Stock Photo Retouching Services

We make your stock images perfect by removing any blemish or flaw and by adding a few magical touches to turn them into a work of art.

Every individual or company likes to use its collection of images without worrying about copyright laws. So, stock images are a boon to those businesses that want to avoid copyright issues and meet their promotional requirements. If you operate an online store, it is vital to ensure that your products are attractive and contemporary. By showcasing edited pictures at your storefront and on social media, you greatly increase the likelihood of customers clicking through and visiting your website.

At MAP Systems, we provide the best stock photo retouching services to make your generic images look vibrant. We are confident in our ability to restore any image to meet your specific requirements. With an experienced team of editors, we offer state-of-the-art services with exceptional processing of images. We have the skills and know-how to make your images appear more vivid.

In addition, if you want to use your images for more creative and innovative projects, take full benefits of our photo retouching services at reasonable prices.

What are stock photo editing services all about?

Stock photo retouching is the process of manipulating a digital image to correct or enhance certain aspects of its appearance, such as the subject’s skin tone, wrinkles, lighting etc. This is because the images purchased through the internet might not align with your brand’s aspect. As a result, some pictures might look noticeably staged and too much perfect.

Our editors are involved in removing unsightly blemishes and imperfections from a portrait photograph as well as cropping out any inconvenient background elements so that the focus remains on the main subject.

Stock photo retouching services offered by us

Removal of noise

Have you ever seen an image that looked like it had snow in the air? Well, this is what noise removal does. Our professional editors remove random pixels to create a clearer picture by retouching stock images.

Image masking

If the subjects or background in your pictures are not aligned with what you want them to, we will help make these adjustments at a reasonable cost. This way, you can focus on other aspects such as composition.

Retouching jewelry photo

Color correction

Color correction involves adjusting hue and saturation levels and other properties such as contrast, exposure, and lightness. Our photo editors can tweak each pixel using brushes on sliders.

Dust, Spot, Blemish Removal

Undesirable blemishes and spots spoil the appeal of an image. Our photo editors can magically transform your images into pieces of art with our highly professional photo editing support.

beauty retouch

Removal of Unwanted Objects

We remove unwanted objects with our Photoshop services. We can help your business have the perfect picture to post on social media or blogs by removing unwanted objects.

Other services include

We maintain a comprehensive service portfolio, allowing diverse categories of clients to benefit from diverse types of support to address their specific needs.

  • Adjusting Curves
  • Optimum Brightness
  • Match Skin Tones
  • Fix Bad Lightings
  • Remove Heavy Shadows
  • Removal of Branding Mark: Logo and Trademarks
  • Image Isolation
  • Eliminate Sensor Spots
  • Correction of Chromatic Aberration

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Why choose MAP Systems for retouching stock photos?

At MAP Systems, we understand that your need is to find the right stock photo retouching service provider. However, it is important for you as a business owner or a professional to have confidence in the service provider that you choose to work with.

We want our clients to feel confident about their decision, which can only be accomplished through honesty, transparency, and high-quality service. To that end, we have a few things that we want to share with our prospective customers:

  • Our editors have extensive experience in image retouching for microstock sale
  • Strict measures are taken to ensure the generation of desired output.
  • We have 25+ years of business experience.
  • We deliver the project at the quickest turnaround time.
  • Each service is precisely tailored as per the needs of clients and project parameters.
  • Data and photo quality will not be lost after reconstruction and restoration
  • We are a 9001: 2015 certified organization having a strong record of success.
  • We add a logo to your image and change the resolution to match your brand needs.

Enhance your stock photo gallery with MAP Systems

Our stock photo picture retouching specialists are highly skilled at providing top-grade photo editing services. We have quick process management in place to generate the desired output. Our well-trained designers ensure quality excellence and they constantly strive to create a record of success in every project that they handle.

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