Delivered image processing solution to a US-based customer


The customer is based in the US and runs photo studios; they wanted to establish their business in other countries.

The Project

The project involved modifying more than 4,00,000 images and performing image enhancement activities within a tight deadline. The client sent us 100 image folders on an average every day through a user-authenticated FTP folder that we created and every folder contained almost 60 images. We had to refine images as per the client’s specifications on a regular basis and send the outcomes to the client for review.

Image Post Processing

The Challenges

We had to process a large number of images, but the deadline was too tight. The client was also a quality-focused individual who never wanted to compromise on quality. We faced severe resource shortage and had to quickly deploy experienced staff to handle all types of image processing tasks, simple as well as complex.

The Solution

We started off by identifying the right people and creating a project team having the right capability. We were asked to process several images and we could not rely on a single team alone. So we created two main divisions of editing, with one team consisting of professionals who were required to handle relatively-easier tasks and the other team consisting of professionals who had a higher level of experience in photo editing and were capable of handling complex image editing requirements. We knew that the images that needed to be processed were meant to be used in different domains with fashion and real estate being the leading areas of focus.

We performed several types of editing within that included simple photo retouching, image clipping, photo masking, photo cropping, colour rectification, correction of contrast, sharpness, saturation and hues, etc., panorama stitching, background editing, perspective correction, etc. We needed the involvement of image editors who had different skills and expertise.

We created multiple teams with every member had to accomplish diverse image processing tasks. The teams consisted of designers, animators, and experienced image editors and they all mastered the use of leading image editing tools.

Being a professional photo editing company, we took very less time to appoint experienced photo editors who had the required expertise to address the clients’ requirements. We added more members to teams whenever we thought it would be necessary to do so.

We also deployed a quality monitoring team that included experienced professionals who guaranteed adherence to our standard practices to meet our quality goals at every stage of the project.

We maintained data security throughout the course of the project. Files were transferred through secure FTP paths that assured that only authorized personnel could access the files.

The Outcome

The delivery was prompt and we could complete the project way before the deadline. The client was able to benefit from significant savings by outsourcing requirements to us. Their business witnessed significant growth as well.

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