Foreign Languages Typesetting Services

Foreign Languages Typesetting Services That Would Help You Reach The Global Readers

Foreign languages typesetting

MAPSystems is one of the top typesetting companies, which has been addressing the foreign language typesetting needs of its diverse clientele since the past decade. With solid experience in multilingual typesetting and a passion to produce high-quality project outcomes, we, at MAPSystems, help our clients capitalize on our professional prepress services to an optimal extent.

We maintain an ever-growing portfolio of happy clients, which includes authors, publishers, businesses, magazine publishers and educational institutes. Leveraging high-standard support delivered by our professional book typesetters, our clients are able to ensure a pleasant reading experience to readers located in diverse parts of the world. We have worked with some of the most reputed publishing houses across the world as well as with self-publishers and authors who are looking to create a strong presence in the global market. We offer customized packages, allowing every client to pay for what they actually want and benefit from cost savings.

The foreign language typesetting process at MAPSystems

We, at MAPSystems, follow a well-established workflow, ensuring that we complete projects within mutually-agreed-upon deadlines and while fulfilling our commitment with regard to quality.

This is a typical workflow that characterizes our multilingual typesetting services:

  • You should send us hard copies/soft copies of your manuscripts.
  • Our team would understand your requirements, on the basis of which they would suggest a quote.
  • We would commence the project after you approve the quote.
  • We would assign our foreign language typesetter to your project and they would be under the supervision of the team-manager.
  • They would use the most advanced typesetting software, which would ensure project efficiency and the production of high-quality outcomes.
  • We would send PDF proofs to you for review purposes.
  • Following your approval, we would send you deliverables in two forms, one as print-ready PDF and the other as web PDF.

Our foreign language typesetting service portfolio includes

Our professionals can handle complex typesetting projects and produce accurate book pagination. We have the expertise to select appropriate fonts; however, we would still honour your preferences in case you want us to follow a specific style guide.

  • Non-fiction book interior design
  • Fiction book interior design
  • Textbook layout design
  • Children's book interior design
  • Picture book layout design
  • Business card layout design
  • Pamphlets, Flyers, Catalogs, and brochure layout design
  • Magazine interior layout design

We have expertise in handling projects that relate to the typesetting of books and documents in the following languages



We handle English typesetting projects in a very large scale. This includes projects assigned to us by oversees as well as domestic authors and publishers.



We deliver world-class Chinese typesetting support, allowing authors, publishers, and businesses to reach Chinese-speaking readers across the globe.



Our typesetters are proficient in delivering Spanish typesetting services and can choose the best fonts depending upon book genre and overall theme.



We have helped numerous professionals and businesses with French typesetting support, helping them maximize their reach in French-speaking markets.



Our Russian typesetting services are one of our key specialties and we have helped several clients with competitive book layout design costs.



We deliver professional Portuguese typesetting support to our global clientele at the best rates, allowing them to maximize the returns on their investments.



Our typesetters have helped several clients to reach Japanese-speaking audiences with high-quality documents that are professionally typeset.



Our prepress services are appropriately designed to help our clients benefit from service delivery excellence and competitive rates.

Why should you hire multilingual typesetting services from us?

Ever since its inception, MAPSystems has emerged as one of the most reliable typesetting service providers in the global landscape. We, are passionate about our work and we are always ready to go that extra mile to help our clients succeed and get a high return on their investments. Our book layout designers provide end-to-end prepress support from book cover and interior design support to copyediting to creating final deliverables in the PDF format. If you are looking to hire our team to handle your typesetting project, you should know that:

  • We would use the most advanced software to generate high-quality outcomes.
  • We would protect your data strictly as we have strict data security policies in place and ensure total confidentiality.
  • We deploy advanced infrastructure, which allows us to handle large-scale projects as well. Just let us know what your requirements are, and we would do all the necessary arrangements to efficiently handle your project.
  • We have the industry’s most experienced typesetters working with us. So you can just relax knowing that experts are working at the backend and that they would never fail to deliver desired outcomes.
  • Our team operates on all days of the week and even during odd hours of the day. So you would get your calls answered and your queries addressed through diverse channels such as email, live chat, phone, etc.
  • We assign project supervisors for long-term projects; they monitor projects closely, ensuring that you get satisfactory results.
  • Our native language proofreaders ensure to provide high class output in an environment where quality is monitored at every step.
  • We offer a free trial to those who want to test our services.
  • We can complete your project within a very short turnaround time; this would help you stay ahead of your competitors.
  • We offer services at the best rates, thereby helping you to stick to your budget.

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Have a foreign language typesetting project that needs to be executed? Trust us with your project; our typesetters are always ready to work closely with you and to deliver high-standard output. Have questions or want to opt for a free trial? Write to us or call us now!