Top 13 Paid and Free Animation Maker Online

Nowadays, creating animation has become easier with the help of software or tools available online. With its help, you will get a deeper understanding of the animation principles so that you can utilize it to the maximum for accomplishing your needs. It lets you create the moving graphics from images, illustrations, or other files to convey visual information. You can also add background music or other effects to the 3D or 2D animation to make it more effective.

Quick Overview

animation maker online

The animation maker software can aid in creating animations for a variety of purposes, like movies, advertisements, television shows, websites, and other platforms. Besides, it can be also integrated with other software when it comes to illustration designing, 3D modeling, or video editing.

Characteristics of A Good Animation Software

A good animation software offers the functionality to create high-quality animated visuals from a 3D or 2D image that can be used in videos. Besides, having in-built tools is a must for drawing and importing media files from other software. In addition to this, the animation program should also allow the integration of different software for adding the necessary effects to give final touches.

For example, FilmoraPro is a good animation maker free online . By adding a keyframe, you can create the desired 2D or 3D animation naturally and effortlessly. However, this program is not available online, and you have to download the package for installing it in your system. The best part of using it is you can control the animation in a better way with the help of an audio mixer, color correction, and other tools.

Top Online Animation Makers

You will find below some of the best online animation tools, which are flexible to use and offers various features that can provide a smooth and enjoyable animating experience.

  • Renderforest


    This animation program is deployed by the BBC, Bose, and other renowned media. It allows the user to deploy different icon resources for creating fun and interactive animations. It is basically free, but also offers paid versions that include advanced features depending on the pricing plans. An explainer video toolkit is included to create videos using CG, 3D, or 2D animation.

    • Pros

      The software provides 200+ video templates, allowing users to start with the animation process.It also offers cloud-based tools to help you change the text or adjust scenes.

    • Cons

      The online animation graphics maker does not allow you to visualize the final video on different devices with varying sizes.

  • Moovly


    In this cloud-based online animation maker, you will get 4 versions that is specifically tailored for small businesses, large enterprises, academic institutions, and amateurs. It enables you to create animation by using advanced features such as drag and drop. These animated videos can be shared directly on the YouTube.

    • Pros

      Moovly can be smoothly integrated with Shutterstock, which provides access to over 175 million images, audio files, video clips, and animated videos of different genres.

      It also provides an in-built toolkit and pre-built templates to allow for content customization.

    • Cons

      Its interface can become hard to navigate or use if the internet speed is slow.

  • Animaker


    Animaker is an animation websites free tool that allows you to choose from 6 different animation styles for creating completely customized animated videos for business or other purposes. It had also been awarded the ‘Startup award’ as it is one of the easy-to-use online animation software that lets you create animated videos. Notably, animated content can be created in a very short time.

    • Pros

      With Animaker, even a novice can create quality videos featuring whiteboard, 2D and 2.5D graphics, infographics, or typography animation.

    • Cons

      Users need access to additional video styles.

  • Animatron


    Animatron is an online animation program that allows the creation of various types of animated content such as whiteboard style, explainer animated videos, HTML5 banners, etc. with ease. It is simple and easy to use and has been used by top companies like Google and NYTimes. Its library allows access to 500K+ images, audio files, and royalty-free video clips. Most features available in the expensive video creation programs are available over here. It provides keyframes to control the character movement and enables importing and integrating personal voiceover. However, some advanced features can be difficult to use for beginners.

    • Pros

      Its library allows access to 500K+ images, audio files, and royalty-free video clips. Most features available in the expensive video creation programs are available over here.

    • Cons

      Users may find it quite difficult to use the advanced features.

  • MotionDen


    This online animation tool is free to use and allows you to create animation by providing extensively and regularly updated templates. In this software, you can adjust the settings for customizing animations and add various text styles in the video. In addition to this, you can also modify music and import personalized video clips.

    • Pros

      Templates get updated on a regular basis.

      Users can add text, change music, and import their personalized video clips.

    • Cons

      Non-availability of offline version

      Limited editing options

      No provision for audio insertion

  • Biteable


    You can use Biteable to create explainer or social media videos with ease. You can also create professional-looking animated videos with the help of the available templates. However, before using the easily navigable interface, you need to create an account and register as it is a paid program. Here, informative or fun videos can be created and shared directly. There are 100+ live-action and animated clips, which can be adjusted as per your needs. Animation can be tailored further by adding personalized text, colors, images, and audio.

    • Pros

      Informative or fun videos can be created and shared directly.

