Create a Compelling Property Tour With Impeccable Real Estate Video Editing

Video Editing

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Real estate dynamics is getting competitive every day. As a realtor, your focus should be on offering a compelling promotional experience to prospects so that they feel motivated to book properties sold by you. Video walkthroughs designed to take prospects on a virtual tour of the interior and exterior of the property can prove to be the game changer. Casually taken videos can be of an inferior quality which would distract audiences. To engage viewers and make them commit to your business, you need to attentively plan the video tour. To be rewarded for your 360-degree real estate video stitching efforts, you have to coherently capture the video and highlight the saleable features of homes through continuity of scenes. This will produce aesthetic walkthrough that would wise audiences. Ideally, the job should be outsourced to a reputed real estate video enhancement company who are experts in this domain.

Property Video Editing Tour

would take you through some of the proven practices for creating persuasive video tours for triggering landslide sales in real estate.

Start with a Strategic Plan

To offer an immersive experience to viewers, you need to stick to a plan according to which the video tour would pan out. Some of the key elements of a successful plan are discussed below.

  • Keep the video duration to 1 minute or lesser
  • Videos for intensive marketing can span between 90 seconds to 4 minutes
  • Prepare your script to be narrated along with the video beforehand
  • Finalize the best room to start with to build the interest of the audience
  • To make the transition seamless during editing, hold the camera still to prevent abruptions
  • Practice the script properly and read out the exact words while recording
  • Audio enhancement can be done easily during editing if your voice is clear
  • Decide the position of camera strategically
  • Take close-ups or shots of wide angle to optimize the view
  • Capture only the regions of property which are visually pleasing
  • Shoot from room’s corner in a diagonal manner to create the perception of more space

Hold the Camera Steady

During planning, you need to move around the camera in a steady manner for creating an enjoyable visual navigation experience for the viewers. To accomplish this, you need to

  • Practice the way to maneuver the camera correctly
  • Present the entire room quickly in an engaging manner
  • Sweep the view from one corner to another
  • Use tripod during planning to keep the camera still
  • Use a tripod with a fluid head that facilitates ease of planning and movement

Hire Professionals for Flawless Results

To drive higher sales, you must refrain from engaging in something which is not your forte. Instead, hire video editing services providers whose professionals are conversant with correct techniques for creating visually appealing video tours. Expertise, experience, and equipment are needed for immaculate tours that bring about higher conversions.

Seek real estate video editing company for creating video tours of your property; you need to know about the elements that add a professional touch to the video. An unprofessionally made video distracts audiences and makes your listing go in vain. The purpose of investing in the video is to generate positive interest among customers and make them realize that the properties on sale complement their needs adequately. This would result in expeditious sales at higher offer prices. Rate negotiation rounds would be shorter as the prospect would not want to lose the property to someone else.

  • Poor video quality
  • Improper lighting exposure
  • Poor narrative
  • Unplanned camera moves
  • Highlight on Negative aspects of property
  • Lack of consistency

Usage of Latest Equipment

Professionals add spark to video with

  • Superior quality HD Camera
  • High-resolution lens
  • The tripod that stabilizes the shoot
  • Fluid headed and reliable tripod that facilitates smooth panning

Adequate Provision of Proper Lighting

The video must be well-lit to ensure that key aspects are highlighted. Provision for optimum lighting may not be present always. Professionals overcome lighting related challenges innovatively as delineated below.

  • Lighting kit is used for making darker rooms appear bright
  • Lighting exposure is controlled
  • Lighting sources are adequately positioned
  • Glare is avoided by placing lighting sources behind or beside the camera lens
  • Backlighting is avoided by eliminating direct light sources in front of the lens

Brightness Adjustment

Once shooting for video is complete, the brightness can be optimally adjusted with digital means. Video can be previewed for tweaking brightness to the level where it is soothing to the eyes. The hues of different areas of the rooms can also be fine-tuned for a perfect finish. Only professionals with hands-on experience of state of the art real estate photo and video editing software can pull off the impeccable look.

Editing Video to Perfection

Video editing post-shoot is a critical job that has to be done with finesse to sustain the interest of audiences. Shots that are unsteady should be eliminated. Continuous scene flow has to be ensured. Seamless transition from one shot to another must be done at an interval of 5-10 seconds. Shots in which some action is recorded can be kept for protracted durations. Video up scaling or trimming should be done to ensure dimensional accuracy and integrity.


Creation of compelling real estate video tours has assumed compulsory proportions keeping in perspective the fact that competition in the real estate segment is getting stiffer by the day. To enjoy an edge over competitors and retain the loyalty of customers, it is imperative that you ally with professional video editing companies. This would offer you optimum value for money and highest returns on real estate investments. After all, customers’ interest is the decisive factor for triggering sales and revenues; hence you must walk the extra mile to ensure that they get wholesome experience for making conscious and informed buying decisions.