photo clipping, we remove the background and unwanted objects from the portrait. This helps to eliminate any unnecessary distractions. We make the following adjustments:

  • Closed vector path
  • Multi-clipping path
  • Background blurring
  • Adding transparent background

- and more.

Skin retouching

Our professionally trained photo retouchers implement innovative skin retouching techniques to deliver the best results. We make the following retouches:

  • Skin tone adjustment
  • Blemish/pimples/spots/wrinkles removal
  • Stray hair fixing
  • Skin smoothening
  • Airbrush effect
  • Improving skin texture
  • Visible birthmark removal

- and so on

beauty retouching
natural-looking retouching

Makeup editing

We instill glamor in portraits by fixing makeup and adding trendy makeovers to the images. Our expert portrait photo retouching specialists perform the following:

  • Changing lip color
  • Adding shine to lips
  • Retouching eyebrows
  • Drawing eyelashes
  • Contouring
  • Adding blush and natural reddiness
  • Changing hair color
  • Adding hair extensions and highlights
  • Eye color change

- and more.

Color Conversion

We change the RGB color space as a fraction or percentage of red, blue, and green to YMCK colors as per requirements. Our team performs the following:

  • RGB to CMYK conversion
  • CMYK to RGB conversion
  • Pantone to RGB conversion
  • RGB/CMYK to Pantone conversion
  • PDF color conversion
  • Color enhancement

- and so on.

color portrait retouching
portrait enhancement

Image manipulation

We digitally enhance portraits by unique manipulation effects, combining photos and graphic designs. Our finest photo manipulation experts do the following

  • Image blending
  • Dissolve effect
  • Image to sketch conversion
  • Sky change
  • Collage creation
  • Creative and conceptual manipulation
  • Multiple exposure

- and so on.

Types of portrait photo retouching services provided by us

While editing, our trained portrait image editors ensure the images look natural and beautiful. They also ensure to preserve the skin's original texture.

The different types of portrait photo editing services that we provide are :

Here at MAPSystems, the certified picture editors have rich experience working on various styles, including vignettes and canvas. Our high-quality portrait photo retouching service is best suited for:

  • Professional photographers
  • Families
  • Realtors & brokers
  • Apparel sellers
  • Fashion designers
  • Interior designers
  • Corporate entities
  • Event planners
  • eCommerce marketers
  • Jewelry designers and retailers
  • Furniture makers
  • Fashion magazine editors

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Why retouch portrait photos from us?

Our high-end photo retouching services for portraits have benefited various photographers, marketing agencies, digital studios, and web designers. If you also wish to get digitally enhanced portrait photos, team up with a reliable image editing service provider.

With years of experience in the industry, MAPSystems is perfectly equipped to deliver high-definition portrait editing services. Share your project details if you need a pricing estimate to determine whether our retouching services would meet your budget. We can create a custom offer just for you. So, approach us, and we will create the most amazing retouched version of your portraits


Our high-end portrait photo retouching services are highly competitive and reasonable, making us ideal for clients with varied budgets.

100% data security

Your data is always safe with us. We ensure maximum client data privacy by implementing a secure FTP for all file and data transfers.

Multiple formats

Once the final image file is approved, we share the final deliverables in multiple universally compatible formats as the client prefers.

Superior quality

Our professional portrait image retouchers utilize all the latest software and cutting-edge technologies to ensure best-in-class outcomes.

Fast TAT

We give immense value to our customers' time and urgency. Thus, our highly trained portrait image editors maintain a very short, agile TAT.


We maintain international quality standards in all our portrait photo retouching projects since we are ISO-certified.

Frequently asked questions

The cost of our portrait editing and retouching service is very competitive. It mainly depends upon the project’s scope, the efforts and workforce required, and the software involved.

Portrait retouching involves a lot of precision and cannot be done in hurry. Hence, it takes some time to retouch a portrait flawlessly. Usually it takes 2-3 working days. However, owing to our prolific team and usage of the latest technologies, our TAT is much lower. We can deliver retouched portraits within 24 hours.

You can send your photos to our expert team through a secure FTP server or as an attachment. You must share the images in JPG or PNG format.

Our team is ISO-certified and utilizes all the latest software in their editing and photo post-processing workflows. They also possess years of experience and diverse domain knowledge. All these together ensure the best quality for each project we undertake.

Need your portrait retouching requirements addressed? Reach us. We are here to serve you with the same level of commitment, no matter how complex your project is.

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What do our customers say

Running a photo studio is never easy in this stiff competition. We need to be the best, and any sort of faultiness can be really dangerous. Photo editing has always been crucial and something that we were always concerned about. The entire worry associated with it waned when we became associated with MAPSystems.

Owner of Photo Studio

London, UK

As the owner of a photo studio, picture editing has always been crucial for me. That’s why I always look for top image retouching service providers for outsourcing my project. Recently, I associated with MAPSystems for retouching headshots. I was really impressed with their response and work quality. The pictures were exactly perfected in the way I wanted. Thanks a lot, guys!


Photo Studio, UK