      There are 100+ live-action and animated clips, which can be adjusted as per your needs.

    • Cons

      Account registration is mandatory.

      Video-processing demands a longer time.

  • Toonator


    With the help of the Toonator, cartoon animation maker tool, you can create cartoon animations from scratch or edit others’ creations. You can also integrate the program on a tablet to directly draw the animation with the help of a pen or finger. The library features cartoon clips added by other users. However, the program usually lacks the option of advanced animation features.

    • Pros

      The library features interesting cartoon clips shared by other users.

    • Cons

      The program lacks the option of advanced animation features.

  • Powtoon


    Powtoon is useful for creating business-focused animated presentations. You can create professional videos with highly-engaging animated content. It is a cloud-based program that is usually integrated with leading sites and apps. It has no support for keyframing or 3D animation. However, it provides different media files for free use. You can easily customize graphics and templates here.

    • Pros

      Facilitates the creation of online presentations.

      It provides different media files for free use.

    • Cons

      It provides no support for keyframing or 3D animation.

  • Vyond


    Vyond provides templates that allow the creation of professional animated videos in different genres for effective storytelling. The affordable program offers comprehensive solutions for creating videos for marketing, training, whiteboard animation, sales, and presentations. Here, you can access different audio-video files and images which are royalty-free. The price of Vyond is higher as compared to the other online solutions. It allows you to choose from 3 subscription plans, i.e., GoTeam, GoPremium, and GoPublish.

    • Pros

      You can access different audio-video files and images, which are royalty-free.

    • Cons

      The pricing is on the higher side.

  • FlipAnim


    This online animator allows quick creation of animations with a pen tool of different sizes and colors. In case you want to change the animation speed, then you have to drag the slider. For creating more animations, you simply need to insert more pages. The user interface is appealing and easy to use. It includes only a limited number of advanced features, however, some of its other features involve zooming in and out, setting animation speed in 5 variations, and creating transparent animations.

    • Pros

      It comes with an engaging UI interface.

      It supports the creation of transparent animation.

    • Cons

      It comes equipped with very few advanced features.

  • Wideo


    This user-friendly online tool is useful for creating business-focused animated content quickly. The UI offers ease of navigation and access to a large array of ready-to-use pre-animated templates. The tool is comprehensive, intuitive to use, and integrates well with external graphics, media, and sound. Here, you can embed the videos in high resolution while exercising the video editing and video streaming options. The free version of the software allows you to create animations of 30 seconds maximum. However, for creating animations of a longer duration, you have to buy the license. It contains limited options for sound and animated icons and has a probability of application crash.

    • Pros

      It comes with a user-friendly interface.

      It hosts an extensive collection of ready-to-use templates.

    • Cons

      It lacks customizable templates and sound options.

      The application has bugs.

  • Voki


    The user interface of this free video animation maker online is not very intuitive. With Voki, you can particularly create animations for academic purposes with ease. Here, you are not allowed to create animations from scratch. Instead, you can create tailored avatars and add voice overs that can be useful for class presentations. It will help in making the learning experience interesting and boost the performance of students.

    • Pros

      It supports school projects by providing an engaging experience to kids.

    • Cons

      You cannot create animated videos from scratch.

  • Explee


    Explee offers you with a blank template that can support you to develop engaging whiteboard animations and videos. You can quickly create professional videos with its help. It has an extensive library that allows you to use the assets or upload your own content or images. The images present here are monochromatic, simple, and often feature similar designs. You can also upload your own music to add the desired audio to the animated video files. Besides, materials can be dragged and dropped directly on the scene. The timeline offers ease of usage while the preview button lets you have an overview of the final animation. The software usually offers a free trial for 14 days, and then you have to purchase the license. However, during the trial period, your content will be stored publicly, and you cannot claim privacy.

    • Pros

      The drag-and-drop features promotes ease of use.

      You can upload your own audios.

      It comes with a preview button so that users can evaluate how the final outcome might look like.

    • Cons

      Its library features drawings that are too simplistic

      There’s no privacy control feature that would protect your works.


The aforesaid list of the free and paid online animation creator will help you to create attention-grabbing animated videos easily and quickly. In most of the cases, the UI is intuitive and ideal for beginners to use. Thus, choosing any of these options will help you to enhance your animating skills and create professional-quality animation in no time. However, if you don’t want to go through the trouble at all, then you always have the option of hiring companies that offer online animation services. Try consulting them and provide them with the needed specifications to create outstanding animations that can serve your needed purpose.