How Real Estate Industry Can Benefit From 3D Visualization Services?

The real estate market is becoming increasingly competitive due to the entry of a number of new players that are fighting to carve out their own share in the market. If you are a real estate developer, a broker, an architect, or an interior designer, you have to make sure that you are taking the market seriously and taking appropriate measures to combat your competitors. Better marketing of your projects can lead to better responses, which, in turn, would improve your sales conversion rate. One way to enhance your marketing campaign is to invest in 3D architectural visualization, which would allow you to showcase the details of your project in the best possible way and close deals promptly. In this article, we have discussed about the importance of 3D rendering so as to allow you to plan your budget well.

benefits of 3d visualization in real estate
Benefits of 3D architectural visualization for real estate

In this article, we have listed the benefits that 3D real estate visualization brings for the real estate industry, allowing real estate developers, agents, architects, contractors, and interior designers to market their projects effectively.

Benefits of 3D visualization for the real estate industry:

  • Visualization of Projects before Construction

    Visualization of Projects before Construction

    3D rendered walkthroughs provide equal opportunities to sellers and buyers alike to benefit from win-win deals. In the past, the developers who sold completed real estate properties had a better opportunity to market their projects compared to the builders whose projects were in the semi-completed state or those who had just started a new project. These developers could afford to create a professional photo and video album of their properties and prepare beautiful presentations and marketing materials. If a realtor wanted to sell an old and damaged property, he opted for restyling or restaging services and then they could click professional photos and showcase their presentations confidently. On the other hand, realtors who had projects in semi-finished conditions did not have much opportunity to market an upcoming project. They could only create promotional materials that portrayed the upcoming establishment’s potential. However, the scenario changed with the advent of computer generated imagery (CGI) and photo realistic 3D rendering. They can now use lifelike 3D visualizations to showcase every minute detail of a company and demonstrate the glory of their future project. This way, they can utilize the scope to pre-sell their property. With this technique, real estate companies can broaden their target audience and include even those prospects who were previously planning to buy ready-tomove-in properties.

  • Putting Focus on Major Property Highlights

    Focus on Major Property Highlights

    With 3D visualization, it is possible to highlight all beneficial features of residential as well as commercial infrastructures. For example, a 3D rendered residential project may showcase its key features such as schools, security posts, streets and street-lights, supermarkets, and any other features that denote safe and comfortable living standards. In a similar way, a 3D rendered image of an apartment can perfectly portray the functional as well as the aesthetical features of the indoor spaces. CGI can clearly showcase the layout, rooms, lighting, décor, etc. with this technique, it is possible to highlight the modern interior décor of a home. For example, furnishing such as walk-in wardrobes, modern bathrooms, kitchens, as well as storage solutions can be demonstrated in smarter and appealing manner.

  • Creating an Emotional Connection with Buyers

    Creating an Emotional Connection with Buyers

    A 2016 research conducted by Nielsen indicates that advertisements which can relate to customers psychologically can lead to a 23 percent increase in sales. It goes without saying, professional imagery can create a deep impact on customers. 3D artists can create photorealistic renders, allowing stakeholders to experiment with the image in their own ways and make the required changes as per their requirement. The details may vary from project to project. For example, 3D renders of an apartment should look lively as though it is already occupied. Details such as a blanket, an open book, or an unfolded blanket spread over a sofa can add a sense of warmth and coziness, thereby allowing customers to imagine their own future homes. The 3D visuals for exteriors may portray the weather patterns in the location. This may include addition of elements such as snowflakes, raindrops, clouds, grass-motion, sunrays, etc. Apart from including plants and animals, the visuals can include elements such as flowers, trees, pool, birds, etc. in order to portray the beauty of the surrounding environment.

