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Which are the leading PDF to EPUB Converters

With the rising demands for eBooks and the optimum user experience, different formats have arisen that give eBooks portability and flexibility. These formats also guarantee a top-of-the-line reading experience. One such format is the EPUB, which has become the quintessential format for eBook conversion.

If you are curious about eBooks and want to know some of the efficient and top-performing PDF to EPUB converters online tools, read this blog till the end.

The rise of eBooks

Over the years, and more recently, the popularity and involvement of eBooks have soured higher, partially owing to the development in eLearning and digital content consumption. And secondly, due to the growing demands for digital transformation throughout the world, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to deliver the best UX, publishers leverage different eBook file formats. The most popular amongst them is the EPUB format that allows the best flexibility and customization options.

This blog has compiled the biggest list of online PDF to EPUB converters one has ever seen. Let’s get started with the format itself.

What is EPUB file format?

EPUB is an open-source eBook file format that can be read on various devices, namely tablets, computers, eBook readers, laptops, etc. EPUB is a dynamic format that has evolved with technological changes and has gradually become the favorite of eBook publishers.

Why Convert PDF to EPUB Format?

  • Text resizing ability
  • Best annotation tools
  • Bookmarking feature
  • Advanced searching or tracing functionality based on keywords
  • SEO-friendly
  • Mobile-compatible
  • Supported by HTML5 and CSS3, possible to hyperlink content with internal and external references

List of major PDF to EPUB converters

Hope by now you have got a fair idea about what EPUB is, what benefits it has for eBooks, and how important PDF to EPUB conversion is for publishers.

However, along with selecting EPUB as your go-to format for developing eBooks, you must also be thoroughly versed with the converters available online that offer seamless PDF to EPUB conversion.

It’s finally time to discuss those efficient converter tools now.

  1. TalkHelper PDF Converter

    TalkHelper PDF Converter

    Compatibility- Windows

    Cost- $49.95

  2. PDFmate


    Compatibility- Windows

    Cost- $49.95

  3. CloudConvert


    Compatibility-Cloud, Saas, web-based

    Package - 500 = $8
    Subscription - 1000 = $8/m

  4. Aiseesoft PDF to EPub Converter

    Aiseesoft PDF to EPub Converter

    Compatibility- Windows, mac

    Cost- $18.70

  5. Zamzar


    Compatibility- Webware

    Cost- $25.00/m

  6. Convertio


    Compatibility-mac, Linux, Windows, iPhone, Android

    Light: $9.99/m
    Basic: $14.99/m
    Unlimited: $25.99/m

  7. Online ePub Converter

    Online ePub Converter

    Compatibility- Web-based

    Basic: Free
    24h pass: $8.99
    Professional: $6.42
    Enterprise: Custom quote

  8. CleverPDF.com


    Compatibility- mac OS X 10.9 or above, supports the latest macOS Catalina Microsoft Windows®10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (all editions)

    All-in-1 version: $39.99
    Converter version: $29.99
    Utility version: $19.99
    PDF Creator: Free (One-time purchase)

  9. PDFChef


    Compatibility- Windows, Linux, and mac Cost-

    PDFChef Cloud: $32.32

    PDFChef by Movavi - $41.31

  10. FreeConvert.com


    Compatibility- Windows, mac, Linux, or any mobile device.

    Basic: $9.99/m
    Standard: $14.99/m
    Pro: $25.99/m
    24-h Pass: $12.99/one time

  11. FormatPDF.com


    Compatibility- Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

    Basic: Free
    Premium: $4.9 /month
    Enterprise Plans for companies: Custom quote

  12. 2PDF.com


    Compatibility- Web-based

    Free: $0/m
    Standard: $5.99/m
    Professional: $9.99/m

  13. ePUBator


    Compatibility- Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and mac

    Cost- Free

  14. Renee PDF Aide

    Renee PDF Aide

    Compatibility- Windows

    Cost- Free

  15. PDF2ePUB


    Compatibility- Windows

    Cost- Free

  16. Wondershare PDFelement

    Wondershare PDFelement

    Compatibility- Windows, mac, Android, iOS

    Cost- Quarterly Plan: $29.99
    Yearly Plan: $79.99
    Perpetual Plan: $129.99

  17. PDF Candy

    PDF Candy

    Compatibility- Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista

    Cost-Web Monthly: $6/m
    Web Yearly: $48/year
    Desktop + Web Lifetime: $99/pay once lifetime license

  18. Tipard


    Compatibility- Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

    Cost- Free

  19. Calibre


    Compatibility- Windows 7 or 10, 64bit

    Cost- Free

Hope this fabulously informative list helps you with your conversion purpose. Each EPUB converter tool mentioned above have unique features and value additions, so be your own judge. Evaluate each carefully, and finally, make your best pick.

