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PDF to ebook conversion software

PDF To eBook Conversion – List Of Softwares Used

PDF has fixed layout format and is easily portable. Things stay in proportion and in synch thus making it a great format. However, when compared to this format, eBooks have some great features which have increased its favoritism to a great extent.

PDF to eBook conversion can be done in numerous ways and in fact, there are a lot of free software for this process. Some of the most commonly used software are listed below.

  • Book designer

    Book designer

    It helps in creating eBooks as well as in the conversion of different formats to eBooks. The software support almost all the eBook standards that are widely accepted. The entire creation process is carried out quite efficiently and it’s easy to use.

  • PDF to ePub converter

    PDF to ePub converter

    PDF to ePub Converter helps in converting different images in the PDF files while maintaining their actual position and size. After the conversion, you can easily zoom DPI to set accurately the output image. There is also a preview screen which helps you to carry modifications until you receive the desired results.

  • Xilisoft PDF to EPUB converter

    Xilisoft PDF to EPUB converter

    It is really a powerful software that allows you to the conversion of PDF files to EPUB formats. The converter is a real boon if you need to read the PDF files on eBook readers. All you have to do for converting is to select the concerned file and press “convert” button.

  • online-convert.com


    This website enables the users to upload a PDF file, which can be converted to various formats, as necessary. You need not download any software or install them in your system. If you are willing to convert calibre pdf to epub, you can use this software. After uploading the desired file from your local files, Google Drive or Dropbox, you need to click on ‘Convert File’. It will take a few seconds for the file to get converted.

  • PDFMate free PDF converter

    PDFMate free PDF converter

    This is free software that can convert files from PDF to eBook formats using various simple tools. The inbuilt OCR feature converts the scanned files. If you are looking for the best pdf to epub converter, you can use this software. Besides, it allows the users to customize the pages that are to be converted. For instance, you can convert only certain paragraphs or pages from the entire PDF file.

  • Calibre


    This open source software has been developed for eBooks and you can use it on Windows and Linux. It is capable of converting PDF files to various other formats. However, it is important to know how to convert pdf to epub in calibre. You can seek expert assistance from the reputed digital conversion companies when you convert these files.

  • iSkysoft PDF converter

    iSkysoft PDF converter

    This is one of the most popular tools for converting standard and encrypted files from PDF format to other formats. It enables the users to convert the documents in quick time. This is free software and comes with various useful features.

  • Kindle auto eBook converter

    Kindle auto eBook converter

    Kindle Auto Ebook Converter is a software, that can convert HTML, PDF or LIT files into epub format. If you are looking for a tool to simplify the conversion process, you can try out this software. You can convert pdf to epub using this software in quick time. The software enables the users to read the eBooks in the Kindle reader in any desired format.

There are a lot of companies offering PDF to eBook conversion services. When you select a professional ebook conversion company offering such services, see to it that they charge reasonably and their works assure great quality. Do proper research on the market as you are not short of options. Most of the companies agree to do a no-obligation sample for you and you can hire them only if their mode of working and quality impress you.

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