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Typesetting Rules for Authors

What is prepress? Everything You Need to Know

Whether it is for traditional prints like magazines, novels, newspapers, and the like or graphic designs such as brochures, billboards, or banners, the prepress process is paramount.

Differences Between Typesetting & Typography

Differences Between Typesetting & Typography

Typesetting vs typography is a common and hot topic of debate for those in the printing and publishing industry.

Typesetting Rules for Authors

Typesetting Rules for Authors

Typesetting, the process of arranging the content to enhance the beauty of written words, is also bound by some rules despite being creative.

proofreading and editing checklist

Proofreading and Editing Checklist for Monitoring Content’s Integrity

If you are a copyeditor or even have remote association with content editing, you must be aware of the term proofreading.

prepress checklist

10 Prepress Tips to Get the Best Print Publishing's

There are a lot of factors responsible for the expansion of the printing industry.

Proofread Legal Documents

How to Proofread Legal Documents? - Some Tips and Guidelines

Legal documents must be error-free. Any misplacement or even the slightest of errors may make the whole thing invalid.

typesetting guidelines

Multilingual Typesetting Is Not a Easy Job- Top 5 Reasons

Multilingual typesetting may have been touted as an easy job. But the hard fact is that it needs to be carried out with due diligence,...

benefits of ocr conversion using legal firms

How Do Legal Firms Benefit From Using OCR Scanning

Legal firms need to tackle thousands of documents every day. Technological innovations have revolutionised their operational process.

OCR conversion tools

How OCR Revolutionizes Tools Are Used for Assisted Learning?

Like on any other facet of life, technology has had its impact on education too.

drawback of foreign language typesetting

11 Pitfalls of Multilingual Typesetting (How to avoid)

Translating your advertisement materials into multiple languages can immensely help you by strengthening your transnational presence

uses of ocr conversion services for business

Top 10 Benefits of Using OCR Document Scanning for Business

OCR (when expanded- optical character recognition) has ever since it’s unleash in 1990 has gained huge acceptance.

best proofreading tips for content

Top Proofreading Tips to Generate Flawless Content

Proofreading and editing are common terminologies, however, most people are not really aware of the differences...

real estate photography editing

10 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Real Estate Photo Editing

The real estate business has been continuously experiencing growth for a long time, sometimes swiftly...

prepress checklist for graphic designers

Prepress Checklist for Graphic Designers to Prepare Print Ready Designs

It is important that the designer and client coordinate properly to get top quality designs, whether it is for a multipage product collateral or a simple business card.

tips to become typesetting expert

10 Professional Tips to Become an Expert in Typesetting

Typesetting is integral to improving the reading experience. Even when a book has really entertaining...

digital typesetting history

History of Typesetting: The Journey of Till Date

As we continue to benefit from sophisticated word processing programs that facilitate fonts or line spacing and classier page layout applications...

free ocr readers

9 Free OCR Readers That You Should Be Acquainted With

Optical Character Recognition is a creative technology which helps to convert the text in images into editable text.

digital typesetting history

What is prepress? Everything You Need to Know

Whether it is for traditional prints like magazines, novels, newspapers, and the like or graphic designs such as brochures, paramount...