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A case study on how we helped leading publisher convert hard copy books into digital formats

One of the leading publishers from Australia was searching for the best eBook conversion services provider who can convert hard copy books to digital formats adhering to a series of their quality and budgetary constraints. MAPSystems was approached by them for their project.

Who was the client?

The client was a veteran publisher from Sydney having the extensive experience of over two decades. Apart from comprehensivelysupporting Australia, the client also had operations in New Zealand. The client came to us inquiring to covert 50 fifty hard copy books to be converted to such formats as .MOBI, ePub and Amazon Kindle.

The client required the following

  • A PDPF Certified project partner
  • An agency who can meet the international quality standards, show flawless schedule adherence and meet the budgetary constraints
  • An experienced hand which delivers excellent accuracy to project deliverables and avoids relentless edits
document conversion case study

The challenges faced by us

Before we began the process of converting paper documents into digital format, we assessed the project to realize the challenges that might come up during the execution. In our analysis, we were able to find the following challenges looming in the horizon

  • We found that the original documents were in extensive physical format. This called upon us to diligently analyze each and every element of it and convert the data into a preferred digital format.
  • Each of the books had to be carefully converted into a workable digital format such as Microsoft Word format.
  • We also were required carry out the task of proofreading and all the while proofreading documents.
  • The documents, in the word format, were required to be converted into the digital formats as required by the client and it came up to 13500 pages.

How we addressed these challenges

Like with any other project, MAPSystems wanted to carry out the project with exemplary accuracy all the while adhering to the quality standards and expectations conveyed by the client. In order to do that, we envisaged the following strategies

  • We formed two teams exclusively to work on the project to effectively address the requirements of the clients.
  • We leveraged the capacity of the effective OCR solutions we are fortified with to convert the raw pages into Word.
  • The team extensively carried out proofreadingto drive maximum accuracy.
  • The quality team tasked with the QA carried out extensive & multiple evaluations before the conversion process.
  • After the required proofreading, evaluation and editing the conversion has been carried out.

The outcome of the project

At the end of the project, we completed the project in time meeting all the quality, budgetary and project specifications of the client. The project was completed in the most affordable manner and the expectations were met with an excellent rate of accuracy at 96%.

Satisfied with the commitment, professionalism and sheer quality we maintained all through the project deliverance, the client became a long-term partner with us outsourcing newer and similar projects to us in the future.

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