Importance of 3D Rendering in Furniture Industry


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There is an increase in demand for 3D rendering technology in the furniture industry. Now, embracing it is a necessity for various business domains to sustain these days. This is applicable in case of this industry as well.

The furniture market is currently experiencing heavy competition. It is because besides creating appealing models to attract prospective customers, the furniture makers have now started selling them at low prices. Apart from this, they also allow visualization of furniture designs for rooms, cabinets, kitchens, and more in 3D format.

importance of 3d furniture rendering
3D rendering in furniture industry

Market cannot be cornered with a single selling product. Only a few variants of the product would appeal to the buyers whereas the manufacturer would have to invariably prepare advertisements and samples to market product variants in other colours and styles. This is where seeking assistance of a creative 3d rendering firm can come handy for you.

Renowned and large scale product makers frequently resort to architectural visualization to curtail exorbitant expenses on marketing. 3D catalogues with products rendered in crisp, photorealistic modes add newer edge to marketing efforts across various advertising platforms and websites. Being armed with effective tips for photorealistic 3D rendering can immensely help.

How manufactures can benefit through 3D furniture renderings

One can project the proposed range to be launched in future through photorealistic imaging, i.e. visualization for product design. This way the designs, being carried on catalogues and promotional materials, need not be materialized in reality with heavy investments. Market research would yield realistic figures about the product’s popularity and consequently one can expend on factory production of those products only against which orders have been received. Sample preparation in multiple, alluring colours would require only a minute fraction of money of what one would have spent on actual manufacturing. This can be regarded as one of the most prominent benefits of 3d rendering.

  1. Save time and cost

    Furniture can be rendered with white backdrop as well as in interior mode. This eliminates the need for spending money on hiring of photographs, renting costly studios, or pay handsomely for a few pictures to be incorporated in the catalogue, and also manufacturers can save 3D rendering cost and time than making a real model.

  2. Change mind of customers

    Clients can visually walk through the interiors and experience how the furniture would complement the overall décor. It can be visualized in 3D space with photorealistic rendering and the feel would inspire clients to buy the product. Different variety of designs can help to change the mind and consciousness of customers.

  3. Achieving realistic furniture pictures

    The furniture images you place online must look highly realistic. Putting a picture that does not look real will be a disadvantage to your business. Thus, to ensure, this you need to hire a professional, which will be quite expensive.

    And, just imagine, every time you will be updating your product list, you need to ask them to take the pictures. This isn’t feasible at all. In that case, what you can do is use the 3D rendering process to produce realistic-looking furniture images. It is cost-effective and more productive.

  4. Avoid reproduction

    The dimensions of the furniture can be calculated meticulously in various modes which also facilitate streamlining of production process; only the photorealistic image has to be reproduced physically by furniture 3D modeling.

  5. Furniture design process becomes easier

    With your 3D rendering software, you can find out 3D furniture rendering process would look in the future. Besides, you can also view your furniture designs from different angles during the designing phase. It will help you to create better designs and make the process faster and easier.

  6. Décor elements

    3D rendering of the proposed home décor is being increasingly used by interior designers. Once the clients visually comprehend the models with the 3D design for furniture created, they are desirous of getting exact replicas of the same. This empowers the manufacturers with global market access wherein the furniture products for interiors, exteriors, kitchen, bathroom etc can be sent anywhere across the globe.

    One can safeguard the copyright with MAPSystems that restricts the usage of models’ library by offering access to authorized architects and design experts.

  7. Offering 3D product visualizations from different angles

    There’s another feature of 3D rendering that you can employ for marketing your furniture products. It is 360-degree rendering. With this feature, you can let your customer view the products from different angles. It will help them make informed choices and sell your products faster.

  8. Helps in catering situational demands

    In some cases, organizations would require specific models for various purposes to suit a particular season, setting and preference. This kind of demand is mostly noticed during the festive period. However, it is not a feasible option to invest a lump sum of amount, excessive time and efforts on photography just to create one-time visuals. For such situations, it is best to take the assistance of 3D rendering to build a single catalogue that encompasses a wide range of classic 3D furniture designs. No matter what is the occasion, you will be ever ready for catering to clients’ demands.

  9. Varied requirements and choices put forth in refined manner

    Gone are the days when too much of time was spent to sort through a massive list of home and office furniture which is inclusive of different choices and specifications. Nowadays, things are quite different. By infusing 3D rendering with photo shoot, it is highly possible to put together assorted options within a frame, so as to make it very easy to go through the things within a short span of time. 3D product rendering looks strikingly real as well as quite resourceful since it is aided by a wide range of advanced tools. In fact, it is especially useful when the client has change of plans or mind during the final stage of any given deal.

  10. Unlimited visual resources for categorizing and promotional aspects

    3D architectural rendering has optimal potentials which can be strategically utilized, especially in ecommerce and similar websites. It helps to build a strong collection of different variety of products pictures, which in turn will help to attract more response and thus boost revenue. 3D furniture models mainly come in three types:

    Lifestyle Model: Interior Designers or decorators essentially use this kind of 3D rendering to present their clients the designs of a house or apartments’ interiors. These days, this has entered the décor industry as well, given the fact that it reflects a realistic outlook and setting.

    Product Associate: This is used when the main product has to be given maximum limelight, while it is being accompanied by second important or complimentary products.

    Exclusive Visage: It is generally used to show emphasis on specific appearance of a product by using white background, or black in some cases.

  11. To present quality, material, feel, colour and perspective of a single product

    It won’t be a good idea to have an exclusive photo shoot done of just one product in order to show variations of its colour, texture or perspective. Not only that it will be time consuming but it also creates a hole in the pocket. With 3D architectural rendering and various 3D furniture design ideas one can do away with such concerns. Hence, it is no wonder that 3D furniture visualization is the most preferred choice of smart manufacturers.


The aforesaid palpable benefits are driving more and more furniture manufacturers to opt for 3D product rendering services from any of the reputed 3D design firm and save more while expanding the business phenomenally.

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