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Illustration Design for Promoting Products: Reasons

09 July, 2018

A product’s design can be accurately crafted with the help of a strategic illustration. The illustration is not only for cosmetic purpose or to enhance the aesthetic value of product. Instead, it should depict the usability and features of the product in easy to comprehend manner. This would serve to add more value to the objective of launching the product for an organization. Poorly prepared illustration design turns out to be spoilsports that can ruin the brand identity and character of company promoting the products. In order to make the illustration complement the product optimally and also offer users’ insights into the functionalities seamlessly, certain key features need to be kept in perspective while designing. There are some effective product illustration techniques and reasons to be implemented.

usage of product illustration design


  1. Judge the relevance of the illustration

  2. Similar theme of illustrations would not produce the desired results across all industry verticals. Illustration should be viewed from the lens of resource optimization for triggering product sales rather than a piece of ornate craft that stands out due to exquisite style and beauty. Each illustration has to be devised uniquely based on the specific or peculiar demands for promoting the product in accordance with its nature and market projection. Illustration that may have worked wonders for one industry segment may never produce the same phenomenal result for another as each vertical has its own different sets of promotional demands.

    So, whenever you may consider adding an illustration, you need to explore the value proposition that it would bring to the product. If value is going to be added, you need to understand the dimensions that would be strengthened the most i.e. user interface, user experience, brand identity building, concept promotion etc.

  3. Add illustration to enhance the strategic appeal of user interface

  4. When you decide to insert illustrations as an integral element of your user interface (UI), you need to consciously analyze if the addition would bolster the appeal of the elements and information already present on screen for users. It should never distract the user and take his attention away from what really matters. Your illustrations should not appear as discrete, disjoint elements not connected to the UI theme. Each illustration should adhere to the guidelines provided for promoting the brand. It should not give a semblance of otherworldly feel. Speaking so, this implies that the style and proposed usage of the design should be consistent with the prevailing theme of the UI.

    The diagram should not be present merely as a visually appealing addition. Instead, it should serve some purpose and add value to the product being promoted by sending across essential information regarding product’s usage or importance to potential buyers. Your ally offering product illustration services can do perfect justice with the product if the possesses comprehensive idea regarding the features, peculiarities, objective and essence of the product whose illustration has to be prepared.

  5. Deploy illustrations to augment the potential value of brand or content

  6. If the illustration is being created for being integrated within the content, the artist can let his creative juices flow optimally. This is because the user interface is less likely to be impacted with new illustration. As the sketch would be presented as an addition to existing components, one need not bother too much about following the guidelines related to consistency. This is because the screen elements with which the users are likely to interact are not affected adversely by mismatching drawings.

    Illustration companies usually exploit this freedom to make an impact and they succeed most of the times. They present the interconnected elements within the illustration in informative manner which would offer enriching insights into the functioning of the product for users. If the prospective users can perceive the intended value of the product just by looking at the drawing, the mission of your brand would be accomplished and professionals are well acquainted with this fact.

    To reinforce the ideas conveyed by the graphic, its positioning in the content can be complemented with pertinent textual matter, stock images, icons and other visual additives. The variation in the thematic presentation of the content would stimulate audiences to better respond to the product which would benefit the brand. Properly placed and crafted illustration can certainly serve to enhance the user experience significantly and can drive sales and revenues for brand effortlessly.

  7. Add spice to your offerings

  8. Photographed images of the product may not be visually stimulating. They are plain, insipid, and don’t allow users to relate to the benefits of the actual product as identification of unique characteristics become difficult. Often, it becomes really difficult to arrive at the right stock image of the product you are selling. This can dampen the prospects of spectacular sales on which you have invested heavily. Often, you may come across stock images where models may pose with products similar to yours. But, deep inside you, you have the feeling that presenting your product with these images can take the charm off and can make your investment go down the drain. You need to essentially hire an expensive photographer to click compelling images of your products as nothing from stock images’ galleries can do perfect justice to your needs.

    At this difficult juncture, various proven tips for using illustration in advertisement can come to your rescue. With properly crafted illustrations, you can narrate the entire story about your product to potential audiences and keep their attention engaged. It helps you get over the apparent restrictions with photographed images. Your imagination would not be fettered by any limitation. You can add the desired dimension to the product with strategic artworks that portray the characteristics and usability of the product from different angles. Photographs may fade from memory but illustrations would linger long and would trigger instant recall among buyers whenever an opportune moment would arise. This would trigger sale of your products phenomenally.

  9. Shape the experiences of users decisively

  10. You can give definitive course to the experience of users with correct illustrations. The essence behind a particular design would become readily apparent. Illustrations are rapidly taking the place of carefully crafted content. Once, the promotion space was the exclusive playground of creative writers who would present the usability of the product with rhetorical expressions. Now, an illustrator with great product packaging ideas can pull off the same effect with his drawing skills. Users who would take a look at the illustration would get a feel of the product right away. This strategic shaping of the perceptions would prove highly beneficial in driving sales as insights into the ways a product delivers value can help faster acceptance among intended masses. Often users skim through the content and pick up the points that may appear useful to them. In this manner, certain vital aspects of the product go amiss. This is not the case with carefully done illustrations.

MAP Systems help you with different illustration styles that are accurate and strategic. You need no longer invest in expensive stock images that don’t perfectly complement your vision regarding the product. We have the right blend of resources, infrastructure and creative artists with which we can pull off the arduous task of creating visually tempting and UI relevant illustrations seamlessly. Connect with us to learn about the ways in which we can help you out in product illustrations. We would be glad to help you meet your sales target.

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