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to a reputed US-based publisher

A leading publishing company, based in the US, had reached out to us for kindle conversion and related services. They had published several books in the African countries. The company approached us to convert hard copies of the books to digitized versions, so that people across the world could read them online.

They were looking for a reliable eBook converting platform to get the hard copy converted into the digitized format. In this case, they requested us to convert the books into. ePub and .MOBI versions. The company was willing to coordinate with a service provider with International Digital Publishing Forum certification (IDPF Certification). Such companies are known for their high-quality services, and they can accomplish the works in a smaller budget. We fulfilled their criteria and they requested samples of our previously-completed projects related to Kindle conversion services. The company was satisfied with the samples and decided to work with us. They selected MAPSystems for the project due to the IDPF certification. The company also required typesetting solutions as a part of their project, which we could provide.

MOBI and ePub conversion

Challenges before us

We evaluated the requirements of the client and started working on the project. The company had provided us with books in the hard copy format. We had to make the content into digital format before converting them into the ePublishing files. As we had provided ePub conversion services to other companies in the past, we could easily manage this project. We had to proofread the content, before converting them into the digital format. This was a significant project, as they had more than 19,000 pages to be converted.

Our solution

We integrated two resources for this project exclusively. It would take a long time to type each word by hand. This would also increase the possibility of errors. We used Optical Character Recognition software in the project, that would convert the raw documents to word documents. These documents were edited after the documents were transferred to the soft copy.

We converted all the five books to the soft copy and our experts proofread and edited them to eliminate the errors. We used advanced editing software to scan these documents and detect the errors. The necessary corrections were made and after finalizing the edited copy, we started the ePub and Mobipocket conversion.

Our experts accomplished the task, closely collaborating with the client. Our quality assurance team checked the quality of the work, before our team delivered the typesetting services. This would enable the client to easily republish the digital books, if necessary in future.

The results

We completed the project within 16 days and the company was happy with the quality of our services. Our team achieved an accuracy level of 99% and accomplished the work within the agreed time. Our client appreciated the efforts of our experts and is planning to collaborate with us further, for other projects. They have also recommended our services to other publishing companies in the US.

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We have been collaborating with global companies over the years, providing them with accurate ePUB and .MOBI conversion services. You can get across to us for high-quality solutions in converting books in hard copies to the digital format. We provide highly tailored digital conversion solutions to our clients. Integrating sophisticated tools, our experts complete the projects within the deadlines. Besides, our prices are reasonable and the experts working with us carry extensive experience in the industry. You can go through the ebook conversion services reviews to get a better concept about the quality of our services. Simply reach out to us with your requirements whenever you want

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