Delivered photo color correction support to an
Irish book publishing company

Project: How an Irish history book publishing company was able to improve its sales up and accumulate remarkable reviews from its customers

Who was the client?

Our client was a venerated historic book publishing and distribution company that had decades of experience in the publishing industry. Having established a strong repute for its publishing and distribution services, the client offers a wide range of historical books published under its own brand for a wide variety of academic and non-academic readers.

photo color correction

What were the project requirements of the client?

The major objective of the project was to convert a range of black and white photographs that had been captured during the late 1880s and early 1890s to color. The client required the images to be published in a new books series they were going to start so that the books would appeal to the audience better with precise details. Another requirement of the client was that they wanted all the images to be rendered as realistic as possible without losing its natural feel within the timeframe of four days.

What were the challenges faced by the conversion team of MAPSystems?

Right from the first analysis of the client requirements, the team realized the challenges of executing the project on time. We identified the following to be the most taxing challenges.

  • The process of conceptualizing the events captured through black and white images and converting the same to naturally rendered colours were extremely challenging. We also had to work out even the minutia of the images since the client was of the opinion that, since the books are to be studied by academicians, there would researches carried out upon the same.
  • There were multiple images that had been captured in public spaces and facilities that were particularly difficult to replicate naturally with apt image backgrounds.
  • We also faced huge challenges in restoring and then converting a range of images that had sustained profound damage and loss of details. In fact restoring damaged photos is something that only experts can do.
  • While the challenges were of course manageable, the timeframe of the project was the biggest challenges of all

How did the team at MAPSystems tackle the challenges?

Our team was able to quickly draw out a relevant project execution plan to address all of these challenges and deliver the project on time.

We responded professionally to the challenges: We constituted a team of expert professionals having extensive experience in the process of photo color correction and restoration. The team members were selected also according to their skillsets and expertise in delivering similar projects in the past under tight timeframes.

We went out of the way: We carried out profound and extensive researches about the images to understand its details and the concepts so that we could come up with exceptional combination of colours and colour palettes so as to render the colorized images matchlessly natural and true to the original black and white ones.

We never compromised on quality: We also established a review team to assess the quality of the images being restored and colorized. The team was responsible to thoroughly scrutinize the converted images for its quality, color reproduction and background setting and to offer suggestions as deemed fit before the images were sent to the clients for review.

The result of the work and how the client responded to us

At the end of the project, the client was extremely happy with our cost effective services, professional approach, project-centric service deliverance and the quality delivered. The following were the benefits enjoyed by the clients after the project was executed:

identified the following to be the most taxing challenges.

  • Utilizing the images restored and colorized by us, the client was able to launch its new book series to great reviews and response from the audience
  • The client was also able to receive laurels and accolades from a wide range of academicians and various readers’ communities for the accurate representation of images with excellent details and precision.

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