Photo Editing Resources

A Step-by-Step Beginner's Guide to Photo Post-Processing

A Step-by-Step Beginner's Guide to Photo Post-Processing

From artistic fashion to commercial photography, high-quality images are essential for deal-makers.

Adobe’s Image Processor Application

Difference Between Basic and High-End Photo Retouching

High-end photo retouching differs from basic photo editing to some extent, mainly owing to the technicalities involved.

Day to Dusk Conversion Steps using Lightroom and Photoshop

Day to Dusk Conversion Steps using Lightroom and Photoshop

Marketing a property or boosting its listings requires more than mere photographs.

Images Using Advanced Photoshop Tools

How to Blend Colors in Images Using Advanced Photoshop Tools

Whether you are a professional graphic designer, image editing specialist, or amateur enthusiast, color correction is a vital thing for you to offer outstanding graphics.

Sky Replacement Steps using Photoshop

Quick and Easy Sky Replacement Steps using Photoshop

No matter how advanced a camera is or how adept the photographer is, often it is difficult to replicate an appealing sky backdrop.

Tips to Edit the Best HDR Real Estate Photos

7 Handy Tips to Edit the Best HDR Real Estate Photos

Let’s talk about HDR photography today and how to edit HDR real estate photos.

Remove Double Chins with 8 Easy Steps in Photoshop

How to Remove Double Chins with 8 Easy Steps in Photoshop?

Photoshop is the most handy tool to remove extra facial fat from photos. Learn the 8 easy steps of double chin removal using Photoshop and remove a double chin.

Various Photo Editing Styles

Various Photo Editing Styles to Try This 2024

Want to explore various photo editing styles for 2024? This article lists the top 10 image editing styles like natural, vibrant, moody, airy, etc. Read on.

Professional Agencies to Outsource Photo Editing

10 Best Professional Agencies to Outsource Photo Editing - 2024

More often than not, pictures turn out to be less perfect than desired.

Best Platforms for Realtors to Promote Listings

Best Platforms for Realtors to Promote Listings (2024)

Online platforms and networking sites have become indispensable mediums for all mainstream businesses to reach their target audience.

Amazon Product Photo Editing Tips

Amazon Product Photo Editing Tips to Improve Conversions

Perhaps the only hurdle faced a professional photographer faces editing the photos once they are shot.

Clipping Mask in Photoshop

A Complete Tutorial on How to Create a Clipping Mask in Photoshop

The answer is Clipping masks! But before moving to that, let’s have a quick recap about layers in Photoshop,...

Remove People from Photos in Photoshop

How to Remove People from Photos in Photoshop?

Photoshop has a few different tools to remove people from images, each being useful to its own merit.

Cost of Real Estate Virtual Staging

Pros and Cons of Virtual Staging

The revolutionary idea of staging a room or house has sold brilliantly since the time marketers started using it.

Photoshop Techniques

Photoshop Techniques for Creating Green Grass for Real Estate Photos

Do you want to learn how to turn green grass using Photoshop and build a complete, healthy lawn for your real estate photos?

benefits of virtual tour

Important benefits of virtual tour for customers

Virtual tours are a magical element positively impacting different industries in this competitive world.

Virtual Twilight Photo Editing

Pro Tips for Virtual Twilight Photo Editing to Enhance your Real Estate Listings

Gone are the days when photographers had to wait for a long time to set up their cameras for the perfect ‘Golden Hour’ shot.

Car Photography Editing

Tips to Enhance Your Car Photography Editing

Read on to know how you can make the best out of your automobile business - especially dealing with cars.

Wedding Video Editing Software

10 Best Wedding Video Editing Software for Creators

Weddings are always an important event in everyone’s life, so it is essential to capture and create this memory...

Mirror Image Effect in Photoshop

Simple Steps to Create Mirror Image Effect in Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most revolutionary software that is setting new heights in image editing with the unique tools...

eCommerce Photo Editing Tools

Top 6 eCommerce Photo Editing Tools to Enhance your Product Images

For any eCommerce brand to succeed, it is crucial to display high-quality product images that clearly showcase the products’ features and attributes.

Real Estate Photo Editing Companies

List of 10 Best Real Estate Photo Editing Companies 2024

Are you struggling to find the right partner for high-end real estate photo editing for your property business?

