How 3D Modeling Is Useful for Advertising (5 Reasons)

3D design marketing is the norm of modern times. Business firms are increasingly integrating 3D design in advertising because of the visual impact it can create. 3D modeling has penetrated into the contemporary advertising model in a conspicuous manner. 3D designers in almost every company, regardless of its size and nature, develop these effects to make their outcome look more attractive. Evidently, the use of 3D modeling in advertising has been rising over the years. 3D modeling and 3D design advertising can easily and more effectively convey the marketing messages to the target groups.

Quick Overview

benefits of 3D design in advertising

Why do companies use 3D models in advertising?

You can strengthen your sales mechanism with 3D models in advertisements. Earlier, business firms simply offered pictures of their products in advertisements, which turn out to be boring after a few days. When you create a model of the product, carrying the actual looks and feel, it becomes much more impactful. Through 3D animation advertising, the customers get a complete concept about your products. This makes it more likely for them to purchase the same.

Leading 3D modeling companies use sophisticated list of 3D modeling software to design these models. These speeds up the process of production, and you can get high-quality models. 3D modeling in advertising can cut down costs to a significant level and also it saves you time.

It can get across with the actual message of marketing to the customers. Clients can visualize the product better and get a comprehensive understanding about it, when they have these three dimensional models.

5 Reasons for using 3D designs in advertising

Companies are using three dimensional designs in advertising for a number of reasons. You may want to showcase your design in a website or advertising campaigns. Here are five most important benefits of 3d product animation that can leverage your business.

  1. Creating a powerful marketing strategy

    The success of your marketing strategy depends on the coordinated efforts of personnel from all the departments. The art director in these leading platforms understands the purpose for which the model will be used. A three dimensional model can help the personnel in your company, from managers to developers, to get a comprehensive idea about how the product has to be developed. Leading service providers typically come up with powerful 3D advertisement ideas, which can help you out in moulding advertising strategy.

  2. Developing a customized theme

    It helps in creating a customized model for your product. When you have the basic 3D rendering for your design, you can adapt the image for any scenario. For instance, you can get the design customized for seasonal offers, short-term sales offers, a new recipe or a product modification. Using three dimensional modeling in advertising will help you get closer to the customers with your ideas. The experts can help you in creating a narrative thread or story for advertising, which serves as an effective solution for the companies. You can also go for CG imaging, as it can present the products in various ways before the audience.

  3. Developing a feature-rich rendering

    When you develop a three dimensional model for your products, you can integrate all the features in it to make the product attractive to your customers. Using 3D design for promotional products is an effective way to grab the attention of the target group, as people can get a clear idea of the product features in the model. A feature-rich rendering can be handy for your business, cultivating the interest among the masses to explore your product. Besides, you can customize the way your product is being staged. You simply need to choose the individual features that you want your clients to view.

  4. Presenting the products on a white background

    Business firms can present their products on a white background, as it has turned out to be an interesting tool to market their products. The companies providing 3D product modeling services collaborate with their clients and develop the model. The computer-generated models convey all the details of the product to the customers, including the texture, shape, colours, volume and other aspects.

  5. Showcasing less photogenic products

    Even if the product you are selling is not that photogenic, you can go for CG images. This will help you eliminate the complicated photo shoot processes. You can use 3D product design for advertising to create a powerful impact on the customers through advertising channels. These include frozen products, fresh vegetables, processed and bottled food, canned food and so on. You can also use three dimensional modeling for advertising household appliances, particularly the ones that are less camera-friendly to advertise.

If you need a dedicated hand to develop three dimensional models for your products, you can get across to us. At MAPSystems, we develop CG images and three dimensional models for business firms from all verticals. In case if you are looking for a really reliable 3D animation company, feel free to give us a knock. Our experts are here to help you out.

What are the advantages of using 3D modeling in the advertising and promotion industry?

The future of advertising and promotion entirely depends upon 3D modeling for advertisers. Customers these days use their mobile devices for all their daily requirements. 3D advertising campaigns impact the customers' buying decisions to a greater extent these days. Traditional methods are vanishing from the market. High-quality realistic advertisements are created using 3D modeling. Signs, leaflets, magazines, newspapers etc., were the most appropriate ways of promotion in the past. But today, there are more interactive and personalized options than ever before.

Here are some of the advantages of using 3D modeling in advertising:

  • A perfectly coordinated marketing strategy is created.

    With their expertise in 3D modeling , our team will create a 3D scene for your promotional campaigns. This helps us in anticipating the result of the project without any surprises. A precise understanding of what the customer wants from the product and the purpose of using that product will help in going forward with the process. Being attentive to our client's needs, analyzing the visuals and creating exactly what the client had in his mind makes us stand out from the competition.

  • Promote large or bulky products

    Bulky or large products can be promoted easily with the help of 3D product advertisements. Different aspects of the product in detail can be seen by the customers without any trial. If they are not sure about the color either, they can try a different color with just a single click which saves time for both customer and the seller.

  • Customization of a theme for your product

    Your product's initial 3D rendering can be used in diverse scenarios if required. An existing product can be relaunched with a product makeover or with any short-term seasonal offers.. Reinventing yourself plays a vital role in making your relaunch effective and maintaining people's interests. A cost-effective solution for advertising agencies is to develop a specific theme for a product by creating a narrative or a story thread. Our experts play a crucial role in helping you present your product in all its possible ways.

  • 3D modeling gives you picture-perfect detailing

    As it's said, the first impression is the last! Your product's first impression will help your prospective customer to think of you while buying that product. Showcasing your product with an artistic approach will play a significant role in attracting more customers. Every minute detail of your product can be showcased with HD quality pictures with exceptional zooming capacity. This is possible if you employ 3D modeling with photorealism. Your product visuals will look attractive and will be content-rich to entice clients.

  • Brings life to your product

    The type of business plays a significant role in its success and failure. But regardless of the type and impacts, every business person looks no further than opting for a 3D modeling for advertising. A person who owns a furniture business will be apt at MAPSystems to impart the ultimate looks and designs for his furniture. Our experts can make slight adjustments and experience its impact on your customers.


Uses of 3D graphics in advertising are manifold. As a marketer, you should know the inevitability of 3d modeling in product design. 3D modeling for advertisers is dominating the market. Several industries are benefiting from 3D modeling. The Animation industry, 3D printing, Augmented and virtual reality or any other industry has no other alternative than to choose a 3D marketing firm to produce real-life characters, artificial elements and much more. All these continuous innovations in technology impact the quality of our lives.