Restaurant menu design service provided to a reputed
UK-based printing company

This case study is about designing the menu of a restaurant for an established online printing company in the UK. We were able to accomplish the task within the agreed turnaround time, reducing the operational cost of the client to almost half.

The client

This client provides online printing services to companies based in the UK, with a wide range of marketing materials. They have been engaged with clients from various industries. They were looking for a reputed platform to quickly get a restaurant menu design project accomplished within a short timeframe. The client came to us for these creative design services, and we were glad to live up to their expectation.

creative restaurant menu design

Challenges before us

This was an interesting project that demanded both innovation and technical skills. The challenges before us were:

  • The client had over 220 restaurant menus to be designed
  • We had to complete at least three designs within 24 hours
  • The client wanted us to design logo that would be efficient in branding the restaurant
  • Each menu was between 2-6 pages in length, which made the process time-consuming

As we had successfully accomplished menu design and formatting projects in the past, this turned out to be a comparatively easier task for our designers. They had to brainstorm for logo designing ideas, that would create the intended impact on the target groups. Besides, we had a short time to complete the project. Our creative desk had to carefully conceptualize the theme of each menu, depending on the nature of cuisine.

Our solution

Our designers strategized a plan to complete the project within the stipulated time, adhering to the specifications provided by the client. They took these measures while executing the project:

They collaborated well to chalk out print layout design ideas for the project. We provided the client with a free trial, so that they could assess the quality of our services.

As the client was contented with the sample, we proceeded to the subsequent stages on a large scale. We entrusted each menu to experienced designers and maintained the pace of work

The integration of sophisticated technology speeded up the process. Our experts used Adobe Photoshop to design these menus.

The client compared certain design elements and came up with certain feedbacks, which were to be integrated into the final design

Our quality assurance team checked the grade of design work in each of the menus, before we delivered them to the client

The results

Our services could effectively be used by the client and he could drastically reduce his inhouse printing costs to almost fifty percent of the anticipated value. The team that handled this project made sure to be precise in its approach during the menu-design process and strictly adhered to high accuracy levels. The client continued utilizing our creative designing services and at present, he is working with us on a long-term assignment.

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