Importance of 3D Modeling for Architecture Presentations

Imaginations can be brought closer to actualities by riding on the back of technological provisions. One of the most convincing examples of the said statement is the importance of 3D modeling in the scenario of architecture design industry. It’s just like transporting your thoughts in brain to a real-life canvas. Architecture presentation has immensely benefitted owing to three dimensional modeling. The same can be testified by the following factors.

 importance of architectural 3d modeling

Quicker, easier and realer

The whole process of representation becomes easier as the infinite diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines of 2D sketches are removed by going three dimensional. This architecture 3D drawing provides your clients a clearer and realistic look. Also it is possible to easily make changes as and when needed.

Images are powerful by words

3D architectural designing companies are hugely in demand mainly because of this one reason. A properly displayed image has the potential to convey more message powerfully than even thousand words together. Customers are more convinced by what they see rather than what they hear.

Marketing and approvals

A 2D image always have limitations and it accommodates many pitfalls. On the other hand 3D representations are more compelling and they eliminate the doubts and uncertainties in a better way. Thus your marketing initiatives are catalysed and approval rates are ssky-rocketed.

Process Planning

Just in line with the aforesaid, you can ensure that everyone roped in for the building process are kept aware of the important communications and ensuing developments on the project using an architectural model. The roles of all important stakeholders like the project engineers, suppliers, contractors, and architects would be clearly spelt out through the model to avoid any confusion or chaos. They can have comprehensive feel of the project as has been visualized by you. The context of the project can be clearly commiuncated to ensure that everyone remain aware of the final objective which has to be achieved through combined efforts of everyone’s individual contributions. This would lead to optimization of the planning process. The model can be referred to by everyone as and when the need is felt and the same can help in better tracking of the progress to expedite project completion.

Remodeling and corrections are easier

With 3D architecture models you can easily see the effect in overall design made by major and even minor changes. Thus designs can be finalized without incurring much cost. Also more accuracy is obtained as the final construction materializes to the perceived outcome.

Better project execution

When the design created by architectural 3D modeling companies is clear, the project can be completed exactly as per plans at minimal rates. Field interferences and reworks are minimised. Productivity is increased and change orders are fewer. The engineers get actual direction and route map that helps them in speeding up the process in a flawless manner.

Interior designers are greatly benefited

3D building models as in real life can be designed for commercial and residential flats with furniture, ceilings, floor, show pieces and all other amenities. This gives clients an attractive and really persuading view of how their office space or dream home will look like after the interior designing process is completed. More chances to see green flags are there.

Apt measurements can be shown

Physical dimensions of different objects and their relations with each other can be represented in 3D models using accurate proportions. By this, customers can see things well in advance to adjust different object arrangements to avoid space constraints and movement problems. Also corrections of room size can be done. In complex projects, the role played is even more significant. With expert assistance of professionals offering 3D modeling services, MEP and fire systems are coordinated for better, safer and more dynamic implementations.


To sort out different information, instructions are to be provided along with 2D representations. Such a shortcoming is eradicated when 3D technology is used. There are no language barriers nor are there any detailed instructions. All the concerned can easily get to know things because of the illustrative virtual reality.

A Quick Peek Into Various Types of Architectural Models

The advantages realized from architectural 3d models are uniform irrespective of the model type you have chosen to complement your project optimally. Despite this, it is essential to take into perspective three popular model types which you have to work with and analyze to check if your project’s requirements are fully met by deploying particular model types.

  • The Physical Model

    Physical model is the epitome of most conventional modeling process for architectural purposes wherein a scale down prototype of the construction project is created for visualization. The objective is to create a simulated version of the project with all its intricacies captured in reduced dimensions proportional to the actual building being constructed. This would help you in planning every step in more informed manner and assess the feasibility of each subsequent decision.

  • Digital Visualization

    Digital Visualization has emerged as a cost competitive substitute of labor intensive physical models. Firms which operate on a smaller scale or clients who are on a shoestring budget have been maximally benefitted from digital option. In recent years, physical models have gradually and swiftly given way to digitally modeled versions. The model developed through specialized software in the computer has its own inventory set which can be fitted as required to analyze the viability of the project. Further, you can keep pace with the progress of the project and can easily fine tune the model based on the insights drawn from initial stages of construction. Any project with all its complex components can be photo realistically represented on 3D digital campus using advanced CAD software which can be of immense help to engineers and project architects. Context can be added to the 3D model using 3D rendering process by taking into perspective strategic camera poses, ambient and atmospherics, as well as the prevalent physical conditions. You can easily get comprehensive and 360 degree picture of the proposed project which can be used for making trenchant presentations to clients and helping out engineers.

  • Virtual Reality Intervention

    The physical model as well its digital version spell numerous advantages for the architects but suffer from various shortcomings also. You need to spend significantly to get physical models built and it takes a lot of time to create one. Digital models built on 3D software often fail to communicate the sense of space and may not provide the right architectural scope to the engineer like a physical model. In order to surmount such challenges, 3d modeling design in virtual reality or VR is being touted as a critical development in architectural modeling domain.

The advantages of VR and AR can be realized as a package by architects who can project the simulated view of the proposed architectural construction to clients in 3D form along with the surrounding environment where the building is intended to be built. The actual size and the real ambience of the construction site can be captured and portrayed in very realistic manner. You can interact with and digitally manipulate the physical space encompassing the proposed structure by harnessing the potential of AR technology which preserves all the relevant information.

Developing Models Optimized for Your Exact requirements

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