Blend Real Estate Photos in Photoshop

How to Blend Real Estate Photos in Photoshop- A Simple Guide

Blending real estate photos using photoshop has always been the most discussed topic among the photographers, photo editors, and others in the real estate industry.

Enhance Photos Using Photoshop

How to Enhance Photos Using Photoshop

Photos are a powerful means of visual communication. Photographs are an effective way of documenting things and keeping them for a lifetime.

Remove Unwanted Objects Using Photoshop

How to Remove Unwanted Objects Using Photoshop

We all know that every beautiful picture is not limited to the art of photography. Nature is beautiful,...

Virtually Stage a Room

Top 8 Useful Tips to Virtually Stage a Room

Did you know how many prospective home buyers prefer seeing the photos of the properties they are interested in before making the final decision?

Cost of Real Estate Virtual Staging

What is the Cost of Real Estate Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is the newest trend in the real estate industry. Undoubtedly, this new-age concept of showing a property to interested buyers...

Image Formats

15 Commonly Used Image File Formats by Designers

Oftentimes, graphic designers and artists face the situation of choosing a particular image format for their works.

Food photography

How to Edit Food Photos in Photoshop (Step-by-step Guide)

All types of photography require practice and patience. The same is also true when it comes to food photography.

Panoramic Image Enhancement for Business

Benefits of 360-degree Panoramic Image Enhancement for Business

360-degree photography is one of the best examples of modern technological advancement.

layer mask

How to Use Layer Mask in Photoshop, a Beginner’s Guide

Using a layer mask in Photoshop may seem difficult or advanced for beginners. However, these are easy and simple to use.

Smooth Out Rough Edges in Photoshop

How to Perfectly Smooth Out Rough Edges in Photoshop?

Achieving smooth edges in Photoshop may be an easy task for professional photo editors.

Batch Editing

A Guide on Batch Editing in Adobe Photoshop

Photographing a large number of images may seem enjoyable, but you may not feel the same when it comes to post-processing.

Real Estate Photo Editing Software

14 Best Real Estate Photo Editing Software

Presentations are important to facilitate successful transactions in the real estate industry.

Wedding Photo Editing Trends

7 Best Wedding Photo Editing Trends

Staying updated with the top wedding photo editing trends is a common responsibility of wedding photographers or editors.

Outsource Photo Editing

Why should Businesses Outsource Photo Editing? - Top Reasons

No matter which business you are in, retail, eCommerce, real estate, or photography, you would know the vital importance of high-quality photos.

Ghost Mannequin Service

How Ghost Mannequin Service Boosts the Growth of Online Fashion Stores?

There’s a cut-throat competition in the online fashion industry to win more customers and one of the best ways to assure...

Photo Culling

Photo Culling: What it Means and Why is it Important?

Every photographer, amateur or professional, wishes to produce the best quality images for their client.

Cost of Hiring a YouTube Video Editor

8 Great Wedding Photo Editing Tips for Beginners and Professionals

Wedding photographers are artists, but not all of them can edit their pictures perfectly.

Cost of 3D Product Rendering Projects

Reasons Why You Need Color Matching Services

If you are running an eCommerce business and selling products online, then you should keep a budget aside for professional color matching services...

GIF animation using Photoshop

Simple 16 Steps to Create Gif Animation Using Photoshop

Animated GIFs are all over the internet. Almost any webpage on which you would land, you will come across animated images.

free photoshop resources to download>

Photoshop Presets- Key Concepts and Free Resources to Download

Repititive tasks and processes may make photo editing a tedious job for professional photographers...

steps to create double exposure effect

Top 10 Steps for Creating Photoshop Double Exposure Effect

In photography, you can have a single image created through combination of two exposures.

how to download free versions of photoshop

Ultimate Guide to Download All Photoshop Versions for Free

Adobe Photoshop is a widely-used software application for editing, retouching, and manipulating images.

Quick Selection

Background Removal Using Quick Selection & Refine Edge Tool

Photo editors often come across the scenario when they are asked to remove a particular background from the image...

lasso tool

Making Selections Using the Lasso Tool in Photoshop

Creating a selection in Photoshop seems like a simple process as there are a variety of tools available that can help you with the task.

Background Eraser Tool

A Detailed Tutorial on How to Use Photoshop’s Background Eraser Tool

The Background Eraser tool is used by photo editors to separate the backgrounds in images that feature fine details between the subject and the background.

