6 Steps to create your interactive digital comic book


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It requires a certain level of expertise and years of experience to create cross-device and cross-platform digital interactive comic books that are prolific in nature owing to the presence of typical comic reading experience accompanied by relevant sound, touch, and animation.

A company needs expert content developers, programmers and graphic designers to follow an accurately strategized workflow. This helps in executing comic book digitization with guided views, non-linear narratives, read-aloud features, animations, pop-ups, galleries etc. The whole book gets transformed into interactive and interesting.

digital comic book creation

A typical company involved in the process of creating interactive comics carries out the following.

  • Importing precisely the illustrations of client’s graphic novels.
  • Managing whole pre-press production related works.
  • Delivering typeset as well as an editable file in formats that are easily accessible.
  • Converting to fixed layout format for making it compatible on different e-readers.
  • Adding needed interactivity and animation to enhance the reading experience.

Some of the key features embedded by professionals

  • Audio and video

    Audio and video

    Audio-video embedding is the one of the important feature used in comic books. Enhance the reader experience by adding multimedia content

  • Read aloud

    Read aloud

    Audio files are synchronized with focus on the user interface, media overlaps, starting and ending times in the audio files and a lot more.

  • Animations


    Animations has a lot to do with creating interactive comics. Companies professionally indulged in the same make use of most modern tools to create simple animations such as cartoon shots and even highly complex animations including building designs and city planning etc.

  • Pop-up


    This is one of the best tools used for availing a guided view by which users enjoy a zoomed view of their comic panel without sacrificing the context of the whole page.

  • Page swipe

    Page swipe

    Readers can switch between pages with features such as page turning and page swipe etc.

  • Multi-column layout

    Multi-column layout

    This multi-column layout can boost the readability, visual appeal and provide readers for easy recognition.

Several other features too hold relevance in the context of creating comic books. Only a professional company that is proven and perfect can make sure that the whole provisions are exploited for you. So, selecting the best people as your service providers is crucial.

MAPSystems is one of the eBook conversion companies and comic books is one amongst our main fortes. Experts with us make use of rich attractive backgrounds, objects and characters etc. as in the books. Also, narrative texts are added in a creative and interesting manner. Reach us to discuss further. For more queries, visit our eBook FAQ's page.

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