Professional ePub Conversion Service to a US Based Publishing Firm

Industry - Publishing

Client - Leading prepress and digital service provider based in US

Requirement: ePub and xml conversion using automated tools

ebook conversion for US based publishing

Challenges confronted

Client was confronted with the challenge of seamlessly managing exceptionally high volumes of conversions and to deliver them within stiff deadlines. Not respecting the deadlines would mean significant decline in the business volume bagged by the client. Further, the reputation of the client would be irrevocably tarnished.

The challenge that stared in the eyes of the MAPSystems was even bigger. In order to cope up with the workload, a large work force of competent professionals needed to be assembled. Further, managing attrition of proficient manpower was also very demanding as staff had to adapt to the automated tools provided by the client within exceptionally short time. Any deviation would cause the TAT to be violated.


MAPSystems started to aggressively hire proficient professionals with distinctive background in software related courses. They were made to undergo extensive focussed training on customized software within a short span. Space was acquired proactively to accommodate the demand of the cumbersome job. MAPSystems also developed its own tools to facilitate expeditious execution of the task and ratchet up productivity by about 30%. Resource and infrastructure mapping was assigned to industry leaders in our team and the job cycle was meticulously executed. All loopholes and bottlenecks were proactively or reactively plugged so as to prevent in abatement in productivity.

Result / business advantages

The first phase of ePub conversion services was successfully completed within scheduled deadlines. Inspired by this thumping success, the client outsourced the conversion job of next four phases of titles consisting enormous volumes to us. The quality of job lived up to the expectations of the clients. Client also referred MAPSystems for eBook conversion and formatting services to other prestigious clients offshore and this brought about an exceptional surge in our business.

In the bygone year, we have successfully converted thousands of titles for the esteemed client and we continue to deliver at an unmitigated pace so as to elevate the ROI of the client and to enable it to secure more business.

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