Professional Flash to HTML5 conversion support provided
to a US-based eLearning service provider


We were contacted by one of the leading names in eLearning domain. The client based in USA was providing numerous courses to different categories of learners. Their main focus was on training, assessing and providing relevant certifications for students in critical skills. The vision has always been to merge together deep education based research data with personalized technology with an exclusive implementation squad which makes the tutors feel as if they have blended learning support in their classroom.

flash to html5 conversion casestudy


The client wanted to migrate Flash to HTML5 as they were previously operating in a Flash based environment. The learning application had to be made compatible with all mobile devices. Entire Flash based animations had to be converted into Hyper Text Mark-up Language5 ones. Audio had to be synchronized with animation.

Firstly, we were asked to do some trail editing. Our team carried out swift editing works and it turned out to be impressive for the client. Post to that, they finalized their decision of associating with us for the project.


The client was already facing many challenges. Firstly, their app based on Flash failed to work well on iPad, Android and all higher devices. The choice of HTML5 as an alternative to adobe flash animation made the scenario even more exigent. There were long series of really complex animations. In addition to this, other issues to be addressed included audio harmonization with the animation during play and pause, loading related problems at the time of page start, duplication of transition effects for matching Flash transitions, making animation complaint to IE8 and playing audio as well as videos.


We formed the best team of experienced professionals to carry out the task with perfection and exactitude within shortest turnaround time. Our team made use of several technologies including HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery etc. to develop an optimally optimized mobile version of client application. The template based on HTML was created with HTML tags along with CSS styling. For recreating animations, JavaScript libraries were used. Performance was improved by using images post optimization and CSS sprites. For building the backend and integrating HTML5 apps, Ruby on Rails was used.


By carrying out extensive scrutiny and analysis of diverse coding options, flash animation to HTML5 conversion was facilitated and implementation was done systematically for meeting client expectations.


After getting the HTML5 based application launched, reach of client broadened and user base widened. Several elements for enhancing the quality of application were launched with better features.

Client was extremely pleased and referred a few of his business acquaintances who were in need to convert interactive swf to html5 to our company.

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