Professional XML conversion support adhering to the DAISY
standard delivered to a global library

DAISY stands for Digital Accessible Information System and DAISY technology is one of most sought after option for the conversion of analog books to digital taking eBooks. The system has in place its own technologies, standards as well as implementation plans for enabling worldwide access to information availed by governments, mainstream publishers and libraries to those section of audiences who have print disabilities. Having originated in the year 1994 in Sweden, the DAISY Standard was initially proprietary.

DAISY talking book can be played on a disk and can contain narration of up to 50 long hours. The readers have the comfort of navigating between different chapters, pages and sections etc. They can also place bookmarks anywhere and write or narrate notes related to the text. You need a CD-ROM drive along with a specific program to read the book on a PC. Else there is a unique talking book player on which you can rely for the purpose.


The case study illuminates the project accomplished for a giant library that had to provide access for several hundreds of printed materials to people having print impairments. They wanted to carry out XML document creation using the feature-rich XML technology.

xml conversion in daisy standards case study


We were given a time period of 8 months and 700 books were to be converted to DAISY xml format. They wanted absolute accuracy and expected us to provide single source files while maintaining consistency and robustness. Another challenge was their demand to scan the printed materials and extract ASCII code using OCR technology. Optimization of illustrations and images had to be done. XML had to be valid and well formed.


Having impeccable expertise in XML conversion process, we made optimal use of latest technologies and smart strategies to carry out conversion of printed matter into digital version. As our company is adept in finest production grade capturing techniques using the best system including an efficient OCR to XML conversion tool and a sophisticated OCR engine, conversion for the client was done on time with perfection.


Our association become a permanent one and the company keeps on signing new deals with us regularly. They even referred us to others.

MAPSystems is a renowned name in the domain of advanced, supreme quality XML content creation and publishing along with XML conversion and tagging services. We stay updated with latest technological advancements and leverage its entire possibilities for the benefits of our clients.

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