Newborn Photography Ideas

Newborn Photography Ideas and Tips

Whether you are an experienced and a professional photographer for years or you are new to this field,...

Adobe’s Image Processor Application

Steps to Convert Files Using Adobe’s Image Processor Application

The Image Processor application can be used for batch processing in Photoshop and to convert multiple files together.

Adobe Photoshop Vs Gimp

Adobe Photoshop Vs Gimp: Which Tool Is Right for You?

The field of graphic design is constantly evolving and so are the technologies that support the creation of gorgeous and modern digital graphics.

tips for photoshop image retouching

Professional Home Staging or Virtual Home Staging: Which Option Is Better?

Over the past few years, home sellers and real estate agents have been using home staging as a powerful marketing tool...

GIMP Tutorials

The Easiest Gimp Tutorials: Techniques That You Should Master

It is quite easy to learn and master GIMP, which is a popular photo editing program, but you may not come across too many online GIMP tutorials...

Photo Editing Process

Photo Editing Process, Program & Benefits

The photo editing service domain has been undergoing a rapid transformation with the evolution of ground-breaking photo editing programs

essential features of photoshop

8 Essential Features in Photoshop to Help Master Editing

Editing images is a necessity for most business firms today. The digitized marketing mechanism involves advanced photo editing skills...

tools and functions of photoshop

Photoshop Tools- A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Photoshop is one of the most powerful tools for designers and photo editors.

photo manipulation tips for beginners

20 Proven Photo Manipulation Tips for Beginners

Photo manipulation and editing are quite different from each other. In editing, the photo is retouched, and corrected to make it appealing.

free photoshop resources to download

Advantages of Photo Editing for Business: Complete Guide

They say that images can speak a million things at a time or a perfectly edited one can deliver the desired message...

Panorama Photo Merge Using Photoshop

Ways to Create Panorama Photo Merge Using Photoshop

With the latest ‘Camera Raw 9’ update, users of Photoshop CC can now merge various raw photographs either as a high dynamic range—HDR—image...

clipping path services for business development

How to Find the Perfect Clipping Path Services for Your Business?

Presently, many tools are at one’s disposal while editing an image on a software program. One among such tools is a clipping path tool.

Correcting Perspective Lens Distortion In Photoshop

How to Correct Perspective in Photoshop - 5 Simple Steps

If you are new to Photoshop, here are certain guidelines that can be of help for you, especially if you often struggle dealing with shapes...

jewelery photo retouching tips

Best Hacks of Jewelry Photo Retouching Using Photoshop

Jewelry photo retouching is the ultimate solution for jewelry business owners to stand out in the market.

Real Estate Image Editing Skills

3 Best Tips for Real Estate Image Editing Skills

There is no doubt that Photoshop is the most preferred and standard image editing software available in the market

real estate photo editing tips

Guidelines to Consider While Retouching Real Estate Photos

Best quality images helps you sell your properties at consummate ease.

Photo Culling Process

Best Tips and Techniques for a Faster Photo Culling Process

Whittling down a set of photos quickly is the most critical skill a photographer should possess.


Why Are Color Correction and Grading Important in Real Estate Photo Editing?

Real estate photo editing is higher in demand these days. Colors in your real estate images play a major role...

Real Estate Photo Editing Tips

15 Real Estate Photo Editing Tips in Photoshop and Lightroom

Are you a real estate photographer who wants to speed up your post-processing workflow?

guide to fashion photo retouching

Guide on Professional Fashion Photo Retouching Process

Photo manipulation differs from editing. In editing, a photo undergoes professional retouching and it is enhanced...

tips for clipping path editing

Tips to Make the Clipping Path Task Effortless and Top Notch

Any photo editing service provider would be well aware of the technique of clipping path image enhancement service.

tips for photoshop image retouching

10 Useful Retouching Tools in Photoshop Explained

Among many tools that are available for refining captured snaps, Photoshop Essentials has always been the most preferred option...

photoshop photo restoration tips

10 Steps to Restore Old Photos Using Adobe Photoshop

As photos get older, they may fade, crease, speckle or crack.

creating high resolution image for printing

Simple Steps to Create a High Resolution Image for Printing

As photos get older, they may fade, crease, speckle or crack.