How OCR Revolutionizes Tools Are Used for Assisted Learning?


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Like on any other facet of life, technology has had its impact on education too. It is palpable through the changed productivity levels of classroom, the degree of student engagement and the improved rate of learning. Thanks to the OCR revolutionizers! It must also be stressed that technology has played its crucial to help differently-abled people to be part of the process of learning as well.

ocr conversion tools

One can find several inventive and effective learning tools available in the market and the formative technology for the same is OCR or optical character recognition technology. As it is able to offer automatic data extraction, precise and impeccable document processing, conversion of image or paper documents to editable forms and document translation into diverse languages, it has revolutionized the face of assisted learning for sure with a myriad of newer and effective document scanning services.

How OCR can help?

The following are some of the ways in which OCR and the revolution of digitization can effectively help assisted learning.

  • Individuals having ADHD, Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome

    People with reading disabilities have been supported by Open Lore leveraging the advantage of OCR to bring eBooks to them by means of text-to-speech. However a large portion of the content was not available for the users until they integrated OCR technology into their offerings. The Open Lore Read assists the users to take advantage of the text-tracking and text-to-speech tools available to enable the user visually track the words being read out to them by the optical character recognition software used for the same. The same also includes a wide range of other features and tools that can be effectively utilized to support the user with all the support they need. With the Open LORE Read, users only need to copy and paste text or the image with the text onto the software and the program will take care of the rest of the concerns.

  • Helping people who are visually-impaired to read mails and independently fill forms out

    There are several OCR solution providers who can be approached to get the support needed to enable various users check their mails without anyones help and to fill various forms out as needed. People having visual impairments will have exceptional use of technologies that can carry out text to speech conversion using OCR. This can surely make their lives a lot easier and more independent. As the visually challenged people always need a tool that can read the text to them loudly to help them carry out the required task. The Disability Network has gone the extra mile to help visually impaired people to take advantage of OCR even going the way to ensure that PDF document text to speech is effectively done on the laptops of the users as well.

  • Helping students having reading challenges and learning exceptionalities

    Many of the leading academicians that work in the spectrum of helping students with reading and learning disabilities exert that OCR technology has one of the most crucial and important roles to help such students become independent of others and develop just like any other students. As such, there are support groups that help the students convert paper document to digital forms to improve the quality of their learning and development. As the tools come attached with text-to-speech assistive technologies, it helps the students who are otherwise unable to keep up with the learning process become more involved in the learning processes.

  • Leverage text-to-speech feature to help visually impaired people get access to PDFs having images

    By the very nature of it, PDFs having images on it are not fit for text-to-speech and hence, most users are unable to access such content. Come OCR, this issue is taken care of right away. There are several agencies out there that can provide efficient and effective OCR conversion services just the way required by the client. This enables the users to even access the image-based PDFs that were not available previously for them. Accuracy is one of the major concerns during all the OCR conversion projects and as such, the latest technology changes that have been made are able to ensure exceptional quality and accuracy of the converted documents.


While there are only some of the major contributions that OCR technology has been able to make in the recent past, there are a myriad of areas where it is making considerable changes as well. As it is also able to offer economical document conversion prices and maximum value for money, it will continue to roll our big in the future as well.