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The last couple of years saw a spectacular surge in demand for eBooks. Partly owing to technological advancements. The rest, given the accessibility, versatility, and flexibility modern readers get from eBooks. Several sophisticated e-reading devices have been developed to enhance the reading experience of eBook readers.

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The importance of eBook formatting

We live in a digital age, where people no longer want to carry cumbersome traditional books or turn pages. Instead, they prefer reading on the go, and carry lightweight eBooks that offer a greater enhanced reading experience. That said, one needs to make the raw files or traditional manuscripts ideal for being read on tablets, smartphones, e-readers, etc.

eBook conversion encompasses the entire formatting process of an eBook. The conversion process transforms a plain manuscript into a full-fledged digitized version. This greatly helps eBook and e-magazine publishing companies gain better traction and improve their sales. Hence, converting and formatting eBooks have become a prime choice among publishing companies.

Poorly formatted eBooks cause an unpleasant user experience, contributing to fewer downloads. Whereas files that are formatted by experts achieve exceptional outcomes. That said, regardless of whether your manuscripts are in PDF, Word, or any other format, to produce quality eBooks, you need proper formatting.

The best benefits of outsourcing eBook conversion service

Considering the increased adoption of digital textbooks, more and more online software has been developed. These free tools help in the formatting process. Although most tools are simple to use, without prior experience in eBook conversion, proper formatting is tough.

Therefore, a professional expert’s guidance is always required. There are several professional eBook conversion companies that can assist eBook aggregators, indie authors, self-publishers, distributors, eBook publishers, etc. Let’s quickly take a look at the several benefits that outsourcing eBook conversion services can bring.

  • A team of diverse talent pool

    A professional eBook development company has designated teams. Each of these teams is made up of highly experienced specialists. They are accomplished in their field and can deliver the best quality each time. Also, they are proficient in other associated services required during the eBook creation process.

  • Cost-effective rates

    Offshoring your eBook production and formatting requirements to a third-party agency can lower your OpEx. These professional companies have several payment models that are highly cost-effective and flexible. They also use properly licensed software. This implies that you do not need to invest a dime in any software or tool.
  • Usage of the latest tools and technologies

    As mentioned in the point above, expert eBook development companies have unlimited access to the latest software and technologies. Not many people have access to these advanced tools. The reason behind leveraging these tools is the optimum user experience they offer.

  • Multi-level quality checking

    Outsourcing eBook development has another great advantage. Professional companies execute multi-level QC (quality checking) for each project. This ensures flawless and top-notch quality. Carrying out the process on your own leaves room for several discrepancies. This ultimately irks the readers. That’s the reason the stringent scrutiny of expert eBook production companies matters a lot.

  • Robust data security

    With professional eBook designing and development firms, all your data remains completely safe. They usually implement strong methods to ensure maximum data security. With a safe and secured FTP server in place, all project files and data transfers remain 100% safe.

  • Low logistics expenses

    With professional eBook formatting services, you get another amazing benefit. All your logistics-related hassles and expenses are cut down. First of all, you can share your original manuscripts over email or file transfer protocol.

    Secondly, since eBooks can be downloaded digitally, there is no separate expense for distributing the books to the retailers. One can simply upload the content on their site or any forum.

  • Fast delivery time

    Professionally trained eBook experts have a significantly fast turnaround time. This is because they are comprised of trained artists who possess huge expertise and the required skill set. They can format and share the final file within a very short timeline. Even for bulk volumes, these third-party companies can deliver within the stipulated timeframe.

  • Support multiple formats

    Experienced ePub conversion companies support multiple formats. This means they hand over the final files in the various leading eBook formats. Be it ePub, MOVI, AZW, XML, DjVu, IBA, and more. They utilize cutting-edge technologies and facilitate a seamless eBook conversion into the said formats. This ensures the files are compatible across all browsers, smart devices, and e-readers.

  • High-quality interactive features

    Professional eBook conversion service providers are highly capable of implementing interactive features within the eBooks. They can create clickable content pieces, scrolling, zoom in and out features, and much more. They can also include multi-media files, such as audio, video, graphics, third-party links, and so on. All these immersive elements contribute to an enhanced reader experience.

  • Flexible and responsive client support

    High-end eBook development service providers offer round-the-clock customer and tech support. Whenever customers require their assistance, these agencies are reachable for instant support. Their problem-resolution timeframe is short and practical. Lastly, customers and leads can also gather a lot of other information through their customer service.

There you go! Ten real benefits of hiring eBook formatting services. These will give a clear headstart for those still hesitant to try professional assistance.

To ease out the task of hiring the right electronic book formatting agency, our next segment has a few tips. These tips will help any retailer, book publisher, independent author, or corporate professional to find the right agency. Keep scrolling.

5 factors to consider while hiring a reliable eBook formatting agency

Check out the tips and tricks for finding the right people for all your eBook production requirements.

  1. Security measures

    As discussed about data security above, it is imperative to observe the kind of security measures an agency implements. Your data cannot be compromised; thus, the data security and data protection methods must also be foolproof. Check this aspect before signing the contract.

  2. Conversion quality

    One of the critical aspects to look out for in an eBook conversion provider. Conversion quality is manifested in the kind of expertise level the team has. Check out whether they are competent for ePub, MOVI, and AZW conversions or not. Also, see if they support reflowable and fixed-layout formats.

  3. Tools used

    The kind of software programs and technology stack a company uses is vital to consider. The more advanced the tools, the greater the quality. Try to get a sense of the versions they use, whether they use properly licensed versions or not, and so on.

  4. Graphic design quality

    eBook formatting and conversion service providers also provide eBook covers and inner graphics. Check out their graphics quality level. See if they create custom graphics and illustrations or use templates/clip art. Remember, the more the graphics are appealing, the greater the engagement factor.

  5. Interactive and immersive features insertion

    Another vital thing to check is whether the team is capable of interactive eBook conversion. At present, modern readers prefer interactive and immersive functionalities in eBooks. Hence, formatting the content along with these features is paramount. So before taking a final call, see if the eBook formatting specialists can provide this or not.


To conclude, eBook formatting is a highly technical process. It cannot go wrong, regardless of anything. Since the final quality depends on this stage. How accurately it has been formatted is the key to the success of an eBook. It is not just about converting a physical paperback into its digital twin. It’s more than that.

Elements like the font, typography, file size, bullets, paragraphs, sentence framing, and syntax - all of these enhance the appeal of an eBook. Therefore, these must be flawless.

All said and done, outsourcing eBook formatting and conversion is ideal if one gets the right partner. With the right kind of agency, one can keep their production cost low, seize the market faster, and boost sales.

So, find the right eBook conversion services agency and enhance your eBooks’ competency. Good luck!

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