Created high-resolution 3D models for a London-based online retailer


Our client had its online retailing operations managed from London-based headquarters. The online retail outlet of the client was reputed for showcasing top brands of LED lights and torches. Major indigenous and offshore brands that got featured on the site included Philips, Syska, Halonix, Su-kam etc. Products were made available in customized packaging across the UK. The client offered free shipping facilities.

Product Design 3D Modeling

The Requirement

The client wanted us to create 3D models of the bulbs and torches that were put up for sale on its portal. The objective was to promote the sales of these products aggressively through online ads, catalogs, YouTube channels, forums etc. The models would allow potential customers to visualize the products optimally for making an informed purchase decision. The client wanted us to deliver the 3D models of the products in bulk quantities within tight deadlines.

Challenges Experienced

The client gave us a very short turnaround time for delivery of the completed models. On each model, an average of 4-5 hours were allocated whereas the standard time for completion was 10-15 hours.

Our Solution

MAPSystems immediately embarked on work assessment and determined the scope of work once the client had sent its requirements to us. A dedicated team of experienced 3D artists was created under the supervision of a Project Manager. Contemporary modeling and photo retouching licensed software versions were decided to be used for the project. Initially, a few model shells were created and shared with the client to get his approval.

The client was happy with the samples and gave us a go-ahead signal. Work was initiated in full swing by MAPSystems. The client shared with us sensitive business documents, the images of the LED lamps and torches to be converted into editable 3D models through secured ftp channel created by us for the exchange of confidential information . 3D shells were created and textured, the layout was set right and tiled and the space was visualized. The outputs were rendered in 8k for optimum resolution. The completed files were shared in pdf and obj formats. Product modeling was performed to the utter satisfaction of the client within committed timelines.


The client was extremely happy with the quality of the work and the fact that each impeccably-crafted model was delivered within the stipulated time of 4 hours. The competitive edge that the client secured by outsourcing his needs to MAPSystems made him to assure us of consistent work in the future from his company.

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