List of the platforms that support EPUB format

Fancy self-publishing eBooks? But have no idea which platforms support the EPUB format? Let us be your guide and take you through the best eBook publishing platforms supporting EPUB format.

  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

    Amazon KDP supports manuscripts in EPUB format that meet the specifications detailed in the Kindle Publishing Guidelines.

    Self-publishers can utilize any third-party tool available online to create the EPUB file, but it is recommended to validate it with Kindle Previewer before uploading.

  • Apple iBooks Store

    This is a free self-publishing platform for eBooks in iBook format. The Apple iBooks Store supports manuscripts in EPUBs and Multi-Touch formats. The only thing is, for publishing your eBook on this platform, you must mandatorily have a mac system.

    Apple iBooks store’s audience is not as massive as Amazon KDP; however, it is an authentic platform with many loyal readers. It is good to go for a beginner wishing to self-publish.

  • Kobo Writing Life

    Not as big as Amazon or Apple, but Kobo Writing Life has a reach in almost 190 countries and hosts eBooks in those regions.

    Using the platform is pretty simple, as you just need to create an account, upload the eBook, and convert it into the EPUB format for free. One can host on KWL from anywhere, as the geographical constraint is not a challenge.

  • Draft2Digital

    A proven and one of the best platforms for self-publishers to try their hands out. This platform has garnered a good amount of popularity based on word of mouth and is now in a similar stature with that of iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Amazon KDP, and the like. The platform accepts EPUB formats and is perfect for publishers short on time.

    The best part of Draft2Digital is it offers tools for automated formatting that helps the user turn their manuscript into professional-looking eBooks. All this for no extra charge. It also gives insight and analytics on how well your published eBooks are performing with the readers.

  • Lulu

    A major self-publishing platform that distributes eBooks to major retailers like Amazon, Scribd, KOB, the Ingram network, as well as its own Lulu Bookstore. Users can convert their PDF or Word document into EPUB for free on this platform and proceed with publishing.

    Lulu also offers decent marketing services, like PR and website setup, for additional charges. The only downside of Lulu is this platform doesn’t help with formatting the manuscript, as well as has a quality check procedure that one needs to pass before they can publish their eBook.

  • Barnes & Nobles

    The archetypal platform for traditional print books and the recent eBooks and digital content, Barnes & Nobles has a strong legacy dating back to the 1800s. Since then, the company has been in the forefront of publishing books and becoming a retail giant in the industry.

    Its e-reader NOOK is one of the most successful e-readers of the present era, with a simplistic interface, unlike Amazon Kindle. Since the 1990s, Barnes & Nobles went online and developed its own eBook self-publishing platform based on Android.

    The EPUB format is perfectly supported by this platform, and it also has an intuitive dashboard that gives insights on eBooks sales.


    Another great platform for self-publishers to avail. KITABOO operates over the cloud and helps publishers develop, host, and distribute content. One can make their eBooks mobile screen-compatible and embed multi-media components within the content while easily converting the document into EPUB format.

    What’s more exciting about KITABOO is the platform offers DRM protection and encryption to safeguard your intellectual property. It also has advanced analytical tools to assess the performance of the eBooks one has published on the platform.

    So, if you are looking to self-publishing your eBooks, hope our round-up list of the best platforms compatible with EPUB, helps you out. With eBooks gaining more traction these days, it’s no wonder that self-publishers will soon steal the limelight from traditional publishers. Good luck with your publishing!

    eBook industry is a growing industry with a large number of online content consumers. They look for the best user experience, responsive layout, interactive fun elements embedded within the content, links to third-party resources they can validate the data with, content in their native languages, etc.

    All of these make it incredibly important for commercial publishers or self-publishers to adopt the EPUB format for their eBooks. PDF to EPUB conversion is a great service that many professional teams provide; they are experts in this with domain knowledge across a vast range of industries. Alternatively, you may try using any of the online converters mentioned above.

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