28 January

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White Background CG Product Image

Importance of White Background CG Product Images

The top secret of online stores success is to sway the audience with the first impression and that's possible with the perfect product photography. When talking about listing the products online, white background product photography makes wonders for your business.

An interesting statistic from Shopify reports that more than 50% of online shoppers feel that product photos are more important than product information. And it is very easy to figure out - an image is worth a thousand words.

When we talk about Product Photography, it is equally crucial for both offsite and onsite marketing - product photos make the buying decision easy and quick with a shorter TAT.

It is worth noting that your product showcase is not just available on the e-commerce sites, but also on social media, and more.

Let us cover the White Background CG Product Image in detail

  • Why do we use white background product photography?
  • What is the significance of the product photography guideline?
  • What equipment do you need?
  • 5 Easy steps to shoot product photography in white background
  • How to edit the photograph like a pro?

Why do we use white background product photography?

  • It makes your product stand out from the crowd

    If you choose to present your product with fewer distractions, white background is a great option.

  • It makes your marketing efforts more versatile

    If you are running on a tight budget, you would want to get your products showcased with a minimal budget. Online shopping channels may accept only white or grey-colored backgrounds. If you opt for multi-channel marketplaces, then one of the main constraints would be to produce the photo with white background. Using the help of reputed product photo editing services company this problem can be sorted. They will provide professional support in image background removal services, photo color change services, image masking services and clipping path services.

  • White Background Photos help you to edit easily

    If you would want to edit the product photos yourself, then the white background would be the best option.

  • Upgradation to Coloured Background is Easy

    When you think of white background images, you might feel it is not so attractive now. But when you want to upgrade to the colored background, it would be one of the finest options that you would have.

What is the significance of the product photography guideline?

Yes, you need this to give consistency to your brand and help you reach more with the best quality. The main objective of this guideline is for you to have a self-checklist on how to proceed. It is completely dynamic and can be improvised as you move ahead.

Here are some of the key points included in the Product Visualization guideline

  • Photo editing software
  • Light setup and angles - close-up view, distant view, and more.
  • Color palettes
  • Image size
  • White space availability

This checklist will help you to be consistent with your product photography and will eventually save you a lot of time.

What equipment do you need?

  • Lightbox
  • Lights and bulbs
  • Tripod
  • Digital Camera
  • Photo editing software

5 easy steps to shoot product photography in white background

If you are a beginner in photography, then follow these DIY steps to shoot in the white background

  • Select the lights first
  • Decide the background next
  • Reside your products and arrange your tripod
  • Get ready - adjust the camera settings
  • Okay, Shoot!

How to edit the photograph like a pro?

You need to make sure that your images are bright and with good exposure, unwanted spots are removed and are fitting into the size correctly. Here are some steps to help you edit photos like a pro:

  • Removal of the backdrop - Edit the images in such a way that the edges get removed thoroughly.
  • Adjusting the brightness in the background - Once you remove the backdrop, then the next step is to lighten the background so that it looks bright.
  • Retouching of the spots - You can erase the dust that is present on your backdrop.
  • Adjust the color - Make your image stand out with the best color combinations
  • Editing the background color - Edit your background so that it goes well with the image

Product photography on a white background : wrapping up

A picture is worth a thousand words - Yes! The value of your product is judged completely on the quality of the visuals. So, having very good product photography is typically important for businesses. All e-commerce businesses have one thing in common - product visuals. So, even if you cannot opt for a pro every time, these tips which we have covered in this blog would help you to move forward. By doing so, you end up creating the best images for your websites as well as for your business too. You get more creative when you start getting more comfortable behind the camera.

What's the best thing about it? You get the complete flexibility to build your brand and showcase your products online. If done well, you enhance your sales and conversions.

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