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We fix all types of formatting errors so that your targets enjoy the fullest while reading your eBooks without any interruption.

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eBook Conversion Services

MAP Systems’ eBook formatting services solely aim at improving the formatting of your eBooks to help your readers get a better reading experience. We arrange your digital books’ content in a way that makes it attractive and engaging for them to read. Since readers today expect eBooks to be just like the printed ones, we help authors and publishers achieve it with our eBook conversion and formatting services. It can make your digital books seamlessly work across all popular eReaders, tablets, or mobile devices. The formatted eBooks can run on a variety of platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Smashwords, Apple iPad, Kobo, IngramSpark, etc. This will showcase your professionalism online or in stores and help your digital books sell faster.

What do our eBook formatting services include?

We can format the following things in an e-book.

  • Interactive TOC or Table of Contents
  • Custom coding
  • Live internal and external website links
  • e-check complaint
  • Optimized and embedded eBook cover
  • Additional front and back matter
  • Print formatting the eBook design elements
  • Footnotes and endnotes

eBook formatting workflow at MAP Systems

The workflow we follow for our eBook formatting services involves the following steps. However, you may also ask us to customize it according to your needs. So, without thinking much, share your ideas about style or other factors that can improve the mood of your e-books. Our eBook designers possess the needed skills to combine your inputs in the designs to produce an effective outcome.

Step 1

Clients are requested to upload their eBooks.

Step 2

We examine the digital files and create a layout matching your theme or message.

Step 3

After creating the custom layout, we will send you the proof of your e-book for approval.

Step 4

We add the title page setup, chapter headers, font families, etc. in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Step 5

Our QA team checks it and approves the quality.

Step 6

Finally, we send the formatted books to the clients or make them available for download.

Before submitting your digital books to us, make sure that they are proofread. This will ensure that your content is grammatically correct and free from syntax errors. Besides, MAP Systems also offers proofreading services. So, if you use it, we can proofread and format it all together. Other solutions we also offer include an all-inclusive digital conversion services, eBook conversion services, eBook cover design services, etc.

Why use our eBook formatting services

At MAP Systems, we always take our job seriously. Every project we undertake is made sure to be handled by the experts. The dedicated team we hire for each project undergoes adequate training to produce the desired results on time.

Even though we use the eBook formatting software, we do not rely on it completely. Our eBook formatting team thoroughly formats your content and ensures that it are no mistakes. So, you do not need to get into the trouble of handling the formatting errors and style guides. It’s because MAP Systems can do it for you.

Other reasons why you should employ our eBook formatting services are:

  • Digital files will be safely encrypted for uploading and downloading.
  • Cost-effective pricing models so that they can be affordable to most.
  • Accurate book formatting that can help it stand out in the marketplace.
  • Fastest turnaround time and 100% on-time project delivery.
  • Professional eBook formatting team having adequate experience.

Being a reputed eBook formatting service provider, we make sure that your digital books are formatted as per the standard guidelines. We also ensure that there is consistency throughout the content.

Also, there are few other requirements that you need to take care of while submitting your projects. For instance, you need to submit your copyright page, cover art, license notes, etc. We will provide other information in detail when you discuss your requirements with us. So, reach us for eBook formatting services today!

Do not let the improper eBook formatting spoil the concentration of your readers or create an unpleasant reading experience. Get our eBook formatting services and keep them at bay.