3D Exterior Rendering in Architecture Visualization (Importance)


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3D graphic designing and rendering domains are still in their infancy. Their optimum potential is yet to be leveraged. With each passing day, newer techniques are surfacing which are spelling more visualization options for businesses and individuals alike.

3D exterior rendering or use of specialized software for generating building images from architectural plans using 3D tools is also gaining traction. Architecture exterior 3d design services are being increasingly used by construction and real estate companies for ensuring flawless delivery.

uses of 3d exterior rendering in architectural visualization
3D Exterior Rendering in Architectural Visualization

How 3D Exterior House Rendering is Helping in Better Visualization?

3D visualization technique is used for offering a photorealistic view of how the upcoming project would look like. Various facets of the building from all viewable angles can be rendered. With exterior rendering, the architect showcases the manner in which he plans to bring the building in life.

During rendering, the 3D engine of software materializes the ideas of thearchitect in the exact way they were imagined with high-resolution outputs. The results can be interacted with in the sense that any suggested changes can be incorporated in 3D exterior model and rendered again.

3D visualization also facilitates informed decision making. In 2D blueprint, you can only have linear views which restrict your ability to visualize how the final structure’s exteriors would appear. However, with 3D renderings, the entire structure can be simulated which helps you in making right decisions regarding changes to be made, if any.

The 3D design is flexible in nature. You can look beyond what meets your eyes. Every element of the exterior can be attentively analyzed in great detail. You can improve the aesthetic as well as thedimensional integrity of the exteriors. Remember, the building’s exterior would first greet potential buyers and hence it must be impactful enough to convince them.

3D exterior rendering designs also offer another competitive advantage to the architects. Innovative ideas arising within them can be tested for viability through experimentation of various designs. The 3D rendering would allow proper insights into the designs that are feasible and ones that cannot be implemented.

Suppose, a design has been finalized on 2D plan. When the same plan is rendered in 3D using exterior house designing technique, you may arrive at a design that is superior than the originally planned one in terms of longevity, endurance of the elements, and visual appeal. Necessary changes can be done to the plan to ensure that the best exteriors are developed during the construction phase.

Real estate 3D rendering allows you to realistically visualize how the exteriors would turn into after actual construction has begun. The skills and experience of veteran designers come into play during designing of 3D interior or exterior using advanced 3D software and sophisticated toolsets.

Only leading companies can be relied upon for developing architectural 3D models and architectural 3D renders for the proposed exteriors. You can rest assured that the team would deliver only the best in class 3D visualization services. The renders would serve as your guide all along the construction phase and also help you put across your ideas in a clearly understandable manner. The marketing efforts of real estate owners would also take a visible boost with 3D rendered images of the exteriors.

How to Effectively Render Exteriors?

In order to ensure that the renderings of the exteriors are flawless, you need to be cautious on a number of fronts. This would also result in realistic rendering. The following points would offer you an idea about the way exterior renderings should happen for optimum visual impact.

  • The sun’s position needs to be strategically set to ensure optimum lighting
  • Overexposure or underexposure can be controlled with correct positioning of sun
  • Significant time should be invested in deciding the right location of the sun
  • Sun’s direction, done accurately, would make the render appear realistic
  • Quantum of sunlight available to lit the exteriors naturally is a major factor
  • To add realism, the shadow’s position and length should resemble reality
  • Settings of plug-ins like solar north can be optimized for correct shadow positioning
  • Sky needs to be added in the rendering skillfully to enhance the realistic appeal
  • Artists commanding good knowledge of Photoshop should only change the original sky captured during aphotoshoot
  • Image’s reality would increase significantly if sky is altered accurately
  • For complementing podium physical sky, podium browser cloud domes can be used
  • Meticulous detailing of the exteriors needs to be done to ensure realism
  • Any hastily done rendering without proper detailing would convey a negative impression to audiences and clients
  • To ensure details are retained intact, the real world image can be used for rendering
  • Incidental details such as turnings on road, drainage facility, varying heights of other objects in the scene, natural vegetation etc. can be added to heighten impact
  • Roaming images of people should be strictly avoided in the exterior rendering
  • Natural feel is inserted into the render by addition of proper reflections
  • All glass objects in the render should have corresponding reflections
  • For glass objects and water surfaces, podium browser should be used
  • The impact can be enhanced through theaddition of panorama in the backdrop
  • If reflections are not visible on glass objects, additional images need to be put behind the camera to pull off realistic rendering
  • Camera view should be used for 3D exterior renderings carefully
  • The height of the camera should be similar to the level normal human eye can perceive
  • If camera height is more or less than normal eye level, the scene’s realistic quotient would be compromised
  • All focal points of the image should be meticulously factored in to ensure coherence in rendering


The above discussion has underlined the importance of carrying out 3d rendering services by niche experts who have significant experience in this domain. This would result in immaculate exterior renderings which would tantalize prospects and inspire them to invest in real estate advertised for.

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