Delivered automobile image clipping service to a
US-based automobile manufacturer

Go through this case study to understand how America’s largest automobile company benefited from the best vehicle image clipping service provided by MAPSystems.

The client who needed the help

With years of experience in manufacturing automobile, the client was one of the famous and leading automobile manufacturers in the US. They sell more than 2.5 million vehicles, both new and used. The strategies and business model of the company have been so acclaimed that other players in the same industry have been adopting the same across Asia, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Automobile Photo Clipping

What the client required from us

Owing to the busy schedule of the in-house image clipping experts of the client, they needed the support of an exceptionally talented team to clip images that were to be uploaded on the company’s website.

  • The client required at least 3000 images edited per month as per their quality guidelines.
  • Each and every image needed to have a unique style and signature that reflects the quality of the organization at large.
  • The client was in a hurry and they needed the images quickly. They also wanted us to leverage the advantages of the time-zone.

The challenges faced by us

Quality is the major element that distinguishes us from the rest of the lot. During the execution of the project, we had to face the following challenges

  • The high-volume tasks with top-notch quality guidelines made us work day in and day out with zero tolerance for errors.
  • We were understaffed during that time to meet the huge volume of the requirements of the clients.
  • The client expected our team to work 24x7 while our team worked 24x6.

How the our team professionally addressed the challenges

In order to ensure that we delivered the best automobile image clipping solution , we have quickly carried out the following strategies

We decided to approach the project in a phased manner, where we would deliver the images in batches. We created a temporary team and each of the team members was given a specific target to be completed. This was further broken down per week and per day.

We started by delivering 3000 images a month and increased the same to 4500 in the next two months. As the tram was able to quickly understand the quality expectations, we began to increase the number of images delivered in batches every two week.

In order to meet the requirements of the clients, our staff worked more than 8 hours a day and we hired trained image editors who worked for us throughout the week.

With dedicated systems equipped with Adobe Photoshop, our team was able to pull the project off a week before the timeframe given by the client.

The final result of the project

The client commended our sheer commitment to the deadline and the quality guidelines. They appreciated the professionalism we exhibited all through the project. Further, the client assured us that, should such requirements come up, we will be the ones they will contact.

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