High-standard logo vectorization support to a
UK-based furniture company

MAPSystems offer superlative logo designing and vectorization services which were availed by a UK based furniture manufacturing company to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Client Information

Our client is a UK based furniture manufacturing company which caters to lifestyle complementing furnishing needs of people with customized designs. To establish its brand identity, the client wanted us to develop its unique logo which can promote easy remembrance of the company among prospects. The client wanted us to help in vector based logo designing for use in all official communications and promotions. The logo had to be delivered within a day and must reflect the uniqueness of client’s offerings.

Challenges Experienced

The timeframe given by client for logo vectorization was really low. In such short duration, we had to mobilize resources, dedicated artist and also had to get a feel of the mission and vision of the client’s business so as to adequately mirror the same through the logo. We have never compromised on the quality of work ever and this time too we chose to stay true to our guiding principles.

The Solution

For ensuring that superior quality work was delivered within schedule, we adopted following approach.

  • A seasoned artist and dedicated project manager was assigned immediately
  • The unique business propositions of the company were understood carefully
  • A set of 6 vector logos were designed and sent to client for approval
  • While awaiting client’s nod, project manager went meticulously through furniture work delivered by client
  • By the time client’s approval was received, a logo was visualized which comprehensively portrayed client’s aspirations and USP and was a convergence of the central theme of 6 logos
  • Designing work was undertaken in full swing to meet deadlines
  • Detailing of subtle elements of the design was done in a manner that their integrity remains intact even when printed on small letterheads
  • After designing, quality checks were done to ensure that all specifications of clients were met
  • Dimensional accuracy and aesthetic value was ascertained for optimum professional feel
  • Final logo was sent to the client in jpeg and SVG format through a secure FTP line


The client was extremely happy with the quality of the logo delivered by us. The task was completed well within a day which ensured that our client could retain its competitive edge in the market. Our accuracy level was 100%. The client assured us that it would spread the word about our logo designing services to all its acquaintances so that they too can avail of this superlative work.

Reach out to MAPSystems with your logo vectorization and any kinds of graphic design services need and we would gladly help you out.

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