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beginners guide to eBook

A beginners guide to eBook with its benefits, layouts, and formats

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Have you ever thought about why it is so? Yes, it's just because we are nowadays addicted to the idea of doing everything virtually anywhere, anytime on any device. Revolution has changed the way we do anything. It started to make our everyday activities easier, and now it is making its way to our leisure activities. Reading is one such activity that comes to our mind when discussing the electronic revolution. eBooks have been introduced as one of our favorite pursuits these days.

What is an eBook?

An eBook can be defined as a book converted or composed into a digital format to get displayed on a handheld device or a computer screen. Isn't it a straightforward definition?

eBook- An electronic book

Another definition for an eBook is that it's a book converted into a digital format helping a reader read it on any digital device, including big computer screens or other small screens.

Layouts of eBook

eBooks have helped authors reach out to the widest possible audience. There are three different types of layouts you can choose from while creating an eBook.

  • Reflowable layout

    This layout helps in providing responsive images and text, enhancing the look and page positioning. A go-to eBook format treats the content as floating images and texts, arranging them based on screen size. This layout also helps optimize the content when a user switches between landscape and portrait views. Readability for the new dimensions will be enhanced, and the reader can change the font size according to his screen size.

  • Fixed layout

    This layout is also known as the pre-paginated layout and acts as a digital lock on image and text placement. When the look and the design of an eBook are vital, this layout comes in handy as a bonus. Fixed layout is best suitable for heavy image publications, including cookbooks, coffee table books, etc.

  • Interactive layout

    This layout helps incorporate audios, footnotes, animations, etc., to make your eBook more interesting for your readers. We at MAPSystems employ the best team of conversion specialists to help you get the best ebook conversion services, ensuring the creation of visually stunning and compelling eBooks.

What are the benefits of eBooks?

eBooks have been introduced to the reading world and are much better than traditional paperback books due to the following benefits.

  • Saves money

    We all focus mainly on saving money. Isn't it? eBooks can save you money as there is no shipping or manufacturing cost as it was for those traditional paperback books.

  • Saves our environment

    Traditional paper books used to consume tons of paper in the manufacturing process. Again you might also know about the amount of pollution released by factories. What about an enormous carbon footprint? eBooks not only save energy but are also helping in reducing pollution and deforestation annually. Isn't this a real win for us?

  • Saves space

    Are you among those fortunate people having big libraries to store your books? If not, eBooks are the best for you. You will not need an extra room as eBooks can be stored on a single device. You can save a huge amount of space with eBooks.

  • eBooks can be instantly downloaded

    eBooks can be bought virtually from anywhere, anytime on any eBook-supported device. You can download an eBook instantly with the touch of a button. A reader will not require to drive to the actual store and spend hours shuffling through dozens of books and then waiting for your orders to arrive at your place. This time-consuming task has been made easy with eBooks as you can easily access your eBooks anywhere, anytime, and start reading them right away.

  • Convenient and portable

    We get attracted to everything that can make our life easier. eBooks are one among those things which are convenient and portable, giving you a library at your fingertips. Instead of lugging around many paperback books, it is much more convenient to carry your favorite books on your iPad or any other lightweight eBook supporting device.

  • Easily searchable

    Finding a section in your eBook is easy. You can search the keywords instead of flipping through the pages. With the proper keyword, you will be directly taken to the page or the section you are searching for, making an eBook easily searchable. This is beneficial for the people who are busy reading long books and would take hours to flip through that specific page or the section.

  • Font change is possible in eBooks.

    Good news for the readers who have difficulty seeing the small fonts printed in the paperback books. The eBook gives you an option to change the font size. Easily customize the fonts instead of squinting or trying to reach for your glasses.

The most important features of an eBook

For a newbie, an eBook is just a file that can be read on a digital device. While we consider other files that can be read on digital devices, some special features differentiate eBooks.

  • eBook should be reflowable

    No matter what screen size you view your eBook on, it should always be reflowable to fit any screen. The eBook text will remain as in the format with images, chapters, line breaks, and it will resize to fit the device proportions. PDF is an exception as they aren't reflowable or editable. They technically don't qualify as eBooks but are widely used as unofficial eBook formats due to their downloads and distribution ease.

