Read Aloud Fixed layout ePub conversion services
provided to a Europe-based publisher

Industry - Publishing

Client - Publisher based in Europe

Requirement: We needed to convert 6 books of children’s literature genre into Read Aloud eBook of Fixed Layout EPub format.

read aloud ebook conversion services


Normally, there are two parts for a read aloud eBook of Fixed Layout type. They are a fixed layout format and then the audio that synchs perfectly with the text. To create fixed layout ePub type eBooks, it is important to have a detailed understanding about the general things related to ePub. Also meticulous attention to entire details is mandatory. Fixed layout eBooks specifically have an audio track that accompanies and plays when the text gets highlighted in parallel.

However, what seemed to be a real challenge was the language of the title that needed to be converted; the language was Dutch. As we are a team that is not that much proficient in Dutch language, it took a lot of sincere effort from our team to sit down and understand the details. Making ourselves acquainted with and attuned to a completely new pronunciation was an uphill task that we accomplished successfully. We listened to the audio attentively and some time we had to replay certain parts ‘n’ number of times to make sure that the coordinates of all the words in audio file was marked correctly.


Narration creation was the first step we initiated. Among many, the ability of read aloud format to highlight different words while they are being read is one of the most vital characteristics. For the same, i.e. to assure synchronization of every word with its corresponding audio, tagging of every word in audio with the subsequent word from HTML file has to be done. This is one of the main features of interactive read aloud format.

Words marking in audio file is of huge relevance. Another important step involved in the conversion of a book into fixed layout read aloud format is marking of words in audio file. We exported the concerned labels that indicated the starting time as well as the ending time of all the words attentively thus ensuring that the illustrated eBooks converted played smoothly.


The 6 books assigned for conversion were successfully transformed to fixed layout ePub read aloud format. The client was very happy with the accuracy we achieved and he came back to us again and again with new projects. Today, he is one of our loyal customers.

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