AR & VR 3D Modeling Services

AR & VR 3D Modeling Services

We develop three-dimensional models for both AR and VR applications of any complexity. Using our services will help you to build

  • More productive processes
  • Better customer experiences
  • Brand loyalty

MAPSystems is a professional 3D design studio having extensive experience in offering AR & VR 3D modeling services. We are experts in harnessing AR, VR, as well as 3D technology to develop three-dimensional models that can help clients achieve their desired business outcomes.

At MAPSystems, we create AR and VR three-dimensional models to demonstrate the best aspects of your products and services in the most appealing way. By incorporating 3D with AR/ VR, you can present information about your products and services that completely immerse your customers. This can leave a strong impression on their minds, thereby making them loyal to your brand.

The AR and VR modeling process we follow

To create 3D models with virtual reality and augmented reality, our experts at MAPSystems first start with understanding your project requirements as well as your marketing goals. Once we understand them, we carry out the below steps for creating 3D models.

Step 1

Collecting reference image or video along with measurements

Step 2

Creating high-poly and low-poly 3D models based on the needs

Step 3

Performing texture painting as well as adding details and colors

Step 4

Preparing models for AR and VR and sending them for quality check

Step 5

Reviewing models with zero-tolerance for flaws

Step 6

Exporting the files in the format of choice and ensuring convenience of use

Why use our AR & VR 3D modeling services?

At MAPSystems, we employ a professional team and all the needed high-tech resources and equipment to carry out AR/VR 3D modeling. We can handle projects of any complexity and build low-poly and high-poly 3D models that can be used for augmented or virtual reality applications.

Aside from that, when you choose to work with us, you get to avail a wide range of other benefits, such as

Cost-competitive rates

The cost of our AR and VR ready 3D modeling services will be calculated depending on the complexity of your project. The cost is always competitive.

Fastest turnaround

Backed up by a team of specialists, we can effectively work on your projects and deliver you the required models within the fastest turnaround times.

Advanced software and tools

Our team is expert in using specialized 3D modeling software and tools to produce high-quality AR and VR models based on the needs of your project.

24/7 assistance

We operate on a 24/7 basis involving multiple time zones to support you whenever you need us. So feel free to contact us at any time you want.

MAPSystems has been supporting businesses all of the sizes by offering exceptional AR and VR-oriented three-dimensional modeling support. By consistently offering high-quality, resilient, and precise modeling outcomes for more than a decade, we continue to be one of the best 3D modeling companies in the industry. Reach us for your custom quote now!

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Industries that we serve

MAPSystems serves the needs of a variety of industries including:

Real Estate

We carry out 3D designing with AR and VR to develop a 3D environment and immersive models for showcasing the interior and exterior visualization of architectural properties.


We can build 3D prototypes of automobiles or automobile parts for various AR and VR applications demonstrating the use of vehicles, their functionality, buying process, etc. with high levels of clarity.


Retail and e-commerce companies use our services for developing augmented and virtual reality 3D models with an aim to generate fantastic shopping experiences to their customers.


We can develop AR and VR-based three-dimensional models for game props, characters, or scenes to help clients offer an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience to the users.


We support clients from the furniture design and manufacturing domains to build 3D models for AR and VR apps created for improving the marketability of furniture items.


Companies often create AR and VR experiences for marketing purposes. We can help them by creating accurate three-dimensional models that can be employed for the same.

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Maintain realism while achieving the desired degree of immersion in your projects by employing our AR and VR-oriented 3D modeling services.