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PDF to ebook conversion software

Top 10 PDF to eBook Conversion Software's

Since the advent of eBooks back in 2010, these handy digital assets have brought a paradigm shift in how people read. This is evident from the fact that amongst all the books sold in the first six months of 2021, eBooks accounted for 18% of all of them. And in 2022, this format drove revenue of more than $90.7 million.

This growing popularity in eBooks has made several publishers convert their existing PDF-based content and manuscripts into interactive, reflowable eBooks.

Today, in this blog, we shall learn the fascinating PDF to eBook conversion tools that can be utilized by any self-publisher, author, publication house, PR agency, or anyone else to effortlessly create captivating digital books. Let’s begin!

What is the difference between a PDF and an eBook? (Advantages of eBooks over PDFs)

Converting plain PDFs into engaging eBooks not only adds interactivity and fun to the content, but also makes it adjustable and compatible across all modern devices. Hence, the key difference between these formats is the user experience, or more precisely, the reading experience.

eBooks are based on HTML and are famously known for their reflowable structure that helps in comfortable reading regardless of the device they are viewed in. PDFs have some limitations when it comes to the adaptability factor, which gives eBooks a competitive edge.


eBooks are mainly produced in the ePUB format that can automatically adjust or “resize” its display to the specific device, which is crucial while reading the content on smaller screens. The user or reader doesn’t need to zoom in or out, pinch, pull, or scroll the screen.

Owing to this useful feature, eBooks are the primary choice for eReaders like Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Boox, and the like. Another format in which eBooks are produced is MOBI, which is also a format that keeps readers in mind. All the texts, typefaces, fonts, and layouts are resized automatically without any manual intervention.


Despite being an electronic format, PDFs cannot be deemed eBooks due to their fixed layout structure, designed specifically for printing purposes. Regardless of the device the content is viewed, the layout, fonts, texts, paragraphs, and images all stay fixed. PDFs are not built on HTML but on “objects”, and can be easily printed by the user.

Although this sometimes acts as a benefit for the original author by keeping the layout exactly the same as the actual manuscript, it is difficult for readers with smaller screens.

The verdict: PDF vs. eBook

Considering the competitive advantage eBooks have over PDFs, as well as the readability factor, eBooks are the ideal option for the new-age tech-savvy readers who are more comfortable on tablets, iPhones, iPads, eReaders, etc.

To provide a much more engaging reading experience, authors, retailers, and publishers are keener on producing eBooks or converting existing PDF documents into ePUBs or MOBI formats.

PDF to eBook conversion online tools

Coming down to our compilation of the top ten best PDF to eBook converters, we have scoured the Internet and considered the general census while drafting this list. Each of the following tools is different from the other, with distinct functionalities and features. Check them out, and make your pick wisely.

  1. Calibre

    One of the best PDF to ePUB converter tools available online. Calibre is the go-to choice for all eBook-developing professionals for easy document conversion. The software enables the creation and arrangement of eBooks in an electronic library, facilitating easy access for users. The best feature of the tool is it offers a preview of the source files before the final conversion process.


    • Has a robust plug-in system
    • Can manage and organize existing and new publications
    • Offers conversion in numerous formats
    • Has an integrated reader feature


    • The user interface is dated and not user-friendly
    • No support available for DRM-protected files

    Pricing: Free

    OS compatibility: MacOS, Windows, and Linux

  2. Convertio

    Convertio is an amazing, intuitive PDF converter best known for its accurate format-retaining capabilities. No matter the formatting of the original PDF document, Convertio doesn’t change it during the file conversion process. Using Convertio is pretty easy, even for first-timers. The ePUB files created with this tool turn out to be of top-grade quality.


    • Allows multi-format eBook conversion
    • Fast and easy process
    • Supports multiple batch conversions
    • Has multiple document upload sources


    • Certain risks of data leakage
    • Only supports 10 file conversions for free

    Pricing: $10/month

    OS compatibility: MacOS, Linux, Windows, iPhone, and Android

  3. ToEpub

    A simple-to-use and efficient online ePUB conversion tool, ToEpub offers several conversion options. The eBook development process is extremely simple, with just a few steps. Apart from ePUB, this tool allows conversion to other common eBook file formats. Such as AZW3, MOBI, FB2, and so on.

    Users can simply upload their PDF documents and initiate the conversion process. PDF file combining feature is also there in ToEpub. Users also get 24*7 customer/tech support.


    • User-friendly UI
    • Allows processing for up to 20 documents
    • Users can easily download the converted files without any watermark
    • Has a batch conversion option


    • Limited number of files
    • All uploaded data is deleted after 1 hour; there is no cloud storage

    Pricing: Free

    OS compatibility: Windows and MacOS


    PDF2EPUB offers users advanced, intuitive functionalities, making it a great choice for eBook creation. The tool extracts text from an uploaded PDF file through its built-in OCR engine. Once the texts are fully extracted, it converts the file into a functional ePUB, which is best for eBooks. The final output is of the highest quality and offers users the best reading experience, especially on mobile devices.


    • Intuitive user interface
    • A vast range of upload options
    • Free for most basic conversions


    • Might not be the best option for image-rich PDF documents

    Pricing: Free

    OS compatibility: Web browser-based (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge)

  5. PDF Candy

    If someone is looking for an all-in-one file conversion tool, PDF Candy is the one. This online tool facilitates an easy conversion, as well as several other necessary requirements for eBook development. For example, eBook creators can split, merge, edit, compress, and manage PDF documents. PDF Candy also empowers users with PDF rearranging and locking tools.