  • Enhancement of Marketing Campaign

    Enhancement of Marketing Campaign

    With 3D visualization, it is possible to increase marketing ROI within a short period of time. This is mainly because of the fact that realistic 3D visualizations can impress the target audience to a greater extent compared to still photography or photographs of unfinished properties. Real estate animated walkthroughs can create immersive experiences, allowing customers to imagine how their future homes would be. These are powerful commercials that businesses can promote via TV as well as social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  • Justification of Upscale Property Price

    Justification of Upscale Property Price

    Real estate businesses cannot justify the price of luxury properties with just sketches or 2D drawings. But detailed 3D visualization would give prospects a better view of a property and allow them to understand its true value. Prospects are also educated about the building materials, so they can understand that their investments are valuable. With this approach the beauty of the location can also be portrayed wonderfully. It also gives businesses the opportunity to highlight the special features of a project. For example, viewers can get a holistic understanding of special features such as fancy landscapes, underground parking, and unique architecture. All these will make the prospects understand the true price of the property. This approach allows customers to understand what they are actually paying for. This approach is therefore an effective pre-sales tool that can spark the emotions of the target audience.

  • A thorough project understanding

    project understanding

    3D visualizations help architects and interior designers gain a deep understanding of the overall project. They can understand the strong points as well as the weak points of a property and can revise their drawings and designs to remove defects and errors. This can lead to a safer and accurate construction process and can save resources, time, and money. This adds a futuristic value to a project and promote prompt government sanctions.

  • Closure of Communication Gaps

    Closure of Communication Gaps

    With detailed 3D visualization, real estate businesses, architects, and interior designers can explain project details with better clarity to other project stakeholders including the construction team. 3D architecture rendering for real estate allows everyone to stay on the same boat and execute the project flawlessly without any confusion.

  • Shortening of Decision-making Time

    Shortening of Decision-making Time

    The time to take a decision and process it gets reduced significantly. All the people concerned including customers as well as dealers can easily and swiftly reach an understanding point and can make decisions accordingly. With this, the entire decision-making and sale processes are facilitated in a better way and also a considerable amount of time is saved in the process.

  • Gorgeous Project Presentations

    Gorgeous Project Presentations

    Photorealistic and stunning visualizations enhance the elegance of the exterior and interior views of 3D architecture projects. This can attract the attention of the target customers to a greater extent and can increase sales probability.

  • Ensuring Flawlessness in structure and design

    Ensuring Flawlessness in structure and design

    With 3D visualization , it is easier to detect flaws in structure and design before the initiation of the building process. It can greatly help the real estate owners, developers, architects, or engineers to save time and costs. They can change designs accordingly and review again and again in order to find the best and the most accurate designs.

  • Securing favours from the government

    Securing favours from the government

    Government these days don’t hesitate to reject projects and the risks are high if a project is not having a three dimensional perspective. 3D visualization eliminates all sorts of uncertainties and ambiguities. This would make project owners earn more trust and raise their probabilities of securing a deal.

  • Helping Contractors bid the appropriate value

    Helping Contractors bid the appropriate value

    With this technology one can easily comprehend the project value as well as the actual cost projected. Several architects and contractors may by mistake provide inaccurate or overly-quoted bids owing to the lack of access to 3D models. With accurate data, one can win the trust of clients and investors, which would pave the way for more business and better reputation. This is what utilizing 3D rendering services for real estate facilitates.

  • Making Use of Cost-Effective Marketing

    Making Use of Cost-Effective Marketing

    One can start marketing a project not just after completion but even before by using 3D visualization. Potential buyers will be convinced more when they see the exact replica of the project before its initiation. Also if there are some suggestions, architects can tweak the construction plan accordingly before it gains its brick and mortar identity. Another upside is that the cost of 3D visualization is quite reasonable, which means marketers can derive high returns on their investments.

Hire any of the architectural visualization firms providing 3D rendering services for the real estate industry and your investment would really be worthy as the benefits are huge. 3D has drastically transformed the real estate market, benefitting sellers and buyers alike. It’s really getting late if you are yet to make use of this amazing technology. To maximize the potential of your business growth implementing 3D rendering for real estate is one of the most effective solutions that you should consider exploring.