  • eBooks should not be editable

    The text in an eBook should not be editable and should always be converted into an non-editable format. There are thousands of people accessing ebook content on their digital devices. There are also chances of people changing content without the permission of the real author. That's why to be qualified as an actual eBook, texts should not be editable.

Some of the popular eBook formats

While searching for eBook formats, you will come across a wide range of options. Using these many formats of eBooks will not be possible for anyone, so keeping it simple, we will look at these three super-easy formats. Based on the ability to be used in a format and the ease of use, here are a few eBooks formats.

  • AZW (.azw)

    Amazon developed AZW files for its Kindle eReaders. AZW files can store all the complex content, including highlights, bookmarks, and annotations. The use of AZW files is restricted to devices with Kindles apps. These files can be accessed only from the online bookstore of Amazon.

  • EPUB (.epub)

    An electronic publication (in short- EPUB) is the eBook format that is widely supported and can be read on different devices, including tablets, smartphones, computers, and most eReaders except Kindles. These files are reflowable, making them possible to be read on small devices.

  • PDF (.pdf)

    A portable document format, also known as PDF, can be technically called a true eBook and is the format more popular among users. Being created by Adobe, PDF is easy to use, and it can hold customized layouts. PDFs are not reflowable and difficult to read on a small screen. They are the commonly used eBook formats, especially by marketers.

What are some of the most popular ebook devices?

Well, now that you have got a fair idea on what an ebook is and how it can be well utilized and its popular formats available to help the readers to get the best experiences. Further, getting deeper into the context, let’s take a look at some of the most popular eBook devices that help you out!

Usually, eBook is designed and carved to be easily accessed and read on Digital screens, Isn’t it? So, to keep it as short as possible, if you have a desktop, laptop or even a smartphone, then you are eligible to access your eBook anytime.

Apart from these gadgets, there is something more!

Have you heard about eReader devices? Infact, it is gaining more popularity these days which would help readers with exceptional reading experiences. Some of the most preferred eReaders that are the hand-held devices with easy portability features include

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Nook
  • Kobo Libra
  • Onyx Boox Nova and more.

Why would you prefer eReaders over the devices?

  • Want to free up your storage space on your device?
  • Want to have a hassle-free reading experience?

If the answers for the above questions are “Yes”, without any doubt, you can switch to eReader platforms and enjoy reading!

What is the best way to purchase eBooks?

Plenty of retailers are available for you! Some of them include

  • Amazon
  • Smashwords
  • Harlequin
  • Kobor
  • Apple Books
  • Google Play and more.

Well, each one is associated with its own Pros and Cons. It is upto the authors to upload their own books in their own website or third-party sites.

What motivates you to create an eBook?

Well, when we say eBooks, it may be created for multiple purposes

  1. It might be for brand promotion

    If you are all set to publish your research paper for promotional activities, then ebooks would be the right choice. It would help you gain a lot of audience attraction to grow yourself as a brand. The process of creating an ebook involves the whole process of educating your audience on the subject which you are expert at.

  2. It might be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

    Are you into Inbound marketing? Then you might have known the significance of eBook for your marketing strategy to attract your prospects.

No matter what the objective is, an eBook has its own significance.

What is the best way to create an eBook?

If you are thinking of best ways to create an eBook, then here is how

  1. Be ready with your eBook content: When you write the content, you must keep the reader's point of view in mind. So craft it with no technical jargons and with the simplest language possible.

  2. Segregate your content into different sections: Holding the interest level of the user while reading is important. Make it reader-friendly.

  3. Style Guide is important: When you are writing an eBook for that matter, keep the style guide in mind and craft it based on it. It is inclusive of color combinations, font selection and more.

  4. Great Visuals are important: Once you have the EBook ready, make it grand with the great images and visual elements to have a good read.

  5. Design Stage: Once the page structure is ready, go for the best design that would create an appealing experience from your users.

You are done! Publish on the Platform you wish to and enjoy!

Wrapping up

So, we were trying to share ideas on the significance of eBooks for you over the traditional books and the best ways to craft the eBook development based on your choice. We believe you would have got a sound knowledge in understanding the need of eBooks and the major benefits it can offer you!

At MAPSystems, we have an expert team helping authors, publishers, libraries, enterprises, and educational institutions create electronic books that can engage readers and enhance their reading experience with our digital publishing services.

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