6 Types of Brochure Designs That You Need to Know as a Designer

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Brochures can really catalyze your market penetration and these smart advertising tools can grab results beyond your expectations. You just have to get it right from the best graphic design firms. When it comes to printed brochures, the risk you face is quite higher as you can’t make the changes as in case of the e-brochures. This means extra care must be there.

different types of brochure folds

To assure that you get the most effective brochures, communicate to the concerned brochure designing company about the actual intention of the material, its target audience and the most important USPs that you want to highlight. Based on the insights obtained, the professionals decide the strategy to follow and the best from among different types of brochure folds addressing all your requirements.

Here 6 of the most popular designs are brought to light.

  1. Direct mail brochures

    direct mail brochure design

    As the name itself suggests, these are sent directly to customers as well as prospective customers via post or mail. Since these are being sent without their request, you cannot expect them to spend a lot of time perusing it. So, rather than peppering the design with surplus unwanted stuff, facts and figures, concentrate on making the material attractive and communicative. It should be easy to read and there should be a clear call to action. Contact details must be easily noticeable.

  2. Sales support brochures

    sales support brochure design

    These materials are meant to back your marketing and sales team. They can make use of them for pointing out the key points while pitching. You are benefited with this when there are plentiful of products for you or if you want to put across complex information. Such brochures should make the best use of headings, bullet points, images and graphs to convince the prospects.

  3. Enquiry response

    Enquiry type brochures design

    Such a marketing material is s to or those prospective customers who have intimated their keenness to know more details about your products or services. This means there is no need to introduce yourself again. You should understand that the prospect is interested and hence you should act accordingly. Make the stuff highly attractive with full of information through images that are backed by relevant testimonials and case studies etc. These are highly targeted and most of the companies prepare for all their major products in advance.

  4. Leave behind brochures

     marketing brochure design

    Such materials are created by graphic design firms for entities who want their sales team to leave behind pamphlets after they deliver the sales pitch. It is always better to assume that more than a few of your competitors have reached your prospects before you approach them. In such a situation leave behind materials should be having your USPs highlighted in the best possible light. You should place your brand ahead of others tactically. Most of the times you may not be able to sit across the table with the final decision maker and this advertising material will speak on your behalf. Though there need not be any call to action, you can still include clearly all your contact details.

  5. Point of sale brochures

    business brochure design

    Such materials are put in certain places where the prospects are likely to pick up one owing to mere impulse. They find their place mainly at trade shows and exhibitions etc. The attendees may be actively searching for your product or perhaps they may not be. You should create the stuff only after understanding the nature of the event. Adding convincing text and images always help. But try to start the matter with something attractive. Offers always entice. Use words like ‘Free’, ‘Discounts’, ‘Offer’ etc. at the beginning.

  6. Handouts

     Hangout brochure design

    At times, you may not be able to reach out to a physical location, like a countertop or a showroom. Also, you may not be having the contact information of a customer. In these cases or similar ones, you will not be able to send prospects a PDF through email or provide a brochure to them after a meeting. In order to deal with this problem, you need to come up with a handout catalog that can serve the purpose. It should invite the people to have a look inside. Therefore, you need to integrate it with the desired presentation. It is necessary to invest in quality stock paper. Also, hire a specialized designer capable of assuring professional brochure design and incorporate sophisticated printing techniques.

The actual challenge lies in making a stranger have a look at your material by opening it, going through the materials inside and take a decision in your favor. Here, the abilities of a skilled copywriter come to play. It is necessary to retain the attention of the client, right from the front cover to the last page, containing the ‘contact’ information. Your creative brochure design should tell a story in a concise manner, integrating it with compelling facts, figures and powerful imagery. Use the blank spaces strategically, so that the pages do not look too stuffed.

You may want to blend elements from certain brochures on this page, in order to create the handout. You may also hire skilled sales personnel to distribute these brochures and engage the customers, boosting up the conversions.

Here you can read some of the best sales brochure design ideas capable of increasing the conversion rates.

Based on the above information, you can decide which type suits your requirement the best.

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