    • Offers multi-format conversions
    • No promotional ads
    • User-friendly interface


    • File size permitted to be uploaded is limited to 10 MB
    • Some difficulty and lag while converting heavy files
    • Somewhat slower than other tools in the market

    Pricing: $6 monthly

    OS compatibility: Windows

  6. Epubor Ultimate

    One of the most versatile and intuitive eBook converters, Epubor Ultimate, is ideal for beginners, intermediates, as well as professionals. The online tool provides a bunch of other functionalities aside from seamless ePUB conversion. The best is removing DRM protection, which allows users to open any DRM-protected file, which is otherwise difficult to do in most other tools.


    • Supports simultaneous batch conversion
    • Conversion process takes less time
    • Has a drag-and-drop option
    • Multi-language and multi-format support is available


    • Some security concerns are there
    • Some users opine that integration with smartphones will be helpful
    • No free options

    Pricing: $24.99/1PC/1year

    OS compatibility: Windows

  7. Zamzar

    Another best file conversion tool for eBooks is Zamzar. Zamzar is a relatively more known tool than most other tools we have listed. This online software can be successfully used by all, from novices to professional eBook creators. The tool comes with several features that ensure seamless file conversion.

    With Zamzar, converting a PDF file into an optimized ePUB format is super quick. Moreover, to add any components to the PDF, users do not need to download it from the Internet. Zamzar offers online access, with which elements can be downloaded and used directly within the files.


    • File conversion can be done through emails
    • No need for separate installation
    • Plethora of conversion formats supported
    • Provides personal inbox to users for easy access to converted files


    • Simultaneous batch conversions are not supported
    • Limit in daily conversion quota
    • Potential data breaches and security concerns complained about by users
    • Doesn’t support OCR

    Pricing: $25 monthly

    OS compatibility: Web browser-based (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge)

  8. CleverPDF

    Being an absolutely free-to-use online converter tool, CleverPDF is highly effective and offers several features to its users. The tool offers its users more than 29 useful functionalities that they can use to convert PDF files to ePUBs. The file-uploading process is also super simple. Users can directly upload PDFs from their local storage or via the cloud. Just a browser with a fairly strong Internet connection is enough to use this efficient online tool.


    • No complex hardware or software is required
    • Retains original formatting
    • Faster than any other online tool
    • Users can:
      - Combine
      - Split
      - Encrypt
      - Unlock
      - Rotate
      - Add watermark
      - Add page numbers
      And more.


    • User’s password feature lacks full-proof safety
    • File upload process lags sometimes
    • OCR feature is missing
    • PDF to MOBI conversion is problematic; double jumps between paragraphs and lines arise

    Pricing: Free

    OS compatibility: Windows, MacOS, and web app

  9. HiPDF

    HiPDF is an amazing online tool that converts PDF to perfectly functional and usable ePUB without zero hassle. Trusted by millions worldwide, HiPDF offers myriad functionalities that users can avail themselves of. PDF cropping, merging, splitting, compressing, replacing texts - everything can be done with this intuitive tool in just a few clicks.

    Users can download the final converted ePUB file easily. PDFs can be seamlessly converted into other formats, such as MOBI, RTF, HTML, WORD, PNG, and more.


    • Has safe SSL encryption
    • Offers a powerful API
    • The tool is superfast
    • Can work with low Internet bandwidth


    • Can't convert EPUB to PDF
    • Limited trial version
    • Free version has numerous ads and fewer tools

    Pricing: 5.99/month

    OS compatibility: Linux, Windows, and Mac OS

  10. Go4Convert

    Our last entry in the list of the best PDF to ePUB conversion tools is Go4Convert. This is a tool that even a layperson can use to develop ePUB files highly optimized for the leading eReaders. Apart from PDF conversion, Go4Convert allows Word, Text, HTML, and MOBI conversions in just a few clicks.

    The potent tool also retains the original formatting in the imported file, such as tables, images, texts, columns, graphics, layouts, hyperlinks, and so on.


    • Split/Merge PDFs option available
    • Handy tool for mobile devices (like tablets) users
    • Final outcome is super optimized and ideal for end readers


    • Has some issues with bigger file size
    • Cannot convert image files

    Pricing: Free

    OS compatibility: Windows

Why is it important these days to convert PDFs into eBooks?

Earlier, the mode of knowledge consumption was different than it is now; no one wants to scroll through hundreds of pages of plain text. Now we have smartphones that have enabled us to read anything on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.

With the emergence of eBooks, ease of access became a norm, gradually substituting traditional hardcovers and paperbacks. Turning pages is gradually becoming old school, making this the era of scrolling pages on a mobile screen.

Thus, more and more publishers are keen on generating eBooks where multimedia elements can be integrated, texts and fonts can be made responsive, and interactivities can be added.

There you go, some of the high-end online tools that can convert your already existing content in PDF format into full-fledged eBooks. Select the ones you deem fit based on your requirements, budget, bandwidth, and, of course, your skill set. A couple of the programs mentioned might seem a bit arduous for first-timers, whereas the others might be a good suit. Identify the right one and start your  digital conversion today.

In case you require professional assistance in converting your existing PDF documents into interactive and engaging eBooks, you can reach out to an experienced agency that offers stellar PDF to eBook conversion services. These agencies are backed by a fleet of experts who can take care of your documents with the utmost privacy, have access to the latest technologies, as well as offer the best customer service.

Team up with such a service provider and increase your eBook sales. Good luck!

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