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Optimizing ebooks for different devices

Optimizing eBooks for Different Devices - A Detailed Guide

Proper formatting plays a crucial role in making an eBook successful. Learn all the tips for optimizing eBooks for different devices from this insightful blog.

Best Online PDF to ePUB Converters

List of PDF to ePUB converter tools and software

The majority of all electronic content produced, such as eBooks, are distributed in two of the most common formats : PDF and ePUB.

eBook Conversion Service Providers

8 Best eBook Conversion Service Providers

eBooks are growing fast. There’s no doubt that more and more businesses are adopting electronic books as their marketing medium.

eBook Publishing Platforms

10 eBook Publishing Platforms for Publishers & Aspiring Authors

Nothing is as thrilling as writing and publishing a book online. At the same time, as we know, getting your content out into the digital realm...

Creating Digital Textbooks

Creating Digital Textbooks: A Step-by-Step Guide

ebooks emerged in the early 1990s when reading devices such as the Kindle became popular.

Digital Textbooks

A Complete Guide on Digital Textbooks

Immersive and interactive textbooks accessible via the Internet surely make reading more fun and engaging for the end users,...


ePUB or PDF: Which One is Better to Choose?

eBooks have gained popularity these years in various formats, including ePub and PDF.

XML data conversion

Why Is XML the Most Preferred Data Conversion Language?

Businesses are always on the lookout for innovative ways to store, organize, and manage crucial information.

ePub Vs e-course

ePub Vs e-course- Which Is the Best eLearning Solution?

The word “e-Learning,” or more commonly “online learning,” was first introduced, seeing the rising popularity of the duo “computer and internet.”

Best eBook Reader

Top 10 Best eBook Reader List

Ever since the eBook market saw growth in the late 2000s, eBook readers have become a sought-after option for many people.

Interactive eBook Creation Software

The Complete Guide to Interactive eBook Creation Software

Digital publishing continues to be in trend for quite a long time now. Authors and publishers are always searching for new ways to win the heart...

Self Publishing on Amazon

A Complete Guide on Self Publishing on Amazon

Self-publishing has now become a great method for modern authors to gain full control over their books.

Book Cover Dimensions

A Complete Guide to Understanding Book Cover Dimensions

Understanding book cover dimensions are crucial to illustrating or designing a book to decide what works best for you.

Pros and cons of DRM

What is DRM: Definition, Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Digital book readers may have probably heard of the term DRM. However, only a few are aware of what it exactly is and what role it plays in eBooks publishing.

GIF animation using Photoshop

Top 17 Rules for Quality eBook Conversion

With various digital devices flooding the marketplace, there is a huge demand for authors...

websites to download free ebooks

32 Most Popular Websites To Download Free eBooks From

Good books are our best friends. With the advent of the eBook revolution, the demand for paperbacks has dropped,...

Remove DRM from Your eBooks Legally

How to Remove DRM From Your eBooks Legally

With the increasing demand for digitization, copyright and protection of intellectual property has become the new norm.

Document Scanning

How Document Scanning Is Beneficial to Your Business

In the grand scheme of everything that happens in running a business, you will always have to deal with a massive gamut of invoices, employee records,

how is html5 videos more interative

How Are HTML5 Videos More Interactive (7 Important Reasons)

There is no doubt that using visuals on a website can offer a trove of advantages to any business.

guide to amazon kindle ebook creation

Amazon Kindle A Complete eBook Creation Guide

As eBooks have become an important commodity in the publishing realm, it is really important that you, as a business or publisher

email archiving benefits for businesses

Email Archiving -15 Essential Benefits for Various Businesses

Worried about your business’ upkeep and systematic growth? Or are you losing track of all the important emails coming to your business?

creating engaging interactive ebook

How to Create Engaging and Interactive eBook (A Complete Guide)

Interactive eBooks are responsive digital textbooks that readers can leaf through in the way they desire.

Interactive Elements

10 Commonly Used Interactive Elements in eBook

Instead of creating a traditional book, you can create an online interactive e-book and download it as a PDF to provide engaging reading experiences.

eBook for Your Intended Reader Base

Tailor Your eBook for Your Intended Reader Base

Among the different types of eBooks layout available, you have to make a conscious decision about the one which is compatible with your ebook.

Interactive eBook Creation Tools

Best Interactive eBook Creation Tools

eBooks are undoubtedly the best inventions of the 21st century that are not just easy to access and store

Interactive eBook

Effective Tips for Distributing Interactive eBook For Optimum Sales

Prior to publishing interactive ebook, if you decide the mode of availability i.e. free or paid...

rules to keep in mind while creating interactive ebook

Things to Avoid While Creating Interactive Ebooks

Traditional pdf ebooks have often failed to excite interest among readers because they mostly induce boredom by virtue of being long,...

K 12 Educations

13 Top Innovative Learning Trends in K 12 Educations

Educational and pedagogic infrastructure has been subjected to a new evolution catalyzed by digital revolution.

interactive ebook for education

Importance of Interactive eBooks in Educational Domain

With the arrival of digital content, the way via which people share and gain access to information has changed on almost all platforms.

best tools for flash to html5 conversion

Best Tools for Flash to HTML5 Conversion

Flash to HTML5 conversion has become more of a necessity. The conversion tools are also in the hype since these can make the process hassle-free.

steps to convert psd to html

7 Simple Steps to Convert Your PSD Files Into HTML5 Format

The creation of layered websites was one of the striking developments in the website designing domain in the last decade.

key features of xml data

XML Conversion Features: Versatile, Powerful and Adaptable

XML, which is a data conversion language, has been an industry trademark for years now due to its ability to convert information effortlessly.

ebooks for elearning

Top Benefits of Using Interactive eBooks for E-learning

The popularity of ebook learning is increasing at a greater pace than ever before.

myths of xbrl and xbrl documents

Common Myths Related to XBRL and XBRL Documents

The business data generated by a company in a year is massive and this data was put in plain text previously.

difference between fixed layout and reflowable format

Reflowable Vs Fixed Layout eBooks: Which Format Is Suitable for You?

Reflowable vs. fixed layout epub format comparison if done in a critical manner can help you to find some key differences.

present and future of ebook publishing

Top 5 eBook Publishing Trends for 2023

Why turn pages when you can swipe? Strain to read small letters when you can just zoom in?.

best HTML editors online

Best Html5 Online Editors That Every Developer Must Know

Today, we have many editing platforms such as Grammarly and Hemingway to help us with editing texts.

uses of flash to HTML5 conversion

Flash to HTML5 Conversion (Importance)

Recently, there has been a lot of significant developments in the concept of digital content delivery.

digital archiving for business

Importance of Digital Archiving Services for Business

The digital revolution in the 21st century has forced us to make extensive use of digital tools and resources.

Kindle eBooks

Kindle eBooks: How to Change Font Size on eReaders

With the arrival of digital versions of printed books, the reading experience of people improved significantly.

Searching Tips for Better Results With PubMed

Searching Tips for Better Results With PubMed

PubMed is a free resource and is maintained by NCBI. It nearly consists of 24 million literature citations...

manuscripts to ebook conversion

Steps to Convert Your Manuscripts to eBooks

With digital devices flooding the marketplace, there is a genuine demand for authors and publishers to convert their printed materials to eBooks.

best ebook formats

Comparison of the Best eBook Formats

People were least concerned about eBook formats when the trend of digitization was at its infancy.

flash to html5 in elearning

Main Reasons for the Drift of eLearning From Flash to HTML5

As flash has almost waned away because of many pitfalls, HTML5 is speedily emerging as the best alternative.

Fixed Layout eBook Conversion

The Beginner’s Guide to Fixed Layout eBook Conversion

Even though a fixed layout cannot adjust itself on different devices, it is still used by many authors and publishers.

why document scanners for accountants

Reasons for the Inevitability of Document Scanners for Accountants

Scanning is crucial for smooth functioning of the accounts section of a business.

Digital Magazine Readers

7 Best Ways to attract Digital Magazine Readers

With the advent of technology more and more sophisticated devices with both smaller and huge screens...

3d modeling for entertainment industry

12 Best 3D Modeling Techniques Every 3D Designer Should Know

With the introduction of 3D modeling technology, the designs became more realistic and faster to produce than 2D.

uses of IXBRL for SEC filings

iXBRL for SEC filings - Key Information

In what could be a game changing development for financial reporting and filing procedure...

ebook template design

Essential Tips to Design Your Digital eBook Templates

Putting together your publication requires some amount of